If These Walls Could Talk

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4. The Party

My husband has been excited about this party for a month and I can’t figure out why, he never likes to go out. He hasn’t told me the details of it, other than to dress sexy. I put on my sexiest black dress and matching heels, I check myself in the mirror before walking out into the bedroom.

He looks me over, “bra?”

“Not with this dress,” I say.


“Of course,” really? He had to ask?

He walks over to me sliding his hand up my dress, it was short, but didn’t show anything. “Take them off and leave them here.”


“You know how I am when I’m drinking, I want easy access,” he slips them down, “and besides I packed us a bag.”

I step out of them, “a bag?”

He tosses them aside, “I got us a hotel room, the party is in the ballroom. I plan on drinking tonight and don’t want to drive.”

“I can drive us home.”

He shakes his head, “no,” handing me a drink, “ I want you to try this.”

I drink the shot, making a face, “I don’t like it,” setting the glass down.

He laughs, pulling me in for a passionate kiss, “let’s go.”

We get in the car and head to the party, I still trying to figure out while he’s so excited about this party. I decide to push it aside and enjoy myself as we enter. He immediately gets me a drink, “I’ll be right back, I need to check us in to our room,” he kisses my check.

The drink is sweet, a little sweeter than I normally drink. Doug is back by my side in a few minutes, sipping on his own rum and coke. We walk around talking to a few people, he hands me another drink. My head is feeling odd, these drinks must be stronger than I thought. “Excuse me dear,” I head to the bathroom. On my way I see two women going at on a couch. I turn the corner and see a man fucking a woman against the wall, for some reason I can’t stop staring at them. I look between them and the women on the couch, they both look so erotic. I walk into the bathroom, relieve myself and leave. The women are still there, I wonder what kind of party we are at.

Doug walks up behind me, wrapping his arms around me, “I want you to meet someone,” he leads me over to a beautiful red head, “Sandra, this is my wife Nancy,” I shake her hand.

She turns to him, “I like her,” she smiles and he smiles back. Looking at me, “does she need to relax some first?” I’m confused.

“Maybe a little, but the drink should be working by the time we get to our room.”

“What are you talking about Doug?”

He nods his head at her and grabs my hand, “come,” he leads me to the elevator and she follows. Once the doors close he pushes me against the wall and shoves a finger inside of me, “we are going to have a threesome tonight.” The doors open and he leads us to our room.

Once inside Sandra speaks, “this is a swingers party dear,” turning to Doug, “so how are we doing this?”

He strips quickly, “I’m fucking you both tonight. I don’t care who eats who first, but you both are eating pussy tonight.”

Looking at me, “I’ll gladly eat her first,” she walks over and pulls my lips to hers as she unzips my dress. It falls to the floor, she stands back and takes her dress off, all of us now naked. She pushes me on the bed capturing my breast in her mouth, I can’t help but moan. She slides a finger inside me and starts pumping, “you’re going to enjoy tonight,” she suddenly dips her head between my legs and licks my clit. I jump. She slips her tongue in and I shudder, “so responsive,” she slips her tongue in again, “you’re right, she tastes like honey,” she dives in like she hasn’t ate in days.

Doug rolls a condom on and gets behind her, “told you,” he thrust himself inside of her, “now eat that pussy all up.” He thrusts into, pushing her further into me, our moans and groans filling the room. He thrust so hard she holds my hips to help steady herself, “fuck, watching you devour my wife’s pussy like that I can’t hold it,” he thrust as we both moan loudly. I know that we both orgasmed.

Sandra leans back, “you want us to switch Doug?”

“Only if you’ve had enough,” he takes to condom off throwing it away.

“Not yet,” she shoves her tongue back in, curling it forward.

“Oh my god,” I moan.

Doug crawls over me, shoving his dick in my face, “suck my dick, so I can fuck her again in a couple minutes. I want back in that pussy.”

As soon as I started sucking on him, she leaned up, “my ass. Fuck my ass this time,” he jumps up, quickly putting on another condom and lining himself up again.

I could tell when he thrust himself inside of her because he face went even further in. I moaned as I wrapped my fingers in her hair.

