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Ryker is an Incubus who has it all, but when one human female captures him with her kisses Ryker must decide which is more important, his female, his brother, or the entire incubi race. He haunts her dreams, making Tory wish she never had to wake up, but when her dream lover seems to appears at her job her entire world turns upside down. When dreams become reality, and reality a nightmare can the lovers get their happily ever after? Can two brothers love the same girl? Or can the girl learn to love two immortal sex demons that come with a lot of obstacles.

Erotica / Romance
T.k Rain
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Ryker Maxwell Perks was NOT a happy man.

That was an understatement, Ryker Maxwell Perks was a furious man; and it was all that women’s fault! If she hadn’t of quit, he would fire her. He would have enjoy throwing her out of the building himself. Stupid women because of her he’d been late.


It was ridiculous, it was inexcusable, it was all that blasted secretary’s fault. He was running a billion-dollar business, how was he supposed to know calling her the wrong name would make her quit after ten years? All she had to do was manage his time schedule, and now that she left his whole schedule was a mess.

He could live with not going to lunch with a bunch of humans. He could even over-look missing some of the board meetings. What he couldn’t tolerate was missing the chance to be with his sweet little play thing. The kisses, the touches, the desire matched only by the likes of people in hell needing water. All things he craved, all things he missed out on again.

That women will never get a reference from him; he will sink her career.

Biting back another curse Ryker watched as his phone light up from another missed call. Without a doubt his brother calling to ask him why he missed this morning’s meeting. Ryker almost didn’t want to tell him the truth, that he tried to sleep in. His brother would die of laughter if they weren’t immortal, because he would know it for the half lie it was.

Incubus don’t have the ability to dream for themselves so sleeping wasn’t as needed for them as it was for humans, but that didn’t mean it didn’t have its benefits. A little trick they all called dream walking, for a short while any succubus or incubus could invite themselves into a human’s dreams, the real beauty was they could feed in the dream realm as easily as and in reality.

It was like fast food for incubi. No need to go hunting for a willing soul, no need to wine and dine clingy females, just pop in a dream where the humans were all too willing because it was a dream. He never understood why it had such a bad reputation in the incubi committee. Like human’s catching a person masturbate, every one knows everyone does it, but to talk about it or be caught doing it is like a taboo.

Taboo or not, Ryker knew he wouldn’t be able to give it up, not when it came to his green eyes. She was so beautiful, so sweet, so tempting; she was everything a bastard like him would crave to possess, and crave he did. From her kisses to her moans she was his, her innocence, her passion, her life forces all at his disposal, all his for the taking. Lust stronger than anything he’s ever felt before hit him sending him whirling. He had to have her again.

He was not going through another day without his nightly fix, even if he had to wait in this bed all day!

As his bedroom door creaked open Ryker’s annoyance tripled. Taking up the whole door way with his height and muscular arms Ryker regret ever giving him a key. As much as he loved his brother, Ryker was not in the mood for him.

Before humans grew in number Incubus and succubus were the dominate intelligent beings of the earth. With their own laws and justice system. They had their own currency and hereditary, they were a thriving race, until humans learned their one weakness.

After humans declared war on the incubi it was rare for Incubi and succubi to have kids, damn near impossible to have multiple kids and all but a myth to have two soon after each other; let alone twins, that was until him and his twin brother were born.

“Are you really going to stay in bed all day pouting?” Ryder said “If you miss Stacy so much go and ask her to come back. If she knew you loved her this much, she wouldn’t have left in the first place”

Ryker just stared at Ryder “Who the hell is Stacy?”

“So you not mopping around cause the secretary left?” the confused looked on his brother’s face would have almost been comical if he wasn’t annoying Ryker with his presence “You can’t be sick, and I smell no female here, why the hell are you still in bed?”

Realization hit Ryde faster than Ryker would have liked. Throwing his head back laughing Ryder gave Ryker the prefect chance to punch him in the throat.

“Voted the sexiest man on earth, three time, the rich, powerful, sexy, Ryker had to go for a little night walk. Should have just taken Stacy, the dark gods know she’s been throwing herself at you for the last ten years” Ryder said between bouts of laughing.

“Laugh it up, brother. Your now in charger of finding us a new secretary” Ryker said smugly. It was well worth it to see his brother’s face fall into a frown.

“Hell no, do you not remember how hard it was to find the last one?”

“That’s why I trust you will find the best person for the job” Ryker said and with that issue now covered he did what any rich, grown male would do. Throw his blanket over his head and laid back down.

“Can’t wait for another walk?” Ryder said gaining his laughter back “Who is the girl that brought the mighty Ryker to his knees”

“Shut up”

“It’s noon brother, she’s not going to be asleep right now anyways, besides you shouldn’t go back to her so soon, it could kill her”

As far as Ryker was concerned one human death wasn’t noteworthy, they kill each other anyways might as well use them for something worthy, like keeping Incubus from going extinct. His twin however was more sympathetic to the humans and had been trying to get the Immortal counsel to make laws of taking just enough to feed, not enough to kill.

45 hundred year and still no law.

“Its fine” he snapped out, throwing off the blanket. Ryker was extremely more annoyed that he was caught focusing on one human then the idea of her being in danger. He wouldn’t hurt his little pet

“SHE is human, and SHE will die if you keep invading her dreams”

“IT doesn’t complain, and I am quite sure It wants me there” The smug smile on his face was mostly just pissed his brother off more.

“Fine when she dies and you lose your little toy you will regret it.” his brother said before storming out.

Never once had Ryker cared if he caused a human to die, he doubted he would start now, but the passion Ryder felt about the humans did make him worry, if only for his brother. Surely it wasn’t natural to care so much for an enemy that had all but whipped out their entire race. Humans brought it on themselves, making themselves the main course when they tried to kill off not only the succubus race but the incubus race one as well.

Then again Ryder and himself may look exactly the same but were completely opposite in personalities.

Looking at the clock on his night stand Ryker knew his little human wouldn’t be back to sleep for hours since it was now morning. Setting an alarm on his phone he refused to go another night without his little pet withering in his arms, begging him for every kiss and every touch, but until then, he still had a lot of work he need to catch up on, and an ex-secretary to hunt down.

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