Her Love Grows

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Chapter 3

"Hello beautiful." My heart stops. He looks adorable. He wore a tight button up that shows off his biceps like no other. I see a bit of a bulge in his pants. I could be imagining this though, because I looked so quickly. He smiles and shows me nothing but perfectly aligned, white teeth. Ugh. Why is he so perfect?! It's really not fair. I smile shyly and say, "Hi. Would you like to come in a minute?" He sits down on my couch and smiles at Salem. "I love cats." he says. His eyes darken a little. Oh, I know he isn't just talking about animals. After seeing him, I am so wet. So ready. I really can't seem to hold out too well either. I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm usually content with a good 'ole vibrator. But when I see him, I just can't help it. I want him. Bad.

We walk towards his car. It's a cherry red Dodge Challenger. I'm low key drooling over this car. "Woah. This is like my dream car." I say. He laughs and says, "Yeah, this is my baby. I figured you would like it." he says. He opens the door for me and I get in. The interior is in pristine condition. It has to be a brand new car. He gets in and asks me what music I prefer. I think to myself, "Your voice is music to my ears." I then think about what he would sound like moaning. I try to get that image out of my head real quick. "Um.. whatever you prefer. I'm honestly not picky." He smirks and puts on some old school 2000's. He's a keeper.

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