Thrusting in and out of her, “fuck baby, why don’t you ever let me fuck your ass? It feels so good.” He’s grunting loudly.

“When you eat my pussy as good as she is, I’ll let you,” I moan and pull her hand up to my breast, “I’m cumming again!” A massive orgasm hits me, damn she was good. She comes up, kissing me roughly, I can taste myself but I don’t care. She takes my hand and places it on her core, shoving two of my fingers inside. I instantly start pumping and she does the same to me.

She moans as I feel her walls clench her orgasm hitting her, she whispers in my hear, “it’s your turn. Just do to me what you like done.” Doug grunts as he finds his release, pulling out. She looks at me and I nod my head, we change positions. She glances at him, “I’m not sucking your dick, I came for the pussy.”

He nods, “I’ll just watch for a bit,” sitting down in the chair next to the bed.

She pushes my head down to her pussy, cautiously I lick it and she moans. She tastes so good, I swirl my tongue around her clit before I dive in. I can’t seem to get enough of her taste, I think I could eat her all night. I pump my tongue in and out, she pushes my head further in, “yes, oh my god just like that,” I dove in faster and harder, knowing she liked what I was doing.

I felt him thrust himself into me from behind, “this is so fucking hot. We should do this more often,” he began to pound me hard and fast, shoving my face deeper into her pussy. “Eat that pussy! Tell me how much you like this,” he pounded me relentlessly and I devoured her driving her to another orgasm. He thrusts, releasing himself inside me. Rubbing my back, “when you’re done I want one of you one my face while the other one sucks my dick,” he begins thrusting again.

Sandra moves my head back and forth, “how long can he go?”

Laughing, “I took a viagra, I plan on going all night,” he pounds me harder than he ever has, grunting loudly.

I moan as I continue to devour her, reaching my hands up to pinch her nipples. She screams and bucks her hips as she orgasms again. I suck up all of her juices and drive her to another one, ignoring the pounding that is happening to my own pussy. He thrusts again and I feel his release, he finally pulls out and lays down next to us. He reaches under me and starts playing with my breast, “it’s my turn ladies.” I pull away and look at Sandra before we both look at him, “I already know what my wife’s mouth can do, Sandra you will suck me off. I’ve got to top you tonight so I fuck that beautiful ass of hers.”

“I told you I’m not sucking your dick.”

“You already agreed to whatever I wanted,” he pulled me up setting me on his chest and pushed her down.

“I’ll fuck you again. I’ll ride you so hard you’ll think I broke your dick,” she’s holding a condom.

“Do both then,” he pulls me up to his face.

“I want to watch her,” I tell him.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he turns me around before setting me on his face.

I watch Sandra roll the condom on him before taking him in her mouth, I lean forward and guide her head up and down. He slips a finger in my ass, causing me to jump. I watch as she bobs her head up and down on his dick, he thrusts up to meet her mouth. She releases him and slides herself onto him, leaning forward and sucking on my breast as she rides him. I moan and he adds another finger, she pinches my other nipple as she continues to suck hard.

He pulls me back up so that I’m sitting on his face, she’s still pinching and tugging on my nipples. She reaches up, rubbing my clit and I start riding his face, bouncing myself up and down. “Yes,” I groan and he adds a third finger, pumping them hard. Doug and I find our release at the same time, Sandra and I both climbing off of him.

He removes the condom, Im going to fuck you in the ass. I don’t care if she plays with your pussy or finds a way to eat it.” He pushes me onto my knees, squeezing the semen out of it onto my ass before thrusting himself in. I wince in pain before relaxing. She crawls under me, capturing my nipple in my mouth and shoving three fingers in.

I’m overwhelmed with pleasure I can’t contain my moans and screams, my orgasms coming one right after the other. He his pounding my ass and she his relentlessly fucking me with her fingers. Finally he releases himself, pulls out and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes we look over and he’s sleeping. Sandra stands up and puts her dress back on, leaning over she hands me a piece of paper, “call me if you want to do this again without him.”

I look at her, “I could do this everyday.”


“My house. I don’t work. He leaves at six and gets home at seven thirty.”

“I’ll be there at six fifteen Monday morning,” she kisses me then leaves.

My dreams were filled of our tongues devouring each other.

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