If These Walls Could Talk

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20. The New Neighbor

I had heard the house sold, but I didn’t know who bought it. The previous owners were a sweet elderly couple, when he died she went to live with their daughter. I will miss them.

Peering out my living room window, I saw the moving truck pull up. Four big burly men stepped out, one pushed the button and opened the garage door. Is that who bought it? He’s not a bad looking man, just not my type. I prefer an inie instead of outie. I’ve been with men before and still sleep with them, on occasion. I find that women are better at somethings, they are much better at eating me then a man has ever been.

Watching him move boxes with ease I thought, he may not be my type but I’d give him go. Just as I was thinking about what he could possibly do, a cute little sports car pulls up, that must be the wife. To say she was gorgeous would be an understatement, hair pulled up in a bun, long tan legs, and breasts that bounced as she walks.

Now, I could have those legs wrapped around my head for hours.

After a few hours the men leave, so she’s the new owner. I couldn’t help but watch as she moved around the house. Watching as she walked out of the bathroom naked and headed out back. I knew there was no pool out there, so I went to my back yard as well. There was no fence separating our back yards, so I had a perfect view. Her tan body, perky large breasts, and a pussy with just a little patch of hair.

I watched as she laid down on the chair, spreading her legs wide and slowly pumped her fingers in and out. My panties were wet just watching and imagining what she would feel like. I ran in and grabbed my vibrator, slipped off my panties and went back out. She seemed preoccupied so I leaned against the wall and slide my vibrator in, biting my lip so I wouldn’t moan out loud.

I didn’t hear her coming over, “guess you like what you saw.”

Taking in her naked body, “very much so.”

“Would you like to help me?” I nodded as she took my vibrator from me and walked into my kitchen. She jumped onto my table, licked my vibrator clean before gliding it in with ease. “Are you going to help or just watch?”

“I’ll help, but I won’t be using that,” walking in and sitting in the chair directly in front of her. Watching as she pumped it in and out. I pulled it out and ran my tongue along her, purring as her smell envelope me. She smelled sweet and tasted like cherries. It was just asking for me to devour it.

Shoving my tongue as deep as it would go, she wrapped her legs around my head, “ooo,” she moaned. Her moans push me even further, curling my tongue forward, lapping her like a dog drinking water. I added two fingers and her moans got louder, her orgasm runs down my chin.

Jumping down off the table, “that was fantastic. First time I’ve had another woman do that.”

So I was her first. “What can I say I know how to eat a pussy better than any man.”

Raising an eyebrow at me, “so you don’t just do women?”

Shaking my head, “no, I enjoy a good dick every now and then.”

Walking out my back door, “that’s good to know. Why don’t you come over at six, we’ll have you for supper?”

“Sure,” wait did she say we? Is she in a relationship? I mean I’ve had my fair share of taken people, but I know that ahead of time. I guess if he’s going to watch, I’m into that. I like having an audience. If he’s one of the men I saw early, I’d let him join, as long as he knows how to use it. On the plus side, I have no gag reflex, so I can deep throat like nobody’s business.

I put on a wrap dress with nothing underneath, hoping that she’ll at least have me for dessert. Walking up to her back door, I see her naked and a naked man with the largest dick I’ve ever seen. At least ten inches, soft.

Waiving me in, “honey, this is the neighbor I told you about,” waiving her hand between us.

“So,” holding out his hand for me to shake, “you’re the woman that ate my wife better than I do. She said your tongue is magical.”

“I’m pretty good with it, if I don’t say so myself,” shaking his hand, “my name is Mandy.”

“Kevin, and you’ve already met Mary.”

“I have indeed.”

Walking up next to him, “we have a ‘no clothes’ rule in this house.”

I untie my dress and let it fall to the floor, Mary let out a whistle, “beautiful. Don’t you think honey?”

His eyes traveled down my body, lingering on my bare pussy, “I’d say,” his eyes traveled back up, “I understand you do men as well?” His dick springs to life.

“I do.”

Mary grabs his dick, stroking it, “care to show him what that tongue of yours can do?”

“I’d love too,” dropping to my knees, I run my tongue along his shaft. He tastes sweet and salty. Taking all of him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around as I bob back and forth.

“Oh, god,” he groans.

Grabbing his hips bobbing back and forth until he hits the back of throat. His moans get louder as Mary gets down and massages his balls. His release hits the back of my throat and I swallow his salty cum.

“I think she should be rewarded, don’t you?” looking at her husband.

