Defining the Luna

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After being torn between two mates Braelynn dedicates herself to one man promising to stand by his side and help lead his pack. Though leading a pack consisting of of two territories and rogues is not as easy as it seems not to mention the many other problems she has to deal with. Now that she has chosen her destiny she'll learn the path she has taken has more bumps along the way than she expected. The decision of one will affect the fate of the many and one wrong move could cost someone their life.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

This book is the second book of my Defining series. If you have not read Defining Destinies please read that first or some things may not make sense. Thank you for your support!

My stomach grumbles as an intoxicating scent wafts through the room, waking me up and reminding me how long its been since I’ve had anything to eat. I know I should be more responsible given the possibilities, but I’ve been so tired I just sleep through meals. Besides even if I wanted to eat something, I know ultimately, I would just end up barfing it back up again.

I slowly climb out of bed to freshen up before stopping in front of the full-length mirror. I snatch a pillow off the bed tucking it in my tank top and scowling at the image before me. Fuck I hope this is some strange stomach bug. Donovan and I just got married and we are nowhere near ready for pups. Let alone the other possibility and I’m not going near that thought with a ten-foot pole, no matter what Garrison says. No this is nothing. It’s a stomach bug and in a few days, I’ll be as good as new.

I toss the pillow on the bed feeling ridiculous for even doing such a crazy thing. Just because I’m feeling tired and I can’t keep down a meal doesn’t mean I’m… well the P word. People get sick all the time, and nobody makes a big deal about it when guys puke their guts out. Its no big deal honestly. I take in a deep breath as the smell of beef and potatoes wafts through my nostrils once again making my mouth water and reminding me that I need to eat.

I slip on my fuzzy bunny slippers before skipping my way down the stairs determined to forget about the things that ail me so I can enjoy what will be my first decent meal in three days with my man. And if I’m really lucky I can do it without blowing chunks. I climb down the stairs to find my husband wiping his hands on a wash cloth with that sexy smirk that could melt my panties all on its one.

“I should have known steak and potatoes would be the key to pulling you out of your funk. Perhaps I should have cooked for you a lot sooner,” he turns his back to me strolling to the counter and for the first time in three days I actually want to eat. My mouth pools with a strong craving to tear into that steak and baked potato. I could almost daydream about the sour cream alone.

Donovan sets a plate in front of me with steak, mashed potatoes, and baby carrots. My stomach roils with a round of nausea and I find myself shoving the plate toward the middle of the table. He quickly sets down his own plate before standing by my side and leaning against the table. I feel guilty as hell not wanting to eat what he’s prepared, but just the thought of those baby carrots was too much for me to handle.

“Is there something wrong with your meal my pet?” His gold eyes glow with dominance and I know just how I’m going to get out of eating tonight. I take a small sip of water before fold my arms across my chest, keeping with the theme of defiance.

“What kind of maniac has mashed potatoes with steak? Everyone knows you eat baked potatoes with your steak. I think you should have your head checked Alpha,” his eyes grow brighter, and his smirk stretches across his face telling me I have him exactly where I want him.

“What’s wrong with mashed potatoes?” he asks scooping his finger into the pile and holding it up to my lips. I turn my head to the side with an exaggerated scoff loving the fact that I can feel his emotions now. The dominance rolls off him like a musky chalone clouding the room and fogging up my mind.

“Nothing if you were eating a turkey dinner but steak on the other hand needs baked potatoes and all the fixings. Do they not teach that wherever you learn to be an alpha?” he grasps my chin in his hands forcing me to meet his gaze once again. Excitement bursts from him making me clamping my thighs together and take deep breaths.

“Ah but you’ve never had my mashed potatoes for all you know they could be the best thing you’ve ever eaten with a steak. Open your mouth love,” he presses his potato covered finger to my lips but I stay strong, keeping my mouth closed while staring up at him with a challenge burning brightly in my eyes. His lips twitch as he squeezes my cheeks effectively parting my lips.

His finger slowly slips into my mouth, and my taste buds dance around the garlic flavor. The bastard was right its one of the best things I’ve ever tasted and I find myself grabbing onto his wrist and sucking off every last bit.

“Not so bad is it?” He pulls his finger out scooping it into the lump on the plate and shoving it into my mouth again. I clean off his fingers fighting the moan threatening to jump off my tongue. Karen purrs in bliss begging me to make things easy on him but of course I can’t. What kind of Luna would I be if I caved on the things I believe in?

“Okay asshat you’re right. They are delicious but I still say you’re crazy. Just think about that big fat potato covered in melted cheese with a giant dollop of sour cream on top,” I gladly lick off every bit of the garlicy goodness only this time I give his finger a small nibble before he pulls it out. He glares down at me while reaching for another scoop of potatoes and before I can even think my actions through I swipe the plate onto the floor with a crash and pinch my lips together. Now I’m really in trouble.

