Diamond in the Rough

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Consider The Ant

The next morning was a blur but when I woke up Golden was sitting on my bed

Nevaeh: How the hell I end up back here

She looked at me

Nevaeh: G what's up!

Golden: Hunter carried you in

Nevaeh: Did he?

Golden: Yep

She just kept looking at me

Nevaeh: Care to speak

Golden: What is it with you and him

Nevaeh: what you mean

Golden: He was supposed to bring you straight home

Nevaeh: he did once he found me

Golden: So why was he so wet

Nevaeh: It was raining

Golden: And he is different with you

Nevaeh: What do you mean

Golden: He just different around you

Nevaeh: I talked to him and made him feel like a friend and not driver

Golden: But can I admit something though

Nevaeh: What

Golden: He fine as hell

Nevaeh: girl yes and he a gentle

Golden: Yes

We both laid back on the bed Golden laid next to me

Golden: Promise me one thing

Nevaeh: Yep

Golden: Can I be the first to know when you and him do hook up

I hit her with a pillow and we both laughed

Nevaeh: I am going to go take a nice long shower

Golden: Don't be in there fantasizing about Hunter

Nevaeh: Remind me to kill you later

She laughed

I couldn't help but think about Hunter and how nice he is to me then my phone rings

Nevaeh: Hello

Nia: Vae

Nevaeh: Hi mommy

Nia: You good

Nevaeh: Yes I am

Nia: You sure

Nevaeh: Yes I am sure

Nia: You sound tired

Nevaeh: It's been a long night

Nia: Care to explain

Nevaeh: No not now I am going to take a bath and relax

Nia: Call me later

Nevaeh: Yes

I hung up from her and ran the bath water I sat in my hot bath just thinking and relaxing.

[Knock , Knock]

Golden: Hey V you have a visitor

Nevaeh: Who

Golden: Come out and see

She chuckled and walked off so I get out get dressed and walk down stairs to my surprise

Kent: Hey good looking

Nevaeh: What do you want

Kent: Well your Father wants to see you

Nevaeh: why would he want you too

Kent: We make a good team

Nevaeh: You have a team player so fuck off jerk

I said as I went back up stairs.

I was filled with rage in seeing him I mean really how do you just leave someone stranded who don't know anything that's not right

[Knock , Knock]

Nevaeh: I don't want to talk right now

Hunter: Not even to me

I turned around feeling that warm feeling

Nevaeh: Hunter

Hunter: Your dad wants to see you

Nevaeh: I don't want to be in the same car with that

Hunter: I know but he did call him and told me to come too

I looked at him and folded my arms

Hunter: Come on stop with the attitude and shake it off

Nevaeh: I don't want to ride with him so if you want you can leave

He looked at me took a deep breath and walk more in my room

Hunter: Not without you.

I looked at him. I hate this. He is with every moment breaking me down

Hunter: Why are you so guarded. I didn't do it. Now I know this is a topic for another day but I promise you this I want leave you like they did. Lily I am in your corner. So will you please come with me and you can even ride in the front

He said as he winks at me. I smiled at him and I got my jacket and we leave and instead acknowledging Kent I walked right passed him

Kent: Welp lets hit it

Hunter: You sit in the back

Kent: What

Hunter: In the back now get in

Kent: I aint getting in the back

Hunter: Either that or I leave you

Kent: Tuh you got me messed up

Hunter got in the car and drove off and Kent started running after the car and I was tickled and I mean Hunter made him run all the way to the end of the drive way which was like almost a mile. We were in the car cracking up

Nevaeh: Okay okay let him in

Hunter: Okay

When he caught up to the car he was out of breath and I must admit it is funny

Kent: Y'all wrong for that

Hunter: Just get in

Kent: I am telling yo daddy what you did

Hunter: You have some nerve

Kent: Excuse me I was talking to her

Hunter: Well I am talking to you

I looked at Hunter and I must admit he is looking right good especially since he taking up for me. I am melting in my seat.

Kent: And who the hell are you

Hunter: A better man than you

At that point I grabbed Hunter shoulder and since we was at a red light he looked at me

Kent: Excuse me I hate to interrupt this but its green

We smiled and he pulled off. I turned up the music to drown out Kent and guess what plays " I have nothing by Whitney Houston". We looked at each other and I looked away looking out the window blushing like hell and butterflies filled in my stomach I even found myself biting my bottom lip and when I side eye Hunter he was biting his bottom lip too.

Damn okay girl get yourself together breath let down a window and get yourself together

Kent: I think I am going to be sick

Finally we get there Kent gets out the car and Hunter comes over to grab my door but before he lets me

Hunter: Have a good day

I blushed

Nevaeh: You too. Thanks

Kent: You too are sickening

Nevaeh: Oh shut up

Logan: Hi Kent here is your latte no foam and sorry Nevaeh don't know what you like yet but soon enough

Kent: Yeah whatever Lou shut up and move you and in the way

Nevaeh: Hey that's rude she just gave you coffee and from the looks of she didn't spit in it like I would have. So stop being an asshole and thank girl for being a noble citizen to you!

