If These Walls Could Talk

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27. Home Sweet Home

A/N: this chapter contains incessant and sex by force. Do not read if it bothers you!

My family may not be like any other family, we are not what you would call ‘normal’. You see we enjoy making others hurt and also really enjoy fucking each other. I have a rather big family two girls and two boys, plus eight step sibling, four of each. In case you were wondering. I’m Ethan, the oldest, 29. Let’s go in order shall we, Melissa is 27, Aaron is 26, and Kristin is 25. My step siblings are Spencer and Emily are 22, Jennifer is 21, Mitch is 20, Blair is 19, David is 18, Kole is 16, and Amanda is 15.

I was 16 when our mom married Kevin, and 18 when she died. I vividly remember waking up that night and found Kevin fucking Melissa’s mouth on the couch. She may have only been 16 but she took his dick like she was in her thirties. That is what started it all, I mean why go out trolling for a piece of ass when you can find plenty in your own house.

Let me tell you a few things, every single one of the girls is great at blow jobs, that’s the first thing we teach them. All of us boys have massively huge dicks, Spencer with the smallest, twelve inches flaccid, and they all take them like champs. We only have three rules, tell no one, we all must be at least 16 before intercourse, and anybody in the house is free to watch and join in at anytime. Blow jobs, well we have no age limit on that. Amanda was 12 when she started giving them.

Speaking of Amanda she turns 16 tomorrow and none us can wait to break her in. Kevin will be the first one that gets to fuck her, being her father and all. No one will be joining in for that one but we will be watching.

Tonight though, Melissa, Spencer, Emily and I have plans. Melissa is laying on the bed with Emily’s face buried deep in her pussy, “we got tired of waiting for you boys,” Melissa grins her hips into Emily’s face.

I look down at Emily, “don’t stop on our account.”

“I wasn’t planning to,” lifting her head just enough to speak.

“Bring that mouth of yours over here Melissa,” Spencer stands next to the bed.

Emily let’s her move to her hands and knees, then dives right back in. Spencer grabs her hair and starts pounding her mouth.

I line myself up behind Emily and thrust into her, “you like that pussy don’t you?” she nods her head. I pound into her and she rocks into Melissa.

Holding onto her hair, “I never get tired of this,” winking at me. Looking down at her, “since you’re already getting you pussy fucked I’m going to fuck that ass of yours. On your back.”

They whimper as they separate but she does as she’s told. He pushes her legs up to her chest and thrusts into her ass, groaning as he does.

Kevin walks in, “mind if I join?” knowing he didn’t need to ask. He lays on the bed and Melissa quickly sinks herself onto him with Spencer lining himself up with her ass again.

Soon the room was filled with our moans, grunts, and screams.

Just as paint Emily’s insides with my cum, Amanda walks in, “I want to join.”

“You know the rules Amanda,” Kevin warns.

“I know but I’ll be 16 in a few hours dad.”

“The only things you can do is suck one of our dicks or get eaten out.”

Emily crawls away from me, “I’ll watch. Ethan lay on your back, come over here and turn around.”

“I know how to do 69 Emily,” as she straddles my face. She takes all of me in one swift motion and Emily helps to set her speed.

“Look at my baby girl sucking that dick,” Kevin is watching us.

I curl my tongue up and can feel her moans on my dick. It doesn’t take long until her cum is running down my chin. I can feel how close I am.

“Guess what time it is?” I see him moving around on the bed, “it’s after midnight and my baby is now 16.” he grabs her hair, “as soon as he cums down your throat I'm going to make you a woman. What position do you want?”

I feel my cum hitting the back of her throat, she swallows all of it before coming up, “any position you want daddy.”

I move to the couch and sit with my siblings, we watch as he moves her to her back and pushes her legs up, “I’m not going to take it easy on you just because it’s your first time.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to,” she cries out in pain as he thrusts in.

“So tight. Look at how well my baby girl takes my dick.”

The rest of my siblings come in and we all watch as he pounds into her relentlessly. It doesn’t take long for her screams to turn to those of pleasure. All of us boys are jerking ourselves off, except for David who has is dick buried deep into Mitch’s ass.

“We’re going to break you in good tonight, all of us will be taking a turn with you.”


“No buts. You’re going to take all of tonight. Even the girls will be taking a turn eating your pussy.”

“No, no daddy,” she protests.

That’s right, everyone in this house knows what we do and the word ‘no’ means nothing to us. We take what we want from each other, even if it’s by force. Every single one of us has been forced into having sex at one time or another.

“Here I cum baby,” he pulls out and blow his load onto her stomach. “Next,” stepping away and I step up, “don’t cum inside of her, the girls will be tasting her not us,” he slaps my shoulder and walks over to the couch.

“Ethan please,” she cries.

“Turn over,” I flip her over and push her up to her knees, groaning as I thrust inside of her. Pushing two fingers in her ass and she cries out, “dad said I couldn’t paint your pussy walks with my cum, he didn’t say anything about this ass of yours.” I pound her until I know I’m close then pull out and thrust into her ass. It only takes a few thrusts before I blow my load.

By the time we have all taken a turn on her the sun is up and she’s more cooperative.

Kevin helps her up, “go get cleaned up and come down for breakfast.”

I shower as well and walk into the kitchen, Mitch has Blair spread out on the table devouring her and Jennifer is between his legs sucking him off.


“Best fucking breakfast ever,” he muttered.

I can’t help but smile as I see Jennifer swollen with my child sucking his dick. I want my dick buried deep inside of her, “Jen, get over here.”

“Of course baby,” she stands with my help, she’s ready to give birth any day now.

“Hand me that,” Mitch points to the vibrator on the island. “Thanks bro,” flipping her over, shoving it into her ass and his dick in her pussy.

I carry Jennifer over to the pool table and proceed to fuck her raw. This is my home and what a sweet home it is.

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