In one fowl swoop Donovan sends everything else flying off the table. He pulls me from the chair before pushing me to my knees before him. I purse my lips together and clench my thighs as he unbuckles his belt never letting his eyes leave mine. I just bite his fingers does he really think its such a good idea to put something else in my mouth? His cock paints my lips in precum and I resist the urge to dart my tongue out and lick his tip. Must. Stay. Focused!

“Open your mouth love, we both know you want to,” he smacks his dick against my lips sending tingles throughout my entire body until I can’t handle the suspense any longer. I slowly open my mouth spitting my tongue out as far as it will go. He presses his cock against my tongue slowly entering my mouth. I wrap my lips around his hardness before he pulls out quickly.

“No teeth. Keep your mouth open or your throat will be the only thing that gets fucked tonight,” he growls pressing his dick against my lips. His threat resonates within me and even though I want nothing more than to prove to him his threats don’t scare me, I still find myself obeying him.

“Good girl,” he hums sliding himself deep in my mouth and pressing against my throat. My gag reflex immediately kicks in and I pray my body doesn’t betray me now. I’ve spent the past few days puking and as my throat clenches around his length I fear the bile threating to ruin the moment. He slowly starts to move his hips gliding across my tongue and down my throat again and again. Spit runs down my lips landing on my tank top, leaving wet spots across my breasts.

His fingers pinch my nipples through my shirt and I groan as the pleasure resonates within me. Part of me wonders if this craving is the same old hoe that is my wolf or if it was something more. But I quickly shove that thought to the back of my mind burying it with the other thoughts I don’t want to have at the moment. This is about me and Donovan and nobody else.

“How badly do you want this to be your pussy that my cock is thrusting into?” he asks in a dark sensual tone. I try my best to answer ‘so bad’ though it just comes out as a wet cough around his hard rod. Fuck me! What is that so hot? I squirm against him as my pussy twitches with anticipation.

“What? I didn’t get that. Does my pet want me to fuck her or not?” he asks grabbing my hand and pressing himself deeper. I try once again to speak but fail once again and ultimately decide to let my actions speak for me. I press my hand to my throat running my fingers up and down his length before trailing it down my body and shoving them down my pajama pants and rubbing them against my needy clit.

Donovan growls pulling out of my mouth before ripping off my tank top and tackling me to the floor. Mashed potatoes run up my back and I can’t help but swipe a little off and shove it into his mouth like he had done to me. His eyes beat down on me in a smoldering scowl making Karen purr like a damn kitten. His hand plunges into my pants taking place where my fingers were only moments ago.

“Please Donovan just take my pants off and fuck me,” I groan arching my back off the floor as my walls ache for anything to take away the pressure building up inside me.

“I know you what you want my love, but you see there’s something I want too. You see my mate isn’t eating and she won’t even tell me why,” I swallow hard as his fingers slip into my wetness slowly moving as he continues talking. “I understand you’ve been through a lot lately and the stress must be killing you. But you have to eat something,”

I bite my lip as he teases my entrance fighting the guilt bubbling in my gut. I haven’t exactly told him how I’ve been feeling. Somehow through all the vomit and nausea I’ve been able to keep my cool around him saving the nasty shit for while he isn’t around. Its sneaky as hell and I hate lying to him but I couldn’t bear for him to see me so vulnerable. Not to mention I don’t want to hear his theories yet. Its bad enough I told Garrison I don’t need the man I have to live with on my ass as well.

He pumps his fingers inside of me bringing me to the brink of orgasm before pulling them out and leaving me hanging. He does this over and over until I’m squirming against his hand desperate for a release. I know I should just tell him I haven’t been feeling good but I just can’t do it yet. I like where we are now and the second he gets wind of my condition it will all be over.

“So what is it that I can get my mate to eat?” he asks pushing his fingers between my folds and brushing against my g spot. Goddess this clit teasing asshat could sure get under my skin both theoretically and literally. I think back to the times when I was a kid home sick with the flu and smile at the memory of my mom cooking for me. A wicked grin stretches across my face and I look into his eyes to give him an answer.

“Mashed potatoes,” I clamp my lips together fighting the urge to laugh. His jaw tightens hard and I burst out laughing. He slowly gets up off the floor and walks to the counter returning with a giant bowl of potatoes. He dips his finger into the bowl swirling around the mush before putting it into his mouth and sucking off the lump.

“Mmm fucking delicious,” he sets the bowl down in front of me then hands me the serving spoon. He folds his arms across his chest glaring at me expectantly. My stomach turns at the thought of food but there’s no way out of this. I’m going to have to each this in front of him without throwing up. Fuck. My. Life.

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