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Steamy Revenge

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"I hate you, I'm not your slave and I want to live alone," she screamed, He backhanded her while sending a shiver she has been crashed into the wall behind her. She looked at him in fear, her shoulders throbbing painfully. He stared back with such a fierce glare that it made her knees tremble with fear. he leaned on her, squeezing her between his body and the wall, placing his hands on the wall next to her face, effectively stopping her from trying to escape. "you're mine, all of you, body and soul," he whispered gently next to her ear. She can see the raging storm that lies behind those dark grey eyes. "kiss me " he ordered she stood in shock for a sec "I said kiss me for the second time," he said, "NO! Leave me alone. P-please don't do this, you had done enough with me." Tears started rolling down her cheeks. "Sorry, I can't leave you alone," he answered with a smirk. "W-what do you want from me?" she cried out loud. "You and me, forever!" He whispered in a husky tone, sealing her lips with his. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A unique story revolving around lust, betrayal, Revenge with unexpected twists and shocks with jolts of pleasure...

Erotica / Thriller
Megan Skyle
4.7 24 reviews
Age Rating:

1- Married

A dark night in a small apartment, a girl is crying vigorously in a corner. She is alone. Suddenly, hearing the sound of a doorbell, her heart skipped down.

It’s late night. She peeped through the keyhole of the door to see who it is? She saw a man of age in 20s with brown eyes, but his eyes turned red. She is sure it may be angry or his lust.

“What the hell you came for?” she yelled in fear.

“Oh, you guessed right, it’s me, Manik. love of your life. Open the door, darling,” he yelled with a smirk.

“no, just get lost from here, I don’t want to see you “ she yelled in fear. Tears are continuously flowing down her cheeks.

“I miss you, darling. I wanna see you “open the door now “ he roared in angry hitting the door with full force. To break it.

“No, I won’t open, just get lost from here “ she yelled in a pleasing tone.

“Really no way just open the door right now or else u will see worst,” he roared in angry and started hitting the door again and again.

“Just get lost you bloody womanizer,” she yelled in angry.

“I will count 3 better open the door before or else u know what I will do “ he roared in angry.

“What the thing you left you snatched my everything “ she yelled with teary eyes.

“something is left, check your phone “ he yelled with a mischief smile on his face. She checked the pdf file forwarded by him on her phone and opened the door with anger. She is having mixed emotions. She pulled him by holding his collar and slapped him.

“How dare you to do this with me?” she yelled in helplessness tone.

“I can do much more baby” he pushed her on the bed and got on her.

“What the hell you are doing just stay away from me or else,” she yelled in fear.

“Or else what you will do, ah? “ He yelled with a smirk.

“I will kill you “ she yelled in disgust.

“Aww baby you love me Nah how can you kill me?“ he yelled with a mischief smirk

“I am ashamed of myself for this. I loved such a devil. What I got in return, BETRAYAL?” she yelled with tears. Ohh noo you know my true face,"

“Yes, I betrayed you because to satisfy my lusty needs. I can’t fake so much love to get you. So finally that night we got few steps ahead, and I just loved it. I married you because you worth sleeping with me every night. I want you to warm my bed every night. You got trapped in my sweet cheesy words. it is not my mistake its all your innocence baby “ he growled with a smirk.

“yes, its all my stupidity I loved a lusty dog. I blindly trusted you so I gave my everything to you my dignity too. What the thing left with me? It’s nothing even my family left me “ she fell on the floor with tears.

“Offo, so sad baby, but I had not yet done. We just started and your still virgin Wifey. I won’t leave you so soon. Because my plan is completed by betrayal itself, but my lust is not letting you leave. So I got your signature on our marriage documents and now we are married legally. So I can’t betrayal my lust. Come on, let’s enjoy our first night.” He pulled her up and thrown her on the bed by pinning her both hands to the headboard of the bed. She is struggling in his arms to get free, but all are in veins because the devil is strong.

“shh don’t shout, why your spoiling your neighbour’s sleep! “ he yelled while loosened his tie.

“Please, get out of me, leave me” she pleaded. Helplessly. But all are in veins. There is none to hear her pleadings. Devil is deaf.

Nandini is sobbing in a corner of the room. She covered herself with a bedsheet. Suddenly the devil has woken up. He rubbed his eyes and seen her.

“Why you are spoiling my sleep so early morning” he yelled in angry. She silently sobbed while clutching her bedsheet. He got up from his bed, wearing his jeans and moved towards her and he got on knees in front of her with a smirk. She crashed herself into the wall with his closeness.

“Shuu baby don’t cry, I’m sorry for forcing you last night. “ Manik said in a calm voice while caressing her cheeks.

“Get out of my life “ she yelled while sobbing.

“Cool baby, let’s have a deal. I will give as much money as you want. Please cooperate. I will be very slow hereafter. “ he said while caressing her seriously.

“Get the hell out of my life you disgusting devil “ she yelled in disgust she pushed him with a force he fell on the floor

“What the hell!” he roared in anger grabbing her by her hair and slapped her hard with a force she fell on the floor.


“Don’t you dare to raise your voice on me. I don’t like that, don’t you know that I don’t like this kind of behavior!” he said while putting more pressure on her arms while making her hiss in pain. A tear rolled down her cheeks, while his eyes were all red in anger. He held her by her arms and dragged her toward the bed and dropped her on the bed with a force. She fell on her face. He turned and raised her head a little. She looked at him. With tearful eyes!! While he lends toward her. While getting up on the bed. She tried to move back in sitting position, but before that only. He stopped her by holding her leg and pulled her down on the bed and got on top of her while pinning her hands above her head and then leaning towards her and slightly rubbed his lips on hers.

