If These Walls Could Talk

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13. Family Bond

I can remember when my dad married Mary, I was 15 and her daughter was 14. I thought Mary was nice but Nicole, well, I thought she was a brat. She was always hanging around me and I found her annoying. That was three years ago and while I find her to still be annoying, she’s not bratty.

“Dad, Mary I’m going to the mall to meet James and Tyler,” I grab my car keys as I slip into my coat.

Mary walk into the kitchen, “take Nikki with you.”

Sighing, “do I have to?”

“Oh come on Bennie, my friends are going to be there too,” Nikki comes in wearing a short skirt and a top that reviles just how large her breasts are.

Rubbing my temple, “fine but, you leave us alone and no arguing when I say we’re leaving.” She jumps up and down and races out to my car, “and stop calling me that,” I add as I’m buckling my seatbelt.

The ride to the mall was quite and short. “See you. Bye,” she runs inside.

“Wait,” I call after her, “I’ll text you when we’re leaving.” She nods and heads in the direction of her friends and I in the direction of mine.

I’ve been here for an hour and as my friends and I walk to the food court James whistles, “look at that hot blonde over there,” and points her direction.

Laughing Tyler adds, “I agree, but you know that’s Nicole right? Bens sister.”

“She’s not my sister,” I grit.

“Well I still think she’s hot.”

Tyler nods his head in her direction, “apparently he does too.”

I look and see him grabbing her ass. I don’t know why but I saw red and before I knew it I was grabbing her arm, “we’re leaving now!”

“Ben, what the hell!” she protests. As we reach the car she pulls her arm free, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Opening her car door, “get in the car,” she crosses her arms over her chest in protest. “Get in the fucking car Nik!” She finally gets in and I drive screeching from the parking lot, “what the hell was that guy doing all over you?”

Staring out the window, “he’s just a guy.”

“Just a guy? He had his hands all over you and he’s just a guy?”

I pull into the house, “leave me alone Ben!” she shouts as she runs into the house.

I walk in after her and notice Mary staring at me, “what happened?”

“Nothing mom,” she takes off but Mary stops her.

“Mitch and I are going out of town, we’ll be gone for a week. Whatever is going on, I want it fixed before we get back,” she looks from me to her.

“Yes ma’am,” lowering my head.

“Fine,” Nikki says through clenched teeth.

A horn honks outside, “the car is here. Behave,” she gives us each a kiss, “I mean it. Fix this issue,” Nikki rolls her eyes and goes upstairs. Mary looks back at me before leaving, “I have felt the tension between you two for the last month. Fix this before your father notices.” It’s sexual tension and it’s only getting worse.

Nikki comes back down in a skimpy bathing suit, “I’m going for a swim. If that’s alright with you.”

I let out a deep sigh as I watch her walk onto the patio. My god, she looks sexy as fuck. “What are you wearing?” I follow her outside.

“It’s a bathing suit.”

“Well it covers nothing,” I can feel myself growing hard in my pants.

“That’s the point jackass,” laying her towel on the chair.

I sit down, “who was that guy at the mall?”

“I told you just a guy.”

“I didn’t like him being all over you.”

“Oh are you jealous?” she rubs lotion on herself, “is Bennie jealous?”

“Go get some clothes on. I’ll start dinner,” I throw her towel at her and walk back into the kitchen. She storms upstairs and comes back thirty minutes later wearing short shorts and a tank top. I put dinner on the table, “I told you to put some clothes on.”

“This is clothes,” pulling at her top, “and since when are you my boss?” She sits down and begins eating. We eat in silence and we both clean up. “I’m going to watch tv.”

I nod and head up to my room for a shower. A long shower. I need to get these thought out of my head, I find my stepsister sexy. My dick twitches in my pants at the thought of her. I don’t really feel better, but I wrap my towel around me and step out into my bedroom. I throw on some sweatpants and shirt and go back downstairs. “What are you watching?,” I sit down next to her on the couch.

“A chick flick.” I grab the remote to find something better on, she reaches for it, “give that back.”

I hold it above my head as she struggles for it. Suddenly she crashes her lips to mine and I drop the remote. She grabs it, changes it back, and takes her place back on the couch, smiling. Halfway through the movie she stands up and stretches, her shirt rides up and I can see her bra. “I’m getting a drink,” I jump up and readjust myself as soon as I’m in the kitchen. I can imagine my mouth exploring her body. Stop it I scold myself.

