If These Walls Could Talk

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23. Desperation

Somehow I went from living in a small cozy apartment with my mom to living on the streets in a matter of a few weeks. Her cancer spread quickly and I quit my job to care for her. The bills piled up and I couldn’t pay them all. On the day of her funeral I found our belongings outside in the rain and a padlock on the door. I couldn’t afford to store them so I took what I could carry and walked back out in the rain.

I’ve been sleeping in the park and using the bathroom to clean up every morning, spending my days looking for a job. I have no permanent address and finding a job is difficult. I don’t necessarily look homeless, my long black hair, medium breasts, and small figure. I keep a black dress as clean as possible for job hunting, bu it does help me. Nothing does. Staring at my last two dollars, I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy anything to eat with it. I am in New York after all. Fall is here and I worry about how I’ll keep warm, my only blanket thin and tattered.

Sitting on the bench I sighed as someone sat next to me. Glancing over at him, his Armani suit with his muscles fighting to get out and shiny black shoes. His hair dark and falling slightly into his piercing green eyes. “It’s getting colder,” he pulled me from my thoughts, “do you not have a jacket young lady?”

I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded my head and pulled my bag to me.

Turning to look at me, “how long have you been living in the park?”

“Wh...what makes you think I’m homeless?”

“Your dress is too big for you, you have holes in your shoes, and your bag has seen better days,” he looked me up and down, “and your clenching your hand around that money, like you don’t want to lose it. When was the last time you had a decent meal?”

“I’m fine,” honestly I couldn’t remember when I last ate.

Standing up, he hand his hand out to me, “come, let’s get you a meal, a hot shower, and a bed.”

“I don’t need your charity.”

“It’s not charity,” a small smile crept to his face, “it’s a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” I knew I wouldn’t be able to survive out here much longer.

Grabbing my hand and pulling me up, “we will discuss it. Come,” leading me to his car. A black Bentley with plush black leather interior.

He drives us out of the city, I couldn’t help but think if he killed me and dumped my body out here, nobody would even notice I was gone. “Where are we going?”

As if knowing my thoughts, he laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. We’re going to my house.”

We pull up to the largest house I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t a house, it was a mansion. A larger grand door opened revealing an open floor plan. Black leather furniture in the living room, a long dining table to the right, and I could see an even larger kitchen fit for a chef.

An elderly woman appeared from somewhere beyond it, “shall I make your dinner sir?”

“Yes. I’m going to show this young lady around. You may leave once you’re done,” she nodded.

“Mina. My name is Mina,” looking at her then glancing to him.

“Luther. Now let’s get you cleaned up,” he lead my up the grand staircase to what I assumed was his room. Pointing to a door, “the bathroom is in there. Go take a shower and I’ll lay some clothes for you on the bed. Come back to the kitchen when you are done.” He took my bag from me, “I’ll have Allison take care of your things.”

I walked into the bathroom and was greeted with double sinks, large soaker tub, and a walk in shower that could fit at least five people, “wow.” Quickly I stripped and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water run over my body. I had to use his shampoo and soap, not that I minded, I was just happy to have a hot shower. Wrapping my body in a towel and my hair in another one, I stepped back into the bedroom. There was a white shirt and boxers laying on the bed, next to them was my hairbrush. I looked around to see if he was there before putting them on. I brushed my hair out and hung up my towels before going downstairs. Allison was putting two plates of food on the table.

“Thank you Allison. I’ll clean up the dishes.”

“Just leave them in the sink and I’ll get them in the morning.” I watched as she walked out of the house.

“Come, sit,” pulling out the chair, “I apologize for not having anything to better fit you.”

Taking my seat, “it’s alright. That shower is amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it.” I was starving and had half my plate gone in a matter of minutes, “it would appear you like the food as well.”

“I’m sorry,” covering my mouth, “I didn’t realize I was this hungry.”

“I’d like to make you an offer,” taking away our plates. He sat back down across from me, “you live here with me and I will take care of you. Buy you anything you could ever need or want.”

“In exchange for?” I was nervous but desperate to get off the streets, two months was too long.


“Me?” Was he going to beat me? Keep me tied up?

“Yes,” leaning back in his chair, “you will accompany me to functions, and keep my bed warm. Don’t worry, I will never harm you in any way.”

I know he’s talking about sex. I’m not a virgin but have only done it twice. “You want me to be like a wife?”

