If These Walls Could Talk

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28. A Debt Owed

I'm what some would describe as cold and cruel, others would say that I'm a psychopath. I feel no emotion and have no empathy for people, which comes in handy in my line of work. What do I do? Well, I'm the head of the largest Mafia and drug smuggling ring on the continental USA. At the age of 30, I think I'm doing pretty well for myself. My men are the most loyal around and the cops don't bother us.

"Care to explain where the missing half is?" Carlos is a new driver and arrived at the warehouse with half the load he left with. Drugs and money. I sat casually across from him while my men secured him to the chains hanging from the ceiling.

"I not take them," trying to break free. He's an older man, late 40's, early 50's.

Running my hands over my various tools, "then what happened to them?" settling on plyers, I ripped off his pinky finger.

He screams in pain, "please, I not have them!"

I nod my head to my men and they rip off his clothes. "Such a small dick," looking at the stub between his balls. Grabbing a knife, "perhaps I shall mail it to your wife," cutting it off in one quick motion.

"He only has a daughter, wife died," Angelo informs me.

"A daughter huh," my wheels turning.

He nods, "yes sir, 16 sir."

An evil smile crept to my lips and I pull out my gun, "perhaps she could work off your debt."

"No! Leave my daughter alone!"

"Then you have what I am missing?"

"No. Just please leave my daughter. She is a good girl."

"Such a shame you won't get to watch as my men and I take turns on her body. On second thought, perhaps you should watch. Bring her here," my men nod and rush out the door. "Gag him," I order my remaining men.

Angelo opens the door and pushes her inside, "papa!" she tries to run to him but Angelo stops her.

"Tell me, what is your name?" running my knife lightly against her cheek.


She is wearing a dress that I shred with my knife, leaving her naked body exposed. Her breasts tight and perky, not small but not overly huge, her stomach flat, her pussy covered by hair, and her ass tight. I nod my head and Angelo pulls her over to the table, forces her over it, tying her hands and feet.

"Boss, would you like the honors?"

"I think I will," unzipping my pants and turning my attention to Carlos, "remember this is your fault." I walk over and thrust my dick into her and she screams out in pain, "put something in her mouth will you."

"With pleasure," Miguel walks in front of her grabs her hair and pulls his dick out, "use your teeth and I'll knock them out. Understand?"

She screams out again as I pull out, notice blood and thrust back in, "we've got ourselves a virgin," my evil grin turns to Carlos, "open your eyes, you're going to watch all of this."

Angelo takes it upon himself and staples them open, now he's forced to watch us. She gags as Miguel forces her to take all of him, "don't you fucking throw up on me," he warns her.

I pound her relentlessly until I paint her walls with my cum. Feeling pleased, I sit back and watch as each of my six men take turns fucking her mouth or pussy. Once my last man was done I decided Carlos had seen enough and shot him between the eyes.

"Get him out of here. I need to finish breaking in our guest," they carry him out, leaving me alone with her. "Open," yanking her head up by her hair, "that's a good girl take it all," forcing my way down her throat.

Holding her head still as I fuck her mouth, "you know if your dad would've just told me what he did with my money and drugs we wouldn't be doing this. Swallow," I instruct her as I shoot my cum down her throat.

"Please let me go," she begged as soon as my dick was out of her mouth.

Walking around her, "oh, my dear you're mine now and the only way you are leaving is in a body bag like your father." I spread her cheeks and lunge myself forward into her ass, she screams out in pain. "take it like a good girl and I might move you to a more comfortable room."

"Why so you and your men can fuck me senseless?" her voice shaky.

"Of course, what other use would we have for you?" never slowing my pace, blood and shit dripped onto the floor. She was so tight that I couldn't hold it back any longer and filled her ass. She may prove useful to me after all.

She jerked at her restraints as I pulled out and stood up. I untied her and threw her over my shoulder, carrying her to one of the bedrooms on the main floor for now.

"What about pregnancy? Did you think of that? You and your men all just rode me with no protection," she says it like I should care.

"No matter, we'll fuck you pregnant or not," throwing her on the bed. "This is your room for now, fuck up and you'll be tied up in the cellar just like your father was. A maid will bring you food and fresh linens."

"What about clothes?"

Shaking my head, "no, no clothes. Shower if you want," I walked out and locked the door.

Surprisingly she has done well over the last few months, even gained a few pounds, my men gang bang her nearly everyday. I watched as Angelo and Marcus stretched her pussy out with both of their dicks together. I have to admit it was a beautiful sight.

Her behavior has been good so I decided to let her out, she can serve drinks to my men during our meeting. Naked of course. I felt my dick twitch as she walked around, not being able to take it anymore I freed myself and pulled her down onto it. "Show them how good I make you feel and only I will be fucking you from now on. Fuck up and I'll throw you to the wolves."

She bounced up and down like she was riding a horse, well she kind of was, a Clydesdale, moaning out as I continued my meeting. Once I was done, "Martha, take her upstairs across from my room," as she was leaving I turned my attention to my men, "feel free to use these at your disposal," I opened the door to three different women tied fast to the beds.

I realized that Maria has not had a period since she has been here, she's pregnant. There is something about fucking a pregnant woman that turns me on even more. I fucked her relentlessly anywhere from five to ten times a day and watched as her belly grew bigger and bigger.

"You will not be keeping it, Martha will assist in the delivery and drop it off at a hospital. I have no need for babies here," telling her flatly.

Her water broke while I was fucking her, did I stop? Nope, even fucked her three more times while she was in labor. She wasn't happy with me but I don't care, that's what she was here for. Call me disgusting but I find the bloody mess to be better, the pussy is that much better.

I am fully aware that women are not to have sex for six weeks after giving birth, but I don't care. I turned her over and pounded that pussy while Martha was preparing to take the baby away. Her pussy so lose, I can barely feel her around me.

Once done, I push her down onto the bed, "your fathers debt is considered paid. You have two options, stay and nothing changes, or leave here like your father did. What will it be?"

"May I at least have some clothes to wear?"

I guess she will be staying. Good. She is broken in well and I'd hate to start over again. "I will consider it."

"Can I have a hysterectomy? No more worries about pregnancy or periods."

"I like watching you stomach swell and I don't mind fucking you while you're bleeding. I just did it."

I fucked her a dozen times that night, she has gotten better and no longer screams when I pound her ass. Nor, does she gag on my dick anymore. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she liked it just as much as I do.

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