If These Walls Could Talk

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21. My Job Part 1

A/N: I feel the need to tell you that I’m not a porn star. Just thought this chapter was a good idea.

Yes, I’m a porn star, and yes I make damn good money. When you look like I do and have an addiction to sex, what else would you do? I work anywhere from eight to twelve hours a day, three days a week. You can judge me if you want, I don’t care. I have a house, car and vacation house that’s completely paid for, and we’ll over six figures in the bank. I get paid to do something I love.

I’ll do guys or girls, I’m not picky. Threesomes, foursomes, groups, I don’t care. One of my favorites is anal. After oral of course, giving or receiving.

Let me tell you a story or two.

I was scheduled for a foursome with Allen, Brian, and Mitch, I was playing a virgin whose car broke down. Brian offered me a ride to his place to wait for the tow truck.

Walking in Allen and Mitch were sitting on the couch watching the game in their boxers. They stand and walk up to me, running their hands over my body.
“Her car broke down,” Brian says from behind me.
Allen nods, “you couldn’t let her all alone.”
“I..I got lost, then my car just died,” I tell them as Mitch runs his hands down the valley of my breasts.
He pulls down my shorts, “let’s get you out of these wet clothes.”
Allen grabs my top and pulls it off, “yes, let’s.”
Before I know it I’m completely naked in front of them, I noticed that Brian was already naked and Allen and Mitch were taking off their boxers. My eyes get huge as I stare at their massive dicks.
Brian chuckles, “haven't you seen a cock before?”
Trying to cover myself with my hands, “I..you,” I stammered out.
“I think we have a virgin,” Allen says.
Mitch grabbed my breasts, “don’t worry, we’ll teach you.”
Brian rubs my clit, “she’s wet for us already boys.”
“Let’s get her ready then,” Allen rubs his fingers down my ass before gently pushing one in.
Brian glides a finger deep inside of me, together they lead me to the couch. Allen puts some lubricant on his fingers before added a second and I stifle a moan. Brian adds a second then a third while Mitch bites and sucks on my breasts.
After a few minutes of them fingering me, Allen looks at them, “I think she’s ready.”
Brian sits down and guides me over top of him. Allen gets behind me, while Mitch is behind the couch. Directly in front of me.
Tipping my chin up to look at him, “have you ever given a blow job before doll?” I shake my head. “Do you like lollipops?”
“I love them.”
Mitch smiles, “then I have one that you’ll especially love. Open your mouth nice and wide.”
I do as I’m told as Brian glides me down onto him. Feeling Allen behind me as he slowly eases in, “relax. Just focus on what your doing,” as he eases in more.
Playing the part, I wince and wiggle as slides all the way in. They give me a moment to adjust before they begin pounding me.
“Use your tongue,” Mitch grinds his hips, grabbing my hair to hold my head still, “lick my lollipop doll. Use your hands, rub my balls, just like that,” thrusting his hips forward, nearly gagging me.
“Fuck,” Allen groans as he thrusts get harder, “her ass is so tight, I’m going to blow,” soon after he fills me, groaning with his release.
Mitch fills my mouth, “be a good doll and swallow,” pulling out, “did you like that?”
“I did, best lollipop ever.”
He walks around, pulls me off of Brian and puts me on the floor, settling between my legs. Brian kneels by my head.
“Do you think we should be all her firsts Brian?”
“Sounds good to me.”
Pushing my legs up, “have you ever had a man eat your pussy?” running his fingers along my slit.
“You’ll love it. Trust me.”
Allen and Brian are sitting on each side of my head, holding my legs at the knee. Mitch sucks and bites my clit, while pumping me with his fingers. Slowly he darts his tongue in and out, burying his face deeper. He pushes his tongue in as far as it would go, humming and motor boating my pussy. Allen and Brian guide my hands up their dicks before squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples.
Jerking them off, Brian moves closer, "why don't you be a good little slut and suck my dick." Turing my head, I take him in my mouth, swirling my tongue as he thrusts in and out.
Allen turns my head towards him and thrusts his dick in my mouth, and I do the same thing, they take turns. I jerk one off while I suck the other one.
Mitch curls his tongue forward, adding his fingers as my orgasm explodes. "She tastes fucking fantastic boys," he thrusts his massive dick into me.
Brian shoots his load onto my breasts, "don't cum inside her, we want a taste of her," looking down at me, "would you like that?"
I nod at them.
Grunting with each thrust, "let's move to a bed, wouldn't want my doll to get a carpet burn."
Settling onto the bed, my ass on the edge at the foot, everyone in the same position as before. Mitch thrusts into me, he's holding back, I can tell. Out of three of them, his dick is the biggest. A solid eight inches, not the biggest I've had. That's Joseph, but that's another story.
Soon he and Allen change places. Allen's tongue is long, reaching places Mitch didn't. He is, by far, the best at this, always giving me multiple orgasms. He doesn't disappoint this time, either. He pounds me until he releases himself on my stomach.
Brian's turn, he's not the biggest fan of eating pussy, and his dick is the smallest. He's still building up his endurance, so twice is all the more he can last. His long, slender fingers more than make up for that. He pounds them into me as he sucks on my clit, soon he replaces them with his own dick. Smearing the stickiness of Mitch up my stomach, "wouldn't this stomach look beautiful swollen with our seed?"
Allen releases himself for the third and final time into my mouth, and I suck every last drop out of him. "I agree, but not yet."
Hearing that Brian pulls out and shoots himself onto my stomach as well. He and Allen slip on some shorts, "we'll go get some food. Try not to wear her out to bad," walking out of the room.
Flipping me over, he drills into me. Pounding me so hard that the headboard slams against the wall over and over again. Working me hard before pulling out and slamming back into me. He works back and forth, pounding each hole, until he finds his release.
I was thoroughly fucked that day.

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