Nodding his head, “something like that.”

“You’re a very attractive man, you could get anyone.”

“I could, but I don’t want to. I find the whole dating thing tiring.”

“So you want all the benefits, just don’t want to put in the work it takes to get there?”

“Exactly. I want one that I can show off at parties and fuck her brains out every night. That’s where you come in. You don’t have to love me, as long as you act like you do when we’re out in public.”

“If I say no,” my hands folded on my lap.

“Then I will take you back to the park.” We know nothing about each other, he is offering me a place to live in exchange for sex. He said he won’t harm me, but will he? Will he really give me everything I need? “Are you prepared to survive the winter? I know you’ve been out there for a few months already.”

“You stalking me?”

“No, just noticed you. You keep to yourself but help others, even if that means losing something. Like the blanket you gave to the man that didn’t have one.”

I remember when I did that, he was elderly and needed it more than I did at the time. I know the brutal winter would more than likely kill me. “Okay,” barely above a whisper.

Standing up, “let’s go to bed. I’m sure you could use a good nights sleep.”


He chuckles, “yes together.”

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I awoke to his arm across my body, it took me a moment to realize where I was. I closed my eyes, wanting more sleep, when I awoke again I was alone in the bed. I saw my jeans, bra, and sneakers at the foot of the bed. I dressed and went downstairs.

Luther was sitting at the island, “are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Shopping, you need clothes.”

After spending the day shopping, we stopped for lunch before going back home. I noticed that everything we purchased were already put away.

He walked into the bathroom and ran a bath, “come,” pulling me with him.

I sunk down in the tub, turned my head to look for him and came face to face with a dick. A big one. His washboard abs lead up to sculpted chest and broad shoulders. I couldn’t help but stare. He is gorgeous. “Are you coming in with me?”

“You enjoy your bath, I’ll take a shower,” he stepped inside.

I hurried to finish and wrapped my towel around me, standing at one of the sinks when he stepped out, I could see the tent in his towel in the mirror. He turned me around and pulled my towel free, “let me look at you,” picking me up and setting me on the counter, “beautiful.” He spread my legs and gingerly slide his fingers inside me. Pumping back and forth as he added more fingers. Soon he thrusts himself deep into me, “you feel so tight.”

He began to pound into me until there was a knock on the bedroom door, “call for you sir.”

Groaning he pulled out, “we’ll finish this later. Get dressed we have a function tonight,” he grabs his towel and leaves.

Dressed in a long red dress that had a plunging neck line and thigh high slit, he was in a suit with a red tie to match me. Kissing my check, “just relax, behave and I’ll reward you later.”

The night flew by and we were finally headed home at nearly midnight, “that was fun,” slipping my heals off.

“You were wonderful,” unzipping my dress, letting it fall to the floor, “I prefer nothing on underneath though,” looking at my bra and thong.

“Next time,” I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside.

Stripping off his suit, “I’m going to reward you for tonight,” pushing me onto the bed. He pulls my thong off and spreads my legs wide, running his tongue along my core. I’ve never had a man go down on me before, but I understand it feels amazing. He hummed in delight as he plunged his tongue in, working it back and forth. Spreading my lips wider, he pushed his head further in and I moaned in pleasure. His movements got faster as I felt my release building and I pushed him away. Driving his fingers into me, “cum for me,” Curling his fingers.

“Oh god,” I cried as my release came.

He licked me clean, “just beautiful,” he lifted one of my legs up and buried himself inside me. “I like it rough and hard. Tell me if it’s too much.” He pulled out only to plunge back in and I moaned as he repeated his actions. He pounds me, grunting with each thrust. I screamed as my next release hit me. His grunting got louder as he found his.

He collapsed next to me, “I wasn’t to rough was I?”

“No. I loved it,” nuzzling my back against him and drifting off to sleep.

I awoke to him slamming his fingers into me, “I was hoping you’d wake up soon,” rolling me onto my stomach and pulling me up to my knees. “I can’t get enough of your tight pussy,” rubbing my core with his dick, “I just want to pound you until you scream.” He thrusts deep inside and I moan as he feverishly pounds me, pulling my hips back to met his thrusts.

“Yes! Oh god! I’m coming!” I scream. I’ve never had it rough, but I love it.

“So am I baby.”

I’m glad I was desperate.

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