If These Walls Could Talk

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24. The Boyfriend part 1

James and I have been together for four years and things have gotten stale. The sex is still good but he’s been wanting to spice things up and I don’t mean just new positions. He’s been trying to get me to agree to a threesome or foursome. Says he wants to see how other men please me and if it works out, he wants to do it again with women.

I’ve never been one to share but I’m tired of his constant nagging, “who would it be?”

“There’s a swingers bar a few towns over, we can go there.”

“How do you know that?” I’m not sure if I truly want to know the answer. “I’m not sure that I’m comfortable bringing them back to our house.”

“We can get a hotel room,” walking up behind me, “so does that mean you’ll do it?”

“We can try it.”

He kisses my neck, “I’ll book the hotel. Take off work Friday and we can spend the whole weekend.”

I think he sounds almost too eager, “okay.”

“Make sure to pack sexy clothes and I’ll pack the condoms, I know what kind you like,” kisses my neck and walks away.

We get to the hotel Friday afternoon, I’m standing in a towel trying to decide what dress to wear. I settle on my red one, it has spaghetti straps, is tight, and stops mid thigh, I’ll pair it with my matching strapless bra and thong and my black Jimmy Chos.

“I was thinking if tonight went well, we could go back tomorrow night for me,” helping me to zip up my dress.

If it goes well. We’re you thinking just one other guy or what?”

“Actually, I was thinking two or three. I want to watch from there,” pointing to a chair on the other side of the room. Before I can respond he continues, “if you don’t like or are uncomfortable we will stop.”

I nod my head and we leave. I’m nervous as we pull up to the bar, it looks very classy. Walking I expected to see people all over each other but I didn’t, I guess there are rooms for that.

“Let's get you a drink,” walking me over to the bar and he orders for me.

“Hello there beautiful,” I turn to my right and see a man in his late thirties, he has dark hair and his muscles are straining against his shirt.

I down my drink and he waves at the bartender to get me another one, which I down as well. I’m not really much of a drinker so it doesn’t take long to feel the effects. “Hi,” is all I get out.

“Mitch,” he extends his hand.

“James and this is Lynn,” shaking his hand.

“What are you looking for?” he asks.

“Well,” putting his arm around my waist, “my girlfriend and I are looking to spice things up.” I look at him, “okay well I talked her into venturing outside the box.”

“Men, women, or both?”

“Men, tonight’s all about her,” kissing my check.

Nodding his head, “how many?”

I’m on my forth drink as I sit and watch this exchange. Either the alcohol is effecting me or the bartender put something in my drink because I’m suddenly horny as hell.

“Two or three.”

Mitch nods his head and another man come up behind him. I can feel the wetness pooling, standing up I grab his package, “all you?”

“Yes ma’am. Would you like to see?”

Licking my lips, “very much so.”

He nodded his head and both of them dropped their pants and there in front of me were two huge glorious dicks. Each of them bigger than James.

“And do you know how to use them boys?”

In unison, “oh yes ma’am.”

“Good. Let’s go,” I turned to head towards the door.

He gently grabbed my arm, “we have private sound proof room in the back,” leading us through the crowd. He swiped a key card and opened the door, a long hallway full of other doors. Reaching one, he swiped it again before holding it open, “shall we?”

The room was dimly lit, a chair and sofa sat in each corner, the bed was massive, bigger than a king, must've been custom made, and there were bowls full of condoms everywhere. "Rules," I looked at both of them, "condoms are a must and not each other."

They nodded, "I'm Jake," the other one introduced himself. Other than his dick being the biggest and having blonde hair, I didn't notice much else. "The bathroom is in there," pointing to the only other door in the room, "why don't you go get ready."

As I closed the door I could hear James telling them that he was only going to watch and that I'll be game to try anything. I heard Mitch and Jake say that they are in their late thirties.

They're over ten years older than me! On the other hand, maybe they could teach James a thing or two. He's the only one I've ever been with, but us girls talk and from their stories he's pretty boring. I take a deep breath and slide off my thong that is soaked, I've never been this horny before and I swear one touch would get me off. Slipping back into my Jimmy Chos, I walk out. James is sitting in the corner in just his boxers, a towel next to him, and the other two are standing there naked. Dicks standing at full attention.

Mitch walks up to me and helps me to sit on the bed, "lover boy over there says you need blow job lessons," grabbing a condom from the bowl.

I shoot James a nasty look, "well, he could use a few lessons on somethings himself."

Rolling the condom on, "what would you like for us to show him how to do properly?"

I watch as he rolls the condom on, his dick in my face, "honestly, he could do better at eating me out.”

Jake appears behind me on the bed, “then we’ll teach you both. You need a safe word in case you want to stop.”

“Purple,” it was the first word that came to mind.

Mitch runs his hand along my check before grabbing a fist full of my hair, “use it if you want us to stop at anytime,” I nod my head, “let’s get started.” He pulls my hair back and I wince, “open your mouth.”

Jake places my hands on Mitch's hips, “relax your throat and don’t use your teeth.”

I’ve given James blow jobs several times a week and he’s never complained. I swirl my tongue around his shaft and move my right hand to his balls.

Mitch thrusts his hips forward, grunting with each thrust, “good girl. I’d say she has a handle on this,” he looks down at me, smiles and pushes me back onto the bed.

Jake spread my legs wide and they share a look before settling between them and Mitch straddles my face, instinctively I open my mouth. “The key is utilize your tongue,” running it down my slit.

“It’s like you’re licking an ice cream cone that’s starting to melt,” Mitch adds as he thrusts his hips up and down while Jake devours me. He continues, “push it in as far as it will go and curl it up.”

I moan in pleasure at Jakes movements. I can’t see James but I hope he’s paying attention. Mitch groans as he fills his condom. He kisses my forehead, “you can blow me anytime,” getting off the bed and changing his condom. “Is he doing a good job?”

“God yes,” and I scream out my first orgasm, the first one ever from oral. I look over and see James jerking himself off.

Mitch glides me down on top of him as Jake positions himself behind me, pushing me down. I feel him spreading my juices upward before gently sliding in. He gives me time to adjust to him with each advance. Once he’s fully in, “doing alright?” I nod, “first time for anal?”


“Don’t worry, you’re going to love it,” he picks up his pace, rocking me back and forth.

“Fuck this is hot,” James yells and I’m sure he’s just blown his load. I don’t know how he’s going to be able to do his threesome when he can only go once. For 22 year old man, he has no stamina.

I cry out, “oh god!” as orgasm after orgasm explodes. I can feel Jake filling the barrier between us. He gets off the bed and removes the condom.

Mitch positions be on my back with my head hanging off the bed and I see Jakes dick above me. James has fallen asleep. Placing my legs over his shoulder, Mitch pounds into my ass.

Rubbing is dick over my lips, down to my breasts, and back up, “don’t worry we’re clean. I take it lover boy over there isn’t very good?”

Mitch slows his movements so I can answer, “no, it never lasts long and he complains that I’m too tight and apparently he doesn’t like my blow jobs.”

He flips me over and I see the condom being thrown on the floor before ramming into my pussy. He pulls my hair back and Jake thrusts himself in my mouth. “I think you feel magnificent and I’d gladly fuck your every hole anytime.”

Jake doesn’t have to even move his hips because Mitch is pounding into me so hard, “same here, I’d eat your pussy raw.”

They spent the rest of the night assaulting my holes with their mouths, dicks and fingers. I should’ve agreed to this sooner and I’ll definitely be coming back here.

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