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Her Love Grows

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Chapter 2

I awake the next morning to a notification from Facebook. ‘Axel Smith accepted your friend request’. Oh shit. I get out of bed and brush my teeth. I hope he doesn’t message me. I’m surprised that he accepted me. He probably accepts everyone. I comb my hair and go to pick out my outfit. Ping! That sounded like a message. I grab my phone and see, “Hey stalker. ;)” from Axel. Oh my god. I’m not going to message back immediately. I put my phone down and pick out a nice corduroy skirt, with black tights, and a burnt orange long sleeved shirt. I am going to look so cute today. I quickly throw it on and do a quick make-up routine. Winged eyeliner, brows, foundation, and a dark lip. I'm getting spooky season vibes and I am loving it. I decide to message him back with a simple, "Hey cutie!" message.

I rush out the door because I am running late. My apartment is freezing cold anyway. The heating unit is all messed up. Hopefully my apartment manager will get it fixed. If not, I guess I will just freeze. It would be a perfect place for cuddling and so much more. My muscles in my lower stomach clench. I need to get laid.

I lock my door, and make sure my tan booties are secure around my feet. I walk down the stairs and head towards my car. I see Anna leaving her apartment too. I wave to her and tell her I'm running late. She says, "Girl, you're always running late. Me too though!" We both laugh. I will catch up with her at lunch.

Thankfully I only have two classes today. I can't seem to focus though. Axel keeps messaging me. We are clicking really well. He is telling me all about his move to Georgia, and how he actually went to NYU before transferring down here. I would love to see New York someday.

I tell him my boring small town life story. I have never left Georgia. Born and raised here. I've lived a simple life. My parents divorced when I was two, and I stayed with my mom. My dad remarried and has a whole new life now. I'm not apart of it. I guess you could say I have daddy issues. I have accepted it though, so it's totally okay. I'm twenty two years old. I'm majoring in Sociology. I want to become a Social worker one day. I had my first serious boyfriend at sixteen and stayed with him until I was twenty. His name is Matt. I haven't talked to him since the break-up, but apparently he is married now with a kid. I'm happy for him, but sometimes I do miss the company. I have had my fair share of men over these last couple of years though. I have explored them and they have explored me in many ways. I love sex. Who doesn't?!

I am tired of the one night stands. I need something real now. I feel like I have been patient. I invite Axel to a local band show that is playing tonight. Anna invited me and she is bringing Max. I didn't want to flake, but I also didn't want to be a third wheel. I anxiously wait for his reply. "I would love to. What time am I picking you up?" he says. Oh. He wants to go on a real date with me. Not just a hangout. Okay. "7:30 P.M." I reply. Damn now I gotta get a sexy dress and shave my entire body, just in case.

"Anna, I invited Axel to our hangout tonight, is that cool?" I ask. "Uh yes ma'am! I'm glad to finally see you inviting someone who is sweet and hot. I think it will be good for you to get out of your shell for once." she says. "Hey!!" I laugh. "I'm only teasing. But seriously Amiya, he is a really nice guy. I think you will really like him." she replies. "I hope so! If not, I will have a cute boy toy for the night." I wink. We both laugh and head towards our last class, Art History.

I would question how Anna knows Axel, but I already know the answer. I seen them leave the same class a couple of days ago, and I'm pretty for sure that she mentioned having to work on a group project with him. I would love to make him my project for the night.

As we head towards the parking lot, I let Anna know that Axel is picking me up tonight so I wont be able to ride with her and Max. I thank god silently for this. I so did not want to hear their bickering on the way there. She lets me know it's cool and I promise to meet them there at 8 P.M. We wave bye and I head towards my apartment to try on all of my clubbing dresses.

I take a hot, steamy shower. I exfoliate and shave my body. I also use the best smelling Bath & Body Works body wash that I can find. Moonlight Path is my favorite. As I am washing my body with my loofah, it skims over my sweet spot. I imagine it as Axel's tongue. I start to get a little horny. I've gotta stop though. I don't have enough time to please myself, which puts me in a bit of a soured mood. I remind myself that I might get something better tonight after the band is done playing.

I definitely do not want to seem like too much of a whore on the first date, but then again, I can be a naughty slut when I need to be. I spray Victoria Secret perfume throughout my long hair. I decide to straighten it. He might take the hint that I like it pulled if I keep it straight. I find a little black dress that fits my body tightly, but it also covers up just enough. This will tease him. It will make him see what he can have as long as he behaves. I paint my nails orange to give it that pop of color. I also put on my best black pumps. My smoky eye that I decided to do is really complimenting my eyes well.

I hear the doorbell ring. Is it really 7:30 already? I look at my phone. Yep. Time flies when you're getting hot.

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