Her Big Secret

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Alexis is more than sexually active, she has every guy on her tail. The line waiting to get a piece of her is never ending, but will the men still follow after they hear her darkest secret?

Erotica / Romance
Tonya Baham
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Miss Attractive

I looked in the mirror, pleasantly surprised with how well my graduation gown fit my curves. I am just a few hours away from finally being taken seriously. I, Alexis Sandra, was about to graduate college.

Though many fellow students of mine were excited, I was relieved. I would get to live a life not under my parents order and become whomever I wished. My life has been one exciting thing after another, but I never would have guessed what would come next for me.

I put on my heels and walked out of my dorm, fired up and ready to get this over with. I walk six doors down to the elevator and push the down arrow. When the doors open, I contemplate taking the stairs. Waiting in front of me was Charlie Wescott, boy did I wish I hadn’t known his name. He grinned at me with his over confident smile, I almost cringed. It didn’t take long for the moment to drag along into an awkward one. I stepped inside and turned around to push the ground floor button but was short to notice it was already lit up. Charlie and I were going to the same floor. Oh, joy. I can already tell how this is going to go.

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