Kent looked at me like I had lost my mind and he walked off

So I walked far behind him when someone grabbed my arm

Logan: Hey um thank you.. Finally someone sees me

I looked at her nodded and left to see Miceal , Kent , Belle', and Lorenzo

Miceal: Nevaeh Hi come in and take seat please

Nevaeh: Sure and Hi

Miceal: So do anyone wants to talk about what happened last night

Belle': Well we went to concert which was canceled and so we went home

Miceal: With Hunter

Belle': No we took a cab home

Miceal: Is this true Kent

Kent: Yup

Miceal: So all of you left including Nevaeh

Nevaeh: Well

Belle': Yes

Then she looks at me and wink like she is helping me

Miceal: Is that right .. Well Lorenzo why are you here

Lorenzo: Cause I met this little cutie at a bar last night

Miceal: Which cutie is that

Lorenzo: Miss Nevaeh she was at the bar last night

Miceal: Nevaeh is this true

Nevaeh: Yes

Miceal: Lorenzo continue

Lorenzo: Well she talked to me like I was human and made me feel like I can be better I must admit it I needed it and I want to change but not with these losers I need her I feel like she know me and she took time with me

Miceal: So Nevaeh what happened in your opinion last night

Nevaeh: Well I got lost in the crowd so I waited til the crowd died down and I went up to this security guard who told me it was canceled so then I asked about Kent and Belle' and he informed they were gone so I went to the nearest bar and sat there to figure out how to get back to cottage and I over heard two gentlemen talking and butted in

Miceal: So can we just hear y'all talk to each other please if that's okay I just want to see something

Lorenzo: Bet

He says as he licks his lips and look at me

Nevaeh: Okay

I took a deep breath and looked him in his eyes

Nevaeh: What made you change your reputation I mean I know life happens to us all but you took a major turn

Lorenzo: My Ex Girlfriend she changed me in a way

Nevaeh: How

Lorenzo: She cheated on me and she was toxic like one minute she was good we was good and the next she went crazy like she literally lost her mind and I couldn't stop it from happening

Nevaeh: I want to ask you a hard question

Lorenzo: Okay hit me with it

Nevaeh: The last report I saw on you two was going up in the elevator at the hotel

Lorenzo: Yeah

Nevaeh: Now you didn't hit her you just grabbed her and shook her to calm her down cause she was all in your face and then y'all got off .. What happened in that room

Lorenzo looked at me and tears started to form in his eyes. So I moved closer to him and whispered in his ear

Nevaeh: It's okay this is a safe place you can talk here

Lorenzo: She um well she started throwing stuff at me and trying to fight me and my mama taught me to never hit a woman but she wouldn't back down and when she threw that vase at my head causing me to bleed I left I couldn't do it no more and she told me "If you leave me I will make your life a living hell" but I just couldn't stay and keep dealing with this so I left that's it but nobody believes me because the hotel camera shows me leaving looking the way I was looking and then to see her crawling on the elevator the way she did it just didn't look good for me and I got charged and was dragged through the mud and she even did a interview saying I rapped her and I never did that and never had to it was always consensual between me and the woman. So no last night I didn't want to do a show because they just wanted to judge me on stage call me all types of names and hold these signs calling me a woman beater and rapist but people seem to forget I am human too and I have feelings but I can't show them

Nevaeh: So instead of feeling bad for yourself. You should get up and fight back not literally but figuratively

Lorenzo: Yeah?

Nevaeh: Yes!! You got this

He smiles as I hand him tissue

Miceal: Lorenzo you want to sign with this company now

Lorenzo: Long as it is with this cutie right here

Miceal: And if not with her

Lorenzo: I walk

Nevaeh: Wait I don't work here I was in the learning process

Lorenzo: Welp call me when she done. Let's go B

And he grabbed his stuff and left

Miceal: Can everyone leave except Kent Belle' and Nevaeh

Everyone left in a hurry and I was confused at what is to happen next

And out of nowhere Miceal starts laughing uncontrollably

Miceal: Wow

He says laughing deeply

Miceal: I can't believe this shit!!!

I was stuck

Miceal: So this hard ball case is willing to sign for one person and one person only and that's because she treated him like a human.. WOW!!!!

