If These Walls Could Talk

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19. The Nanny

“How are things at home with the babies?”

“Good,” I yawn.

Laughing, “you’ve been yawning since you came in this morning.”

“Come on Ryan, you know what it’s like.”

Nodding his head, “I do, but I don’t remember yawning all day.”

No, he didn’t but he also didn’t have twins and a wife that spent all day and night in bed. Either she’s sleeping or crying.

“How’s Sadie doing?”

Rubbing the back of my neck, “I thought she’d be doing better.”

Sitting across from me, “what’s going on? Isn’t her mother there?”

“Either she’s sleeping or crying, she hasn’t held them since we left the hospital. It’s been six weeks. Her mother has to leave in a few days, she’s already stayed longer than she had planned,” letting out a breathe, “I don’t know what to do.”

Pointing at me, “you need a nanny.”

“A nanny?”

“Yes nanny,” grabbing a pen and paper, “call her, she’ll help you out,” handing it to me.

Looking at the paper, “I don’t need a nanny.”

Standing up, “yes, you do. You know as well as I do that you have to work, and you can’t do that and take care of a newborn. You need help until Sadie gets back to herself.”

I know he’s right and I’m going to need some help. I called the number and had resumes in front of me by the end of the day. I gave the twins their bath, put her to bed before walking into talk to Sadie.

“I’m going to hire a nanny for when your mother leaves,” untucking my shirt.

She sits up, “I think that’s a good idea, you’ll need the help.”

We will need it,” correcting her.

Shaking her head, “no, you. I’m going with mom when she leaves. I can’t do this. I..”

Interrupting her, “what are you talking about? What about Aubrey and Jack? What about us?

“I never wanted kids. Let alone twins! I wanted it to be just us,” crying.

“So what, you’re just going to leave us?!” trying my best not to shout and wake everyone up.

Looking at the suitcases in the closet, “yes, Grant I am. Our plane leaves at eight tomorrow night.”

“And your mother is okay with you just up and leaving your family?” She nods. I can’t believe her mother would be okay with this. Grabbing my clothes she sits up panicked, “where are you going? You can’t leave me here with them!”

“Relax, I’m just going to a guest room. I don’t want to see you before you leave,” storming out of the room.

Thankfully I didn’t see her, only her mother and I had no words for her. I found a nanny that can start Monday, so I took that day off to make sure things go smoothly. The weekend went as good as could be expected, they’re starting to sleep better at night. It’s late on Sunday when the doorbell rings, opening it I see a stunning woman in front of me. Long blonde hair, curves in all the right places, and large breasts. It takes everything I have not to let her see my hard on.

“I’m Kristy,” holding her hand out to me, “I thought it better to come over tonight rather than in the morning. I know how hectic mornings can be.”

Stepping aside and letting her in, “that’s fine. Are you hungry?”

“No thank you.”

Taking her bag from her, “I’ll show you to your room,” leading her upstairs. I show her the twins rooms, mine, before getting to hers, “I hope this is okay.”

She looks around, “it’s fine, just let me unpack and then we can work out the details.”

Nodding I head back downstairs and grab two glasses of water before sitting at the table. A few minutes later she joins me, thanking me for the water.

I start, “you can have the weekends to yourself, unless I would need to work. I would prefer that you not bring any men home with you. I will handle the doctor appointments. They are usually up once during the night and wake up around six. Tonight I will let you settle in,” she nods her head, “thank you for coming on short notice.”

“I’ll see you in the morning, Mr. Rufton,” she stands up and heads upstairs.

“Please, call me Grant.”

Part of me hoped that Sadie would come back and everything would be fine again, but she hasn’t. It’s been six months and I haven’t heard from her. I’ve tried to call and text, but she never responded so I gave up. I have to say Kristy has been great, she’s wonderful with the twins and they seem to like her.

It’s Saturday night, the twins are in bed and I haven’t seen Kristy all evening. Hearing a noise in the kitchen, I walk in and see her bent over looking in the fridge. Her ass peeking out from the bottom of her shirt, I have a full view of her tight little ass and the white lace thong she’s wearing. I stand there staring for entirely too long, my dick standing at attention.

“Grant, you scared me,” she jumps when she sees me, “I didn’t know you were still up.”

Thank god the island is between us and she can’t see my raging hard on, “I could say the same thing.”

“I was just trying to find a bottle of water. I hope I didn’t disturb you,” her nipples are hard from the cold air and I just want to suck on them.

“I would’ve thought you’d be out tonight.”

She leans against the island, “all my friends want to do is hang out in the bars and I’m just not into that.”

Trying to adjust myself, “you’re only 22.”

Taking a drink, “what’s your point? You’re only a few years older than me.”

I watched as she pulled the bottle away from her lips, my dick twitches at the thought of what they felt like. “I have kids,”

Nodding, “I’ll see you in the morning,” she goes back upstairs.