She felt the weight on her. She gasped by the pressure she is going through. She tried to move away from him, but he is strong and she is weak physically.

“I said not to fight,” he said in his husky voice while kissing her neck.

“please not again “she whispered sadly in tears

“Nah I really want this again let me do what I want! Then u can be free soon.” He whispered in her ears. She looked at him blankly while her heart shivered with fear. She knows that she is going to lose once again. He is the same person whom she had gifted her heart and soul with love, but today her love is broken. The one whom she loved is just a devil who only caresses about himself even after the betrayal he blackmailing her and torturing her in all means. Still, now she faced mental torture. But today it’s physical too. Why should I face this all? This the only question rotating in her mind. She gulped down her fear while he leaned toward her and moved his hand toward her face she instantly closed her eyes tightly squeezing the bedsheet in her fist tightly gulping down her fear. He caressed her face with the back of his palm while removing the hair strands from her forehead and tugged it behind her ears and leaned toward her ears and whispered in his husky voice, placing a kiss on her earlobe.

“Baby, open your eyes!” she didn’t ... opened her eyes and was closing her eyes tightly, while he said again looking at her.

“Baby, look at me!” He demanded, but she didn’t listen to him and he raised his eyebrow a bit looking at her and placed a bite on her neck hard. She hissed with pain and opened her eyes instantly and looked at him.

“that’s like my good girl!” he said while pulling her closer to him by her waist making herself crashed on his hard toned chest.

“How are you feeling now?” he said while lending more on her and rubbing his stubble on her cheeks she flinched, feeling disgusted by his touches. He just stared at her giving a dangerous look to her making her get all numb as he pressed himself more.

He comfortably sat on the bed while pulling her over him while pressing her all over him, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressed her more on him. She was shivering, feeling disgusted, and all numb, and her lips were quivering. He leaned toward her and rubbed his lips at the corner of her lips.

“you know baby what effect you are causing on me!” he said in his low but dangerous tone. She was all numb, as of now she knew what’s going to happen in the next moment. She said nothing. She didn’t dare to fight anymore !!

“I have got addicted to you. I understood this today only, but I guessed this, so I had taken a measure to keep you in my control”. she just keeps on staring at him while he rubbed his lips against her and pressed his lips with her’s but he couldn’t enter her mouth as she wasn’t parting her lips which pissed him. He just pinched her waist and twist it a little harshly, making her yelled in pain. He entered her mouth and started tasting the sweetness of her mouth. She was feeling dizzy while he sucked each and every corner of her mouth while didn’t leave her until he himself isn’t satisfied. He pulled back from the kiss and smirked while her eyes were red and puffy. Tears were all over her eyes and a lone tear rolled down her cheek. He leaned over and sucked the teardrop. While using his thumb and trailed it down from her face following down her neck and then leaned down toward her cleavages and placed a kiss over there making her hissed and gulped in fear. His touch sent several goosebumps on her while he again looked at her and said in a whispering tone.

“baby!! you love me and you know How much I love you!! you don’t have any idea! Let me show you then!” She kept on staring at him blankly while he rolled down taking her underneath him and started placing kisses from her jawline following her neck then moving down kissing her collarbone and then-then her neckline and then all over her neck placing kisses and bites all over there and then moved little down and started kissing her little down. She again flinched and struggled, but he made her numb by pressing his weight more on her!! he raised his head a bit and looked at her.

“baby, I can do anything for you, but if you try to plan against me! Then I don’t think a bit to make your life hell! But why to think about it now, I know you won’t do like this, don’t you?” he said cupping her face. She was just clutching the bedsheet tightly while gulping down the tears forming inside her.

“you already made my life a hell “ she whispered in tears.

“look at me, I’m very cool even now, “ he said while turning her cheeks to face him.

“I hate being with you!!” she said in a painful choked voice and his anger raised and he looked at her with anger-filled eyes and said pressing his weight more and more on her.

“what you said, enough! Just enough! Do you hate being with me? Then with whom you like to stay? Ha with that friend of yours what’s the name ha, Noah!!” he said gritting his teeth.

“Even now your thinking about him. Don’t you feel a little bit of shame to think about other men in front of your longtime boyfriend and husband! You should think about me, not about anyone else!!” she felt disgusted by the kind of words he said about her character.

“your my ex-boyfriend and your not my husband to have all these rights on me “ she yelled with pain and anger.

“I showed you papers, we are married!” He snapped.

“I never signed with will you manipulated, papers can’t decide relations and love,” She spat in disgust.

“Whatever you think, I don’t care!” he said while kissing her neck.

“you don’t care because you only care about your lust. You don’t care about my heart, my feelings, nothing matters you. You’re killing my soul, why you’re doing this? “ she said in a painful choked voice.

“baby, you are going to stay with me. Even you like or not “ he said leaning toward her and started exploring her. In no time their clothes scattered all around the room and started making out. It’s not love! Tears were rolling down her cheeks as he entered inside her. He continued his act while she was all numb and lifeless. The room was full of painful moans and weeps!

“Please stop this” she whispered, lifeless and semi-conscious.

“Please say again,” he asked with a mischief wink.

“I love you this ... sweetheart!” he whispered while kissing her and then calmed himself. He laid down beside her and pulled her closed to him in his embrace and caressing her face.

To Be Continued

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