If These Walls Could Talk

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22. My Job Part 2

Now, let me tell you about Joseph, it is always one on one with us. Everything about that man is huge. His chest broad and toned, washboard stomach, muscles that strain against every shirt he wears, large hands with thick fingers. His girth so big that I can't wrap my hand around him, every bit of twelve inches, if not bigger. A stamina to match, I don't know that I've ever seen him flaccid. He seems to have an endless supply of cum. They always match us together, because they know that I'm the only one that can match his stamina.

Standing naked in front of him, "do I look alright daddy?"

Walking around, stopping behind me, "I think you're missing something," rubbing my ass. "Bend over."

Complying, he eases in the largest butt plug we have. Smacking my left check, "that's better. How does it feel Kitty?"

"Wonderful daddy," he's stretching me for later. He loves anal as much as I do.

"How do you thank daddy? Remember good girls get rewarded."

Instantly I get on my knees, relaxing my throat I take nearly all of him, using my hand on what I can’t. He grabs a fist full of my hair and thrusts forward to meet my mouth.

Humming, “somebody wants a reward, don’t they?” I nod. “You listen and do as you’re told and daddy will reward you nicely.”

He picks up his speed until he his assaulting my mouth. I pur with each of his thrusts.

Reaching down, I run my clit and he pulls my hair, “did I say you’re allowed to do that?”

“No, daddy,” stroking his long, hard dick.

“Are you allowed to touch yourself when I can’t watch?”

Looking down, “no. I’m sorry daddy.”

Thrusting back into my mouth, “daddy will forgive you this time. Do it again and you won’t get your reward,” massaging my head.

The only thing I can do is nod as he twitches in my mouth. I know he’s close so I massage his balls.

Groaning as his release hits the back of my throat. Standing up, “did I do good daddy?”

Streaking my hair, “only one infraction,” I automatically looking down and he tips my chin to look back up, “but I’ll over look it. This time.”

Smiling, “thank you daddy.”

“Get your ass on the bed and daddy will reward you.”

Happily I jump onto the bed, knowing full well what my ‘reward’ is, it’s scripted after all. Laying down I spread my legs wide. Hooking my legs, putting them over his shoulders before settling between them. He spread my lips and ran his tongue along my slit.

“Am I allowed to cum daddy?”

“As many times as you want.”

Hungrily, he dives in, driving his tongue in and out. One hand rubs and pinches my clit, while the other squeezes my ass. He hums as he pushes his face further in and I buck my hips forward. Grabbing them, he lifts them in the air, thrusting me to meet his mouth. I hold my hips up while his tongue moves further down, rimming me.

“Turn over.”

He pushes my knees up and apart. Thrusting three fingers into me as he continues rimming me. I rock back and forth as my orgasm builds. He adds another finger and I explode. Before I can come down from my high he enters me, filling me. I can feel him hitting my womb as he pounds me relentlessly. He grabs my hips pulling me back to meet his thrusts.

“Does daddy’s dick feel good?”

“Yes! God yes!”

Flipping me back over, putting my legs on his shoulders again, he continues his assault on me. Squeezing and pinching my nipple, my next orgasm suddenly hits. His growls become almost animalistic as he picks up his pace causing the headboard to bounce off the wall. Suddenly, I feel him spilling himself inside of me. It wasn’t scripted but I’m on the pill and we get tested monthly, so I know he’s clean.

Leaning forward he whispers, “I'm sorry.”

I nod my head.

I can’t get enough of this mans dick. We often fuck, even when we’re not doing it for the camera.

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