If These Walls Could Talk

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18. An Old Friend part 2

He rolled us over and stood up, still deep inside me, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slammed me against the wall. “On one condition, you let me do whatever I want, whenever I want. If I want you to blow me under the table in the dining room you will. If I want to fuck you in front of everyone, I will. If I want to devour this pussy on the desk in the lobby, I will.”

It sounded hotter to me than it should, I guess idea of getting caught turned me on. He placed my feet on the floor, “let’s shower and go get some food.”

“Can we stop at my room so I can get some clothes?”

“Sure, but no panties.”

Showered and freshly changed we stepped out of my room, as we passed Graces room I could hear her moans and I knew she would be busy the rest of the night. As we stepped back into the elevator I gently rubbed him over his pants, “can’t we just order room service?” He teased me in the shower and I was horny again.

“Careful,” he warned, “keep it up and I’ll have you crawling under the table,” pulling me close and kissing me roughly.

“If you had a private elevator I’d blow you back up to your room,” I normally wasn’t this brave.

He groaned as the doors opened. We walked into the restaurant and he requested a table in the back, the hostess lead us to an empty room. He ordered steaks for both of us and a bottle of wine. Halfway through the bottle I slipped off a shoe, stretched my leg out and used it to rub his dick.

I had him so distracted that he barely noticed the waiter clearing our plates, “dessert?”

Clearing his throat, “not tonight,” the waiter nodded and left.

I laughed, “you always treat your guests this good?”

“Just you,” setting his wine glass down, “didn’t I warn you about this?”

“You did.”

He pushes my foot down and I hear his pants unzip, his eyes move to the table and I know what he wants. I know we’re alone in the room and with the tablecloth being down to the floor, nobody would see me under it. Crawling up to him underneath of it, I noticed that he already pulled himself free. He grabs my head and sets my pace, fast and rough. I can hear him thanking the waiter and telling him that we were good. Since he can’t see me, I reach down and slip a finger inside myself, desperate for a release of my own. He must’ve taken a viagra or something, I didn’t know a man could go so many times in a day.

“Come up here,” he pulled me up. I noticed only our wine glasses were on the table. “Lay on the table,” he picks me up, placing me on the table and forcing me to lay back. With his hand under my dress he rubs my entrance, “so wet. Did you start already?”

“What if the waiter comes back?”

Standing up, he positioned me the way he wanted, “you should’ve thought about that before you started.”

“I’ll blow you in the elevator. Let’s go,” I tried to get up, but he pushed me back down.

“You can still do that, but I’m going to fuck you on this table first,” he rammed himself into me, causing me to moan out in pleasure. “Shh,” he covered my mouth, “you wouldn’t want him to walk in and see me pounding you would you?”

I nod as he pounds me, pulling my hips to meet his thrusts. My moans muffled by his hand, his thrusts increase, giving me yet another mind blowing orgasm. He pulls out, shouting his into a napkin, that he tossed into the trash. Quickly he replaces himself with his fingers, “I want you horny as fuck when you blow me,” feverishly fingering me.

I managed to sit up, “you’re mean.”

Tucking himself away, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the elevator, “I promise I’ll spend hours devouring your pussy. If, if you can get me off in the time it takes to get to my floor.”

“I know I can,” all I need to do is play with his balls and he’ll go in no time. David always did when I used to do it. As soon as we’re in the elevator, I push him against the wall and sucking on him like my life depended on it. A few gentle squeezes to his balls and he cums in my mouth, just as we reach his floor. “How is it you manage to fuck so much?”

“I could ask you the same thing. Aren’t you sore?”

Walking into his suite, “I am. You didn’t answer my question.”

“I have great stamina. Why don’t we sleep tonight, we can pick this up later? Give me your room key and I’ll get your things.”

I had him my key, strip and crawl into bed as he leaves. I hope he doesn’t go through my suitcase, I brought my favorite vibrator, not that I’m going to need it. Checking my phone, I see that David still hasn’t called. I dial my assistant and ask her to draw up divorce papers and arrange to have him served. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up to Patrick’s arms wrapped around me, “you’re awake. So I found something while I was putting you clothes in your suitcase last night,” he reaches over me and pulls my pink vibrator and lube out his bedside drawer.