I watch as her breasts bounce on the steps, looking down I see that my dick is at full attention. Deciding that I can’t go to sleep with this hard on, I hurry up to my room and jump into the shower. Again. All I can think about is Kristys large breasts, hard nipples, and tight little ass. Moaning, I wrap one hand around my dick and brace myself against the wall with the other. Yanking as hard and as fast as I can, moaning out her name, imagining it was her lips instead. I hear Aubrey crying through the monitor, I shut off the water and wrap a towel around me before hurrying to her room.

Leaning over her crib I lull her back to sleep fairly quickly. I turn around and see Kristy standing in the doorway, wearing that same shirt. I can feel myself coming to life again and I pray she doesn’t notice.

“That didn’t take long.”

“Just a bad dream I guess,” turning around to face her.

Her eyes scan my body, stopping at my waist for a few seconds, “do you need anything?”

Running my fingers through my wet hair, “no, I think she’ll be alright now.”

She steps into the hall as I close the door, “okay then,” pointing to my dick, “have fun taking care of that alone then.”

Shocked, “wait...what?”

Smirking, “do you need my help with it?”

I don’t know what to say, I get hard anytime she’s around. It’s been a year since I’ve had any kind of sex and I’ve been jerking off to images of her nearly every night.

“I...I..” is all I manage to get out.

She raises her shirt just enough to show me that she’s not wearing any underwear, her bare pussy just peaking out. I bite my tongue to keep from moaning, I know without looking that my dick is standing at full attention again. “I’m here for whatever you need.”

Oh fuck. I just want to push her against the wall and fuck her and hear her scream my name.

Stalking up to her, “really? What if I want to fuck your brains out?”

She pulls my towel down and rubs my dick, her mouth inches away from mine, “is that all you want to do to me?”


“No?” she drops to her knees, licking my entire length, “what is it that you want to do then?” She takes me in her mouth, swirling her tongue around, sucking on me like a lollipop.

“Oh god,” I moan.

Pulling her head back, “tell me,” before going back to sucking me with all she’s got.

Rubbing her head, “I want to bury my face in your glorious pussy and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk,” she moans at my words, “I’m going to cum soon.”

She doesn’t stop and soon I shout my release down her throat. I pull her up and she wipes the drool off her chin, “fuck that felt good,” picking her up, she wraps her legs around my waist and I carry her to my bedroom, kicking the door shut.

Setting her on her feet, I pull her shirt off and admire her figure. Slipping a finger deep inside her, “you didn’t think we were finished yet, did you?”

I add another finger and suck on her breasts as she begins to ride my fingers. I slam them in and out of her pulling a moan from her, “fuck me, please.”

Leading her over to the bed with my fingers, “not yet,” I push her down with my other hand.

Crawling between her legs, I spread them wide, watching as I ram her with my fingers. Her juices running down my hand. It’s the most beautiful pussy I’ve seen. Her moans get louder as she orgasms. Licking my fingers clean, “mm, fantastic,” I dove into her, devouring her pussy like a dog with a bone.

She laces her fingers through my hair, pushing my face even further in. I suck and bite her clit and lips, causing her to moan louder. I curl my tongue and she orgasms all over my face, best tasting pussy ever.

She rolls us over and slides down onto me and begins to ride me. I pinch and pull on her nipples as they bounce in my face and she rides me harder. She must like it rough. I bite her nipples, “harder,” she moans. Doing as I’m told, her orgasm explodes on me.

I roll us over and place her legs over my shoulders and drill into her, grunting with each thrust.

“Harder! Harder!” She cried.

Pulling out, I flip her over and ram back into her, pounding her. “Good you feel good,” Sadie never liked it rough, or any other position other than missionary.

I slide a finger into her ass, slowly pumping it in and out, causing her to scream, “Oh yeah, right there! Don’t stop!”

Her third orgasm explodes and I follow shortly after, collapsing next to her.

She nestles her ass against me, “that was amazing.”

Rubbing her hip, “yes, it was.”

“You always like that?”

Rubbing her ass, “I’m only getting started.”

Reaching back she rubs my dick, “then let’s keep going.”

She pushes her ass further against me, “keep it up and I’ll fuck it,” I moan getting hard again.


Smacking her ass, “I’m not teasing, I’ll fuck this tight little ass of yours.”

“I’m not going to stop you,” turning onto her stomach again.

I spread her checks and slowly enter her. It’s so tight, I know I won’t last long. Slowly I thrust in and out, trying not to hurt her.

“Don’t hold back,” thrusting back to meet me.

“I’m not going to last long,” reaching around and rubbing her clit.

She pushes my fingers back and glides them into her pussy, thrusting them in and out. I try to hold out, but I can’t and fill her last hole.

Laying her head on my chest, “we better get some rest.”

She’s right. The twins will be up in a few hours. I set my alarm so that I can get up and shower before they wake up.

I let the hot water run over my body when Kristy steps in, “looks like you need help again,” pointing to my morning wood.

Pushing her against the wall, “yes I do,” I thrust into her roughly as I bite her neck and shoulder. “The twins will be up soon, we better hurry.”

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