If These Walls Could Talk

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25. The Boyfriend part 2

I finally convinced Lynn to go to the swingers bar with me, I even let her go first, not that I watched much of it. Honestly I could care less if she liked it or not, but I was nice and slipped a little something into her drink. After jerking off as I watched them pound her, I fell asleep. Tonight is my turn and I have every intention of getting as much pussy and blow jobs as I possibly can. How hot would it be to watch two of the girls going at it? I took as many boner pills as possible so I can last all night.

Tonight is ladies night and they are all walking around in barely anything, some are completely naked. I see Jake and he walks towards us, but I'm more focused on picking my women for tonight.

"Back again are we?" shoving his hand up Lynn's dress, I don't care.

"Tonight is James's turn," nodding her head towards me.

"So there's no chance of having you all to myself tonight?"

Thinking it over, "you can join, but just with her," I tell him.

"She's all I want. Tell your girls room eight," and he pulls Lynn away with him.

I spot two women, a blonde and a red head, both skinny with massive boobs. Walking up behind them, I shove a finger in each one of their pussys, "ladies," I pump my fingers in and out before pulling them out, "ever taste each other?" crossing my arms they suck on my fingers, tasting the other one. They nod and I shove my fingers back into them, "room eight."

We walk to the room with my fingers still deep inside them as they open the door I see a glass wall. Jake and Lynn going at it on the other side. I can’t hear them, but I can see them.

Stripping out of my clothes, “any rules?”

“None,” the blonde says as the lay on the bed.

I stand next to it, pull her roughly to me by her hair and thrust my dick into her mouth. Looking over I see that Jake has his face buried in Lynn’s pussy, and I pound my hips into her face. “Do you eat pussy?”

The red head answers, “we’re sisters and we share everything.”

“Then do it,” pushing her off of me with force. I watch as red settles between her legs. Grabbing her hips I pull her to her knees and slam into her. I pound and pound her, shoving her face deeper and deeper into the glorious pussy in front of her.

Pulling out, I shoot my release on her back. I hate wearing condoms but Lynn makes me but I’m careful never to cum in any of the ones I fuck. Unless it’s their mouth. Laying on my back, I take blondes hips and plunge her onto my dick. I bring red onto my face. It’s not that I don’t like to eat pussy, just don’t like Lynn’s. You think she’s the only one I’m fucking? How do you think I found out about this place?

The blonde is riding the fuck out of me while I’m busy fucking both of reds holes, three of my fingers deep in her ass. She grinds her hips against my face, both of them moaning in pleasure.

Just in time, I lift the blonde off of me and I feel my release hitting my stomach. The both end up on their hands and knees facing the foot of the bed. Using my own cum, I use it as lubricant to slide into reds ass. One hand has two fingers in reds pussy while the other one has one fingers in the blondes ousts and four in her ass. I’ve never eaten ass before but I think I’d like to try reds, her pussy was the best I’ve had.

I pull out and thrust into the blondes ass, it’s tighter than reds but still feels good. Taking blonde with me I lay down and pull red back over my face. Circling her with my tongue I taste a combination of myself, her, and the sweetest fucking juice ever.

As soon as I fill blonde’s ass with my cum, I push her off and roll red over and bury my tongue as deep in her ass as it would go. I slam my entire fist into her pussy, she is by far my favorite. Pushing her knees to her chest I take turns slamming myself into her pussy then her ass.

I look over and see Lynn on her knees in front of Jake, he’s fisting her hair as he fucks her face. I my eyes locked on them and watch as he stands her up, kisses her, turns her around, bends her over, lines up with her pussy and slams into her. All without a condom. That bitch wouldn’t even blow me without one on!

Taking my frustration out on the girls, I continue my assault on red. “Get that pussy of yours up here now!” I shout at blonde and proceed to shove my fist into it.

She screams in pain but I don’t care, “shut the fuck up and take it!”

I look back over at them and see Jake mouth ‘she’s mine now’ I didn’t even notice the man until he pulled me off of them.

“You’re done! Get dressed and get out! Never come back!”

The girls are holding each other crying and Jake laughs at me. In a weekends time, I’ve lost Lynn and my ability to enter the only swingers bar in a 300 mile radius.

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