He is getting angrier by the minute and I am applaud

Next thing I knew all the paper work he had on his desk he swiped it off


Belle': Dad I am so sorry

She says with tears in her eyes

Miceal: Yeah you are. But this is a lesson learned for you two. Let me tell you a story

He gets up button his suit jacket and walk towards the window

Miceal: It's about the smallest creatures on earth they get stepped on and the strongest knows how to survive they are easy targets because they stick out like sore thumbs in a unfamiliar place they don't fit in but they have system and they can work they're ass off actually they are one of the most hardest work creatures but never would you know because you too busy stepping on them or trying to get rid of them because you are embarrassed by them. What am I

Kent: A eagle

Belle': Idiot no a roach

Nevaeh: Um no

He turns sharply and looks at me

Miceal: Nevaeh what am I

Nevaeh: The Ant

He smiles

Miceal: What is the moral of my story. Huh. Oh come on. Anybody. No

I chuckled

And they turned towards him

Miceal: Nothing

They both said no

Miceal: Consider the Ant

He looked at the with a piercing look that could kill

Miceal: Now get the fuck out my office. Just looking at you two makes me want to throw up

As they walk out Belle was in tears

Miceal: Oh and Belle'

Belle': Yes sir

Miceal: Clean out your office this was your last chance to redeem yourself and you failed miserably

Belle': But Dad what am I supposed to do I need this job

Miceal: Think about that on your way out the door. Now leave I have work to do

She stormed out face was wet with tears.

And now it is just me and Miceal

Nevaeh: So should I leave

Miceal: Sure if you want to. I need to get some work done

I get up and try to walk away

Miceal: I could use the company though if you want to stay and I have snacks

I laughed and sat back down.

So while he is working I just watched he is totally the brains of this operation he does the dirty work paper work he is just good and I see why my mom liked him he is so her type 6'3 light skin balled head kind of buff well suited and he has a well trimmed beard. He does a lot of arranging and phone calls in this business it is kind of fascinating to watch his work face looks different then when he is not at work and I can respect that.

Miceal: Come in

Kent: Hey um I just wanted to check in and let you know I was leaving for the day

Miceal: No you not

Kent: Sir

Miceal: You have paper work to do

Kent: I did it all sir

Miceal: No you didn't

Kent: I am confused

Miceal: Logan put paper work on your desk as soon as you walked out so get prepared princess you might be here all night

Kent: And if I go home

Miceal: You want to test me

Kent took a breath and walked back to his office

Miceal: Can you close the please

I got up and did so

When I turned around Miceal was looking at me he took a breath and stopped working he sat back in his chair and stared at me his work demeanor was gone

Miceal: I am so sorry they left you like that

Nevaeh: You didn't do it so its okay

Miceal: I should have known better

Nevaeh: Yeah me too

I said laughing

Nevaeh: But Hunter made sure I got home safely he found me

Miceal: He is good at that

Nevaeh: Yes he is

I said smiling and Miceal just looked at me

Miceal: Well I am ready to go home. You

Nevaeh: Yes

Now it was daylight coming in here now it is pitch black outside I never knew it got this late

Miceal: Thank you

Nevaeh: For what

Miceal: Staying with me. None of my kids ever just stayed and watch me work

Nevaeh: Honestly it was just nice to be in your presence.

He looked at me

Miceal: Well if you ever just want to sit with me my door is always open to you

Nevaeh: Okay

He waited for Hunter to pull up and when he did he got ready to get in his car and I couldn't help myself

Nevaeh: Miceal

I yelled running to him I put my arms around him and gave him a tight hug

Nevaeh: I am glad I met you now I feel complete

I felt him hug me back and a tear on my head

Miceal: Oh we have just begun now go ahead and get out of here I will see you tomorrow

And I walked back to the car but when I turned around to Miceal he was still standing there with his brief case in his hand

Hunter: Come on Super Star time to go

He says opening the door for me

Nevaeh: Hi

We get in the car and pulled off we are driving with the music I was looking out the window

Hunter: You hungry

Nevaeh: Yes

Hunter: Okay

He said smiling

Hunter: You like Mexican

Nevaeh: Hell yeah

We looked at each other and smiled

Finally we get to the restaurant in Mexican Town and this place is intimate and fast speed and busy

Waitress: Ooooo Hunter welcome back I was wondering when I was gone see you again

She was clearly flirting

Hunter: Hey Maria do you have a spot for two

Waitress: I do one second honey

I just looked him he felt me so he looked at me and winked. I laughed and shook my head as I laid eyes on the waitress fixing her breast and lipstick before leading us to a window spot

Waitress: Hunter baby would you like your usual

Miceal: Yes but replace the meat with black beans and make it enough for two

Waitress: And for a drink baby you want you usual

Hunter: No Lets do a Strawberry Daiquiri

Waitress: The couples drink

Hunter: Yes

She wrote it up and side eyed me

Nevaeh: She wants a piece of you

He put the menu down and looked up

Hunter: Not my type

I laughed looking around this place is nice it maybe small on the outside but the inside is filled with people the bar is filled with ladies the dance floor is empty and it loud moving at a fast paste and all the ladies eyes are on Hunter which I understand because he is a dream boat to look at