“Oh god,” I can feel my checks turning red.

“Shall we see how loud I can make you scream with this?” He turns it on low and slowly begins teasing me, before long I’m moaning. He turns it up on high and begins pumping it in and out.

“Oh god! Oh god!”

Just as I was about to cum, he turned it off and pulled it out, “let’s go get some breakfast,” he stood up and walked out. Naked.

I can’t believe he did that. Frustrated, I got up and walked into his small kitchenette. He was standing in front of the small stove making eggs. I poured my self a cup of coffee and against the counter, watching him.

He plated up the eggs, handing me mine, “eat, we’re going to need our strength.”

“Aren’t we going swimming with the dolphins today?”

He nodded, “we are, we have enough time for a quickie and a shower.”

“Grace, she doesn’t know I’m up here,” taking the last bite.

Handing me my phone, “tell her you’ll meet her in the lobby in half an hour,” I send her a quick text while he clears the plates.

“Half an hour, I thought you said we had time for a quickie and shower?” I walked towards the bathroom. I turned it on and stepped inside.

Stepping in behind me, “I didn’t say they would be separate,” he picks me up, pushes me against the shower wall and plunges me down onto him.

I wrap my legs around his waist, he thrusted me up and down. Just as my release was near, I felt him filling me. Once again I was left on the edge without a release. I knew he liked doing this, and the orgasm he would give me later would be another mind blowing one.

Setting me back down, “let’s get cleaned up. We need to be downstairs in ten.”

“You still owe me for that bet you made me.”

“And as soon as we get back, I’ll repay it.”

Grace was waiting in the lobby for us, she gave me the eye, I quickly said, “look who I found in the elevator.” I don’t think she believed me, but I had to try.

“Uh huh,” she didn’t believe me, but at least she didn’t call me out on it.

Not only did we swim with the dolphins but went snorkeling as well. Grace seemed to enjoy herself as well. Patrick spent most of the time talking with the people who were with us, keeping up a good relationship I suppose. On the way back to the resort we stopped at a food truck and got something to eat.

As we were pulling into the resort Graces phone goes off. Looking at it, “shit. I’ve got to go.”

I knew something was wrong, “what’s wrong?”

“My dad had a heart attack. I have to get back,” she was on her phone and I knew she was changing her ticket.

“I’ll go with you,” pulling my phone out as well.

“No. Stay. It was a minor one, but they won’t release him home alone and my brother is in China on business and can’t get home until next week. Stay and enjoy the rest of your vacation.”

My phone goes off with a message, I know you’re banging Patrick. I want to know all about it when you get home. “Alright.”

“Patrick is there anyway you could get me a ride to the airport?”

“Absolutely. When?”

“An hour. I have to shower, pack, call the hospital,” she’s thinking out loud. She does that when she gets stressed.

Pulling her into a hug as we get into the lobby, “I’ll help you. You shower, I’ll pack for you.”

After talking to the desk clerk, Patrick joins us, “I have arranged for your ride. Any thing I can do to help?”

I smiled at him, “I’m going to help her pack.” He nods and we head our separate ways, us to the elevator and him to the bar.

After Grace is showered, packed, and spoken to the hospital we are headed back downstairs. She seems in better spirits after talking with her fathers nurse. I wait with her until her car arrives, as soon as she’s on her way I head back inside.

Patrick hands me a glass of wine and walks me back to the elevator. I have it drank by the time we reach his door. “Another?” He asks as we step inside.

“No thanks. I need to shower again,” he raises his eyebrow, “alone this time.” My hair needs a good washing.

Kissing my head, “go shower, I’ll get you a clean robe.”

I felt refreshed and the robe was incredibly soft. We spent the next few days in the room, I swear he fucked me on every surface there was. This is my last night here, tomorrow I go home. Home to work. Home to David, who will be my ex-husband in a few months.

“When does your flight leave?” I was packing as he laid on the bed watching me.

“At ten. Why?”

“Are you sure you have to go? You could stay here, with me. I’m sure they could use a lawyer like you around here,” his whining is sort of cute.

“I’m not licensed to practice here.”

Pulling me down onto him, “you could be,” kissing my neck, “I don’t want to lose you again.”

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