Her Love Grows

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When nineteen year old Amiya enters her Sophomore year of college, things change. Her world is flipped upside down by Axel. Amiya has trouble settling down, but Axel knows all of the right places to touch. Is Axel the one for her? Or is he just another fling? This steamy, sensual piece will have your mind racing and your body wanting more.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I felt his eyes staring into my soul. Suddenly, a chill ran down my spine. I didn't feel scared, I felt hot to the touch. But yet, my hands were clammy. I clenched my muscles down there. I could flex them easily since I was sitting in a chair. My professor is rambling on about the Cold War. I take a quick glance at his hands. They are huge. I wonder if something else is huge. The things he could do to me with those hands. I blink hard, trying to concentrate on the lesson.

Who was he? I gotta know his name. Does he have a girlfriend? Ah.. Get ahold of yourself, Amiya. You know how this always ends. Guys just want you for one thing only. Although, maybe that's not such a bad thing in this situation. He is hot!

"Alright Class, now remember, I want your essay's on something that you have learned about the War from an inside source. A.K.A., the Library. I want it on my desk by Monday!" I internally groan. I can't take another essay. Apparently these professor's cannot comprehend that midterms are coming up. I pick up my backpack and head towards the door. All of the sudden, he brushes by me briskly. His fingers make contact with my wrist. Tingles shoot up my body. I stare at his dark curly hair. It looks so soft. I want to run my hands through his hair. He looks back at me and winks. Was that wink for me? Probably not. There are other beautiful girls in this class. I doubt he even notices me. I ignore it and walk out of the classroom.

Immediately I catch up with my best friend, Anna. She is a slender blonde who has had my back since kindergarten. I honestly would have figured that we would have drifted apart once high school hit, mostly because that is just how things usually are. However, high school made us so much more closer. I was shocked when she told me that she was accepted into Georgia State University. Anna is a freshman, and I am a Sophomore this year. She decided to take a Gap year and travel to Italy. Lucky girl! I loved hearing all about her experiences with Italian men. Anna likes to say, "There is nothing like a good glass of wine and making Italian men mine."

Her eyes skim me over as I walk alongside her. "Amiyaaaa, you are rocking that body suit! Yes Queen!!" I giggle. She then starts rambling about her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Max. I listen intently. Max cheats on Anna at least once a week. It's honestly sad and I feel bad for her, but she just keeps running back to him. I get tired of trying to talk her into leaving him, so I just listen. Sometimes I will throw in a "right?" or "No he did not!!", just to spice things up a little.

As I'm walking with Anna towards the exit door, I see him again. He is standing outside with his Air Pods in his ears. His tan skin glistening in the sunlight. I make eye contact with his chocolate brown eyes and I think about how much I want to melt into them. They are gorgeous. Even though he is far away, I can make hints of a golden hue. They are so rich that it reminds me of honey. I'm envious that those Air Pods are touching him. "Um hello, Earth to Amiya!", Anna yells. She had walked the opposite direction and I didn't even notice. I break eye contact with him and walk towards her. "Sorry girl, I was a little zoned out.", I tell her honestly. She laughs and says, "Sure you were. I saw you staring at Axel." I blush. Axel. I know his name now.

As I drive home I think about how I'm going to find his last name through my school's online account. It can tell me who is in my U.S. History's Class list. I wanna look him up on Facebook. If I'm feeling courageous, maybe even friend request him. It's definitely a crisp Autumn day. The Fall foliage is at its peak, and I am loving it. I swing by a local coffee shop called "Dud's Coffee", and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I feel so basic, but it helps set the mood for Fall. I even have on a thick, grey cardigan over my black body suit. Of course I have on skinny jeans over my body suit too. I catch my reflection as I walk by the glass window. I look really good today. My long black hair is in loose curls. My emerald green eyes are standing out. My thin frame almost looks a little thicker with this outfit on. If I was a guy, I would bang me. I smirk and get back in my car.

As I arrive home, my cat, Salem greets me. I pet him and coo at how much of a good kitty that he is. He runs back to his nook at the window and watches closely for birds. He is my little hunter. I sip my coffee and sit down at my desk. I open my laptop and get on my student portal. I search through the long list of students that are in my class. Finally, I find his name. Axel Smith. I roll my eyes. That is such an easy and typical last name. I exit out and log into Facebook. I search his name and he is the first to pop up. We actually have quite a few mutual friends. I notice that his relationship status says 'Single'. I bite my lip and skim the mouse over the 'Friend' button. I realize that I have to go pee from all of that coffee that I drank. I run to the bathroom and contemplate if I should or shouldn't hit that button. I finish my business and decide not to friend him. It would just be too creepy. We haven't really said any words to one another. Besides, I don't wanna come off as desperate. "Nah, not today." I say to myself. That's when I notice that Salem is on my keyboard. "Salem, no!" I say. It's too late. He dashes off the computer and hides under my bed. He hit the 'Friend' button with his paws. Oh. No.

I freak out a little on the inside. Maybe I should just block him really quickly and he will never know. Although, if he's like me, then he's always on his phone. And if he is always on his phone, then that means that he got the notification for my friend request. This could be a sign from the Universe that I shouldn't look hot guys up. Or it could mean that it is meant for us to talk. Who knows. I decide to just shut the computer screen off and go for a walk. That could possihelp my anxiety.

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