Nevaeh: Oh my God all these women cant stop looking at

When I looked to make eye contact he was already just staring at me with those hazel grey eyes with his elbow on the table and his head rested on his in the palm of his hand and for a moment I lost my train of thought like I always say those eyes you can get lost in but in this moment I couldn't hear the crowd I couldn't hear the music from the jukebox in the corner it was like the world was empty and all that was left was me and him

Waitress: food is ready

She said snapping us back to reality

Waitress: and here is your drink enjoy

Smiling at him and griming me

Nevaeh: So tell me about you

Hunter: Well what do you want to know

Nevaeh: How old are you

Hunter: 28

Nevaeh: Favorite food

Hunter: Mexican and Seafood

Nevaeh: Favorite color

Hunter: Red and Black

Nevaeh: Favorite movie

Hunter: Troy

Nevaeh: Been married before

Hunter looked at me then he wiped off the corner of his mouth

Hunter: Yes

Nevaeh: Okay Um can I ask a follow up question let me know if this is too far

Hunter: Okay

Nevaeh: What happen between you two

Hunter takes a deep breath looks down and then locks eyes with me

Hunter: She died

I gasped

Nevaeh: I am sorry

Hunter: Its okay she had cancer she was my first

Nevaeh: Oh

Silence fell on us for a minute

Hunter: Your turn name it all

Neaveh: Well I am 24 I love pink and baby blue I like Seafood, Mexican, and Chinese food my favorite movie is JasonLyric and never been married but was in a long term relationship but we ended he was my first

Hunter: Why did it end

Nevaeh: He cheated

Hunter: How did that make you feel

Neaveh: Low I didn't feel valued and I felt insecure trying to figure out why me

He looked at

Hunter: After getting over it did you go back

Nevaeh: Yes twice and each time got worse and worse and toxic

He continues to eat his part of the nachos then his last piece he looks at and instead of eating it he feeds it to me

Hunter: I would never cheat on you

He says as he slowly draws his hand back from feed me and I looked at him

Hunter: So you like old music huh

Nevaeh: Yeah I do

Hunter: Name some groups and artist you like

Nevaeh: H-town Jodeci Lauryn Hill and that's just to name a few

He smiled then unbuttons the wrist part of his dress shirt and rolls up his sleeves then he unbuttons the three buttons on his collar and loosens his tie and damn his neck is pretty too with his Adam's Apple strongly poking out

Hunter: You have a old soul

Neaveah: Yes I do

Hunter: I like that

I blushed

Nevaeh: What's your type of music

Hunter: I am universal I like all types of music

Nevaeh: So do you have a favorite song

He chuckled and went to the jukebox he put a quarter in and found a song once the melody came in I knew exactly what song it was

Hunter: Dance with me

He says standing over me with his hand out

Nevaeh: Okay

He twirls me around until we are on the dance floor he pulls me close to his chest while the melody plays he asked

Hunter: Do you know how to tango

Nevaeh: No but I am a quick learner

So he grab me by the waist and placed my hands in the right position then he placed his hand on my lower back and placed one leg in front of both of mines

Hunter: Follow me

I looked at him as he pulled me in close our bodies became one what ever way his hip swayed so did mines with his knee and thigh constantly rubbing in between my legs and my thigh constantly hitting his what seems to be his extra large package we danced the night away and when he dipped me and brung me back up. Honey you have had to be there to experience what I felt in that moment and it felt like we was the only two on the dance floor dancing to "Prince Royce- Stand by Me" and when we were done the whole restaurant stood up and gave us around of applause. We laughed and went back to seat

Hunter: You want desert

Nevaeh: Sure

Hunter: Man let me catch my breath

Neaveh: you have a way on the floor

Hunter: You do too. You like brownies

Neaveah: Yes of course

He ordered a Brownie sprinkled in oreos and hot fudge on top we are fat for all of this but I really enjoyed this with him.

After all that we are droving in the car on full

Nevaeh: this was fun thank you and I am sorry for being rude this morning

Hunter: I am glad you had fun and you okay I understand I would be mad too

Nevaeh: You are so understanding

He smiled we were silent the whole way home

Nevaeh: Can I lay on your shoulder

Hunter: Yes

And I did so and I grabbed his arm and fell asleep until I hear the car stop

Hunter: Lily time to go home

I stretched while he runs around to meet me on the other side

Hunter: I am going to walked you to the door

He says carrying my shoes and jacket and holding on to me too

Hunter: Well I guess this is good night

Hunter: See you tomorrow

He says with open arms and I fell right into them as he hugs me tight

Hunter: I am glad you decided to stay see you tomorrow Lily.

On cloud nine I went to bed.

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