“As long as I can watch,” his flaccid dick begins to twitch.

“Watch,” looking at his eyes, “you can join if you like.”

He looks to Mary for an answer, “absolutely,” she looks at me, “do you do anal dear?”

“I do everything.”

They lead me to a bedroom, Kevin sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed as Mary and I climb in. She settles between my legs, “I can’t wait to try this.”

Another first for her.

“Don’t worry baby,” crossing his ankle over his knee, “I’ll give pointers if you need it.”

“Maybe you should show me first,” sitting next to my legs.

He jumps up and drags my ass to the edge of the bed before diving in, sucking and biting my lips.

Mary sits there and watches for a few minutes before, “let me try,” pushing him aside. She licks and slowly slides her tongue in and out.

Pushing her head further in, “get in there, really use your tongue. Like it’s your favorite meal.” She listens to him, “yeah, just like that baby.” Soon she’s humming against me as she devoured me. I can see him rubbing her back with one hand and jerking himself off with the other. “Add your fingers and pound that pussy.”

My orgasm is so close, when she stops, “I don’t know how you can do that for hours,” rubbing her jaw, “my jaw hurts.”

Pulling her down on the bed, “you did good, it takes practice.”

She spreads her legs wide and I can’t wait to taste her again, without another word, I dove right in.

Getting on the bed next to me, “I love watching you devour her,” running his fingers along my lips, “I feel like I should give yours some attention.”

“You know the rules Kevin,” she said between moans.

Pushing his fingers inside, “I just want to feel her, she hugs my fingers so well.”

“Try, but remember,” she moans as her fingers lace in my hair.

He lets out a sigh, then slowly eases himself in. I can feel my pussy stretching around him, I’ve never had a dick feel this good inside of me. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I just hadn’t had the right dick yet.

Moaning, “baby, I think she’s better with her tongue than you are with your dick.”

He whispers in my ear, “she never lets me fuck another pussy, other than hers. I’m going to show you how good my dick really is, just don’t tell her what I’m doing.”

Pulling all the way out, then thrusting back in, rocking me into her. I moan with each thrust.

Leaning on her elbows, “is he fucking your pussy?”

Gently pushing her back down, “just focus on me,” going back to work.

Kevin pounded into me, soon Mary and I both were moaning loudly. I’ve never had this many orgasms before. Mary orgasms again. I’ve been known to give a woman twenty orgasms in one night.

He grabs my left breast, “let me cum inside you,” squeezing it. I nod as I feel his release explode inside me.

Soon we all collapse on the bed, “did you tear that ass up honey?”

Looking at me, “yes I did.” Mary leaves the room, “as soon as she’s asleep I’m going to do it again.”

“I have an idea,” as soon as Mary comes back, “why don’t we put Kevin on his back and he can pick who rides him and who he eats.”

“I’m the only pussy he gets to fuck.”

“Is mine not any good?”

Shaking her head, “it’s amazing.”

“Then why not let him try it? You can watch, he watched me fuck you,” he’s the best dick I’ve had and I’m not giving up.

“Whatever he wants.”

Laying on his back, “let's feel that pussy of yours. Mary you can turn around so you can watch.”

Assuming our positions, it didn’t take long for Mary to cum before getting off him and laying down. “Hurry up, I’m tired.”

Faking his orgasm, he pulled me down to him and rolled us onto our side, “wait five minutes and we’ll finish.”

“Where? I can get loud,” hoping we could go to my house.

“Your place.”

“Let’s go,” quietly we leave the house, running over to mine. As soon as we’re inside he picks me up, I wrap my legs around his waist as he fills me to the hilt again. Carrying me over to the couch, we sit down and I ride him as my breast bounce in his face. My moans get louder and louder as I reach my climax, screaming as it takes over. He follows shortly after.

Leaning my head on his shoulder, “I’ve never had a dick this good.”

Laughing, “I think my wife would prefer your tongue to my dick.”

Nodding my head and smiling, “I think I prefer your dick to her tongue. Of course you’re pretty good with yours.”

“You keep my wife happy and I’ll keep your pussy full. I love how you taste.”

“Does she sleep all night?”

“She does. Why?”

“Good,” pushing him to lay down, “we have all night then, if you can last that long,” turning around so that I’m straddling his face.

“For this pussy, I’ll go until you tell me to stop.”

I have to say these are my favorite neighbors and, I have a new favorite meal, his dick and her pussy isn’t a bad dessert.

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