She walks in behind me and runs her fingers over my arm, “I want some popcorn,” she reaches in the cabinet for a bowl and I can feel myself getting harder. I groan and walk back to the couch. She sits right next to me and pulls the blanket over her lap. She glances over at me, “do you need to go take care of that?” she points to my hard on.

Shifting in my seat, “just watch the movie.” She arches her back, making her breasts stick out, and puts the bowel of popcorn on the coffee table. My dick twitches at the sight.

“You’d be surprised at what I can do with this mouth,” she tosses popcorn in her mouth.

“Don’t tease,” I half joke. I’m not. I would love to have those lips wrapped around me.

“Oh please, you know you’d enjoy it.”

I would enjoy it, “like you wouldn’t my tongue on you.”

“Now who’s teasing?”

“Who said I was teasing?”

She takes her shirt off, throws it to the floor and turns to me, “prove it.”

Oh my, her perky large breasts on full display through her lace bra. I couldn’t help myself, I take one in my mouth and massage the other. I suck and grate my teeth over her nipple as she moans. “We shouldn’t do this.”

“I don’t care if you don’t care,” she reaches down and begins rubbing my dick.

The phone rings and I stand up to answer it, “hi dad.” She stalks over to me, pulls my pants down, gets down on her knees and takes me in her mouth. I try to keep my mind on the conversation with my dad as she sucks and twirled her tongue around me. “Uh huh,” I wrap my fingers in her hair and thrust her head back and forth. “Alright dad, I’ll see you guys in a week,” I hang up and pull her up to me, “you bad girl you.” I slip my hand down her shorts and glide it up and down her wet folds, “so wet.”

“Are you going to show me what this mouth of yours can do?” she pulls me into a deep kiss. I lick her bottom lip and she grants me entrance, our tongues fighting for dominance.

I pull back, “go to bed,” pull my pants up and head upstairs as it starts to rain.

“What the hell Ben!”

“We’re not doing this,” I shut my bedroom door and immediately pulled my throbbing dick out. I pump my hand up and down, I couldn’t help but picture her perfect lips around it. Groaning I quickly grab the towel off my bed and release myself into it. I clean myself off and crawl into bed. I hear the thunder rumble and cracks of lightning, Nikki as always been scared of storms. Oftentimes she would crawl in bed with our parents. I’ve never seen somebody so scared of them.

I hear my door open, “Ben are you still awake?” I don’t move. “It’s s storming out. Can I..” a loud crack of thunder interrupts her and she runs, jumping on my bed and crawling under the covers. I roll over and pull her shaking body to me, “I don’t like storms.”

I rest my left hand over her waist, feeling the bottom of her shirt. She’s not wearing any bottoms. She snuggles into my back, pushing her ass tight to my dick and I try to keep it from pushing into her. Thunder cracks so hard that it almost shakes the house, she pushes tighter to me and begins to shake. “It’s going to be alright,” I whisper in her ear.

“Talk to me.”

“Talk to you?”

“Yeah, it helps to get my mind off the storm. Unless you want to do something else,” she wiggles her as against me causing me to inwardly groan.

Sighing, “I thought we already talked about this.”

You talked about it. It’s just sex,” she rolls over and gently rubs my dick over my pants, “I can tell you want it too.”

Her touch feels good and I can feel myself getting harder with each stroke. “You need to stop.”

She crashes her lips to mine in kiss filled with need and passion, “I don’t want to. I want to feel you inside me,” she places my hand on her breast, “I want your lips on me, I want you to fuck me raw.” She glides her hand into my pants and I can’t help but groan.

“Just sex,” I mumble as I pepper her neck with kisses.

“Yes, just sex,” she pushes me onto my back and crawls on top of me, “we both will benefit,” taking off her shirt.

Nibbling her nipple, “you sure you want to do this?”


I roll her over and hover over her, “cause once we start I don’t know that I’ll be able to stop.” I have imagined what her naked body looks like and her moans as I ram my dick into her.

“You can do whatever you want to me. I’m not going to stop you,” a slight moan escapes her as I grate my teeth on her nipple.

I kiss my way down until I get to her glistening, wet pussy. I bite and suck on her clit as she shivers under me, slightly arching her back.

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