If These Walls Could Talk

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29. Finding Kyra

I bought this house six months ago and before I moved to the area and had a room in the basement made sound proof and I set it up just how I like it. Anchor points in the ceiling, bed, chairs, a cabinet to store all my toys in, and a very special toy. I made it myself. It’s sort of rounded, with a hole in the center. The woman straddles it and vibrators move up and down from the hole at any speed that I choose. Of course she is strapped to it, wouldn’t want her falling off. Safety first.

When I lived in Florida there was an underground BDSM club that I frequented and I’m sure New York has them, I just have to find them. Now that I’m here full time, I asked my contact in Florida to reach out and get me on the invite list. It took a few weeks but she was able to get me on the list for two separate clubs.

Tonight I’m going to Angel’s Desire, from what I found online, it might just be the one for me. I read the rules very carefully and the meanings behind the color coded bracelets. Blue is staff, yellow is in club only, and white means they are looking for a Dom or Sub. The rules state that any meetings between potential sub/dom must happen in the club. If both parties agree, the first session is in the club as well and the contract will be witnessed by the club manager. After that the sub/dom are free to do as they please.

Walking in, my eyes immediately scan for the white bracelets. I sit down at the bar and observe the many sexual acts that being preformed in the room.

“You must be new,” a voice to my left. Looking over I see a short woman, with shoulder length hair and small breasts. She’s wearing a red dress that stops just below her ass and a blue bracelet.

“I am,” perhaps she can help me find my next sub.

Noticing my bracelet, “can I help you find one?”


“What is that you are looking for?”

“Long hair, ample breasts, and not someone new to be a submissive. I have no need for one that has no experience,” my list is simple.

Nodding her head, “may I ask what level you are?”


“I have a few options for you. If you would like, you can wait in the red room and I will bring them to you.”

“Yes, thank you,” leaving to find the room she’s talking about.

A few minutes later she comes in with two women following behind her. I notice that the blonde is looking at the floor while the brunet is making eye contact with me. Walking around them to inspect their bodies and ask some important questions. I stop at the brunet, “How long?”

“Only a year sir.”

“Hard no’s?” looking at her body. Her hair is shorter than I like and her ass is too big.

“Anal and oral.”

“Giving or receiving?”


Moving onto the blonde, “How long?”

“Four years, master.”

“Hard no’s?”

“none, right now sir.”

I nod and study them more before looking over to the brunet, “you may go.”

She nods and leaves. I motion to the couch for the blonde to sit, “you may speak freely. Tell me about yourself.”

“My name is Kyra and I’ve had three masters, all for one year each. I took last year off.”

“I see,” pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, “what is your availability?”

“Whatever you require,” looking up at me with a soft smile.

“Three nights a week, plus weekends and you will be on call, I expect you to be available to me at all times. Tuesday will be your only day off. I will cover all expenses and clothing will only be worn with my prior approval.”


“Is it needed?” condoms were never my favorite thing to wear.

“No. Trips?”

“If I see fit, yes,” I pull my aching dick out as she nods, “now, take care of this for me.” Her eyes widen slightly, “problem Kyra?”

“No, it’s just, I’ve never had one that big before.”

“Good to know,” I’ve had subs that couldn’t handle my size, a foot erect and a girth of over three inches. “Can you handle it?”

Licking her lips, “yes sir,” she gags slightly when her mouth gets to my base but I’ll take care of that.

I gather her hair in one hand and roughly pull her head up, shoving it back down. It is an unspoken rule that she will tap my thigh if she has had too much and I fully intend to see what she can take. Pushing her head down to meet my thrusts, her tongue swirls around my shaft. I can feel my release building, “swallow,” more of a statement than a question.

She nods her head just as my release hits the back of her throat and I hold her head down to make sure that she takes every last drop of me. Once I’m done I release her and she stands before me.

“Contract?” pulling papers out of my jacket.

She reads over it and calls a manager in to witness our signatures. Once complete, I place a necklace with the letter ‘J’ on it. I don’t make my subs wear collars.

“We will meet back here tomorrow night at six, you will be able to speak freely and ask any questions you may have until eight, then we begin.”

“Yes,” holding out her hand.

I realize that I never introduced myself, “Jason,” taking it and kissing the top.

She had only one question, what name do I prefer?

“I prefer sir to master and you need a safe word.”

After thinking for a few moments, “tangerine,” she smiles.

“Shall we,” helping her up and onto the bed. Pleased that she following the rules so well. No clothes unless otherwise directed, clean shaven pussy, and hair in a ponytail unless otherwise directed. She shall do nicely.

I blindfolded her and tied her to the bed. “Remember your safe word?” as I run the leather riding crop between her breasts.

“Yes sir.”

I can’t help but notice her beauty, she truly is stunning and for the first time, I grow hard just at the sight of her. No other sub has had that ability. I also noticed scars on her chest. These are not scars from a whip, no these look like a knife. Making a note to ask her about them I continue, smacking the crop against her nipples, then her pussy. She responds very well and I can see that it is having an effect on her.

Not being able to take it any longer I flip her over, ready to pound into her and pause when I see more scars on her back and back of thighs. Deciding that we’ve done enough, I untie her and help her to sit up, “where did the scars come from?”

“My previous master cut me as his form of pleasure and punishment, sir.”

“That’s why you took a year off,” she nods in confirmation and I tilt her head up to look at me, “did you safe word him?”

“Several times, sir.”

“Call me Jason, we are done for the night,” kissing her forehead, “and you will have no worries like that with me.” I find his behavior to be extremely unexpectable, I have never met a dom that goes to that extreme.

I hand her a bag before we leave, it contains a phone, address of my house and a key.

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