Sold to the Mafia King

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This is a DARK, DARK, DARK story that will cringe and loath some of the characters but can anything truly evil never change or can something so pure become corrupt? This is a story that you will be thinking WTF and then read more. Will be trigger warnings and scenes that upset some but if you dare follow Demetri and April and see who changes who.

Erotica / Other
Debbie Tumminello
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My name is Dimitri, and I am the head of the Mafia. My primary crew is me, Luka, Alex, Vito, Tony, and Vinny. We’ve known each other our entire lives. We have trust and confidence in one another. We are a Family. We are Pack.

Our fundamental income is that of our players who incur debt and, of course, guns and sex. I own the Racetrack, called Diamonds Luck. My main crew and I live at my mansion. I spend most of my day in my office, and I am continuously scanning and looking at the Racetrack for cheats or scammers.

When I noticed this gorgeous sight scanning the room looking for someone. I had one of my security teams question the woman and ask who she is looking for. Shortly after, security alerts me that she is looking for her father, Walter.

But quickly, my attention gets distracted when a security team announces that we have a con artist; who is trying to steal by using fraudulent money. I have the security team bring the scammer into the interrogation room.

I ask Tony and Vito to question him and take care of the case, while Vinny, Alex, Luka, and I plan the following day to recover our debts. We will be taking two SUV’s because we all will be going to do collections. We are ready to open our second Racetrack, Diamonds are Lucky, and for that, we were paying close to more than half-a-million dollars.

The next morning we head out and begin the process of collecting our markers. And giving deadlines to those that do not have our money. We met little to no resistance until we get to the last debtor, Walter.

Walter POV

I have heard through acquaintances that Dimitri is collecting our markers, and he is not giving extra time. I know I do not have the money to pay him back, and I try to think of what I can give him for the money I owe him.

I will never have a million dollars, and I know I was crazy to accumulate that much debt. And now the devil is coming to call his due. Oh, I know if he will accept my daughter as payback I can get out of debt and get rid of the brat once and for all.

The phone rings and scares me that I drop the bottle I am holding and spill the liquor all over. I look at the caller ID, and it is my daughter April. I pick up the phone and see what she wants, and she tells me the internship is over. And she is coming home. Perfect timing I think to myself. She just delivered herself right on time.

{Walter} Where are you?

{April} I’m at the Diamonds Luck. Searching for you, but I assume your home.

{Walter} Yeah, I did not feel well today, so I stayed home.

{April} Okay, daddy, I will be home in an hour.

{Walter} See you then, pumpkin. But not for long. Jeez, she is eighteen and still calls me daddy. She needs to grow the hell up and I know just how to teach her that. See I have always blamed that little bitch for her mom dying giving birth.

So, now if I can play this out where he thinks it is his idea or that it will hurt me to let him take her the plan just might work perfectly. I am pondering this when there is a knock on my door. And by the sound of the knocking, my time is up.

Dimitri’s POV

If that motherfucker doesn’t answer that door in three seconds, I’ll break down his fucking door. I walk in, not waiting for an invite. I can not believe this man owes me so much money, and by the look of his house, there is no way this asshat can pay me back.

{Dimitri} Walter, you owe me a million dollars, and by the look of this house, you can not pay that amount back. Do you know what I do to people who borrow from me and do not payback?

{Walter} I just need more time. I swear I just hit a bad streak. I usually win at horses. If you grant me an extra week, I’ll change the odds and start winning again.

{Dimitri} That is not an option. You have until Friday to get me my money. After that, your life is forfeit.

{Vinny} Dimitri, is this the same woman you had questioned at the Diamonds Luck?

{Dimitri} What woman?

{Vinny} The picture on the wall. This looks like the same dame.

I walk over to the wall and look at the pictures on the wall, and sure enough, it is the same woman. I turn to Walter, and with the photo in my hand, I walk over to him and show him the picture.

{Dimitri} Who is this? Do not lie, or you both will die.

{Walter} That is my only daughter, April, please, if I offer her to you as payment will you end my debt?

{Dimitri} Yes. I will accept her for the million dollars. So, your choices are to get me my money or give me your daughter by Friday.

{Dimitri} Tony, stay behind and make sure Walter gets our message entirely.

{Tony} Vito, stay with me and help me make the message loud and clear.

{Vito} My utter enjoyment.

Vinny, Luka, Alex, and I went back to the first SUV and headed back to the mansion. I can not help the thoughts going through my mind. The things that I will do to that innocent woman made my dick hard.

{Alex} What are you thinking, boss?

{Dimitri} I am thinking she will be our plaything once I break her in. But she belongs to me and Alex.

{Luka} She is a beauty, and I would love to have enjoyment with her.

{Vinny} You know best, boss. She is quite the beauty, and I think she could serve us well.

Arriving back at the mansion, I already start making plans for April. No matter what Walter decides, she will be mine! Now to plan out how I will break her and then mold her into what we need her to be.

I am not a considerate man, and I never claimed to be, but I know what I want, and I just take it, I do not ask for permission, and I will not accept a no. I will hurt her, and I will make her suffer until she bows to my way. Because anyone who knows me knows it is my way or my way.

When Tony and Vito return to the mansion, they proceed to give a report to Dimitri. Going into the office and seeing Dimitri fucking some chic in the office.

{Tony} Boss, we broke both of his knee caps and one arm.

{Vito} I beat him almost unconscious but stopped short, so he will learn his lesson.

{Dimitri} Great job, men! Grab a seat. I am almost done with this whore.

{Tony} I do not mind if I do.

{Vito} Can we double team her?

{Dimitri} If you wish to, why not. Slut now you can take care of my brothers.

{Girl} Oh God, this never seems to end. Now I have to take on both men at the same time? I need to escape from here and this state.

Once I was done with this whore I went to shower. And shit, if my dick hasn’t gotten hard thinking about what I’m gonna put my April through. Because yes, she will be mine after I break her.

I had a room set up for her complete, with locks on the door and windows. I included a whipping post and a St. Andrews Cross, and a Spanking bench. I called a couple of stores and had some clothes sent to the mansion.

I also had some bathing soaps and hair supplies to be delivered as well. Once I have broken my April, and she submits to me completely. April then will be treated like a princess.

Satisfied that I have done what needs to be done before she arrives, I tell my crew I am off to bed. The next morning was Wednesday, and I keep thinking it is a long way from Friday. Frustrated that I must wait, and I’m not good at waiting and worse at having patience.

I go to my office and begin my day the same as I always do. And this daily routine made the wait more or less bearable. When I spot Walter back in my casino. And I can not help but wonder if he is a draft as he appears to be.

I send some of my Security team to watch Walter, but not to interfere with whatever he was doing. I watch him, and I noticed that he is trying to use a device that gives the odds of each horse. Now, I no longer had to wait. I immediately set out to go get my prize!

I stopped outside her house, and Alex and I climbed out of the SUV and went into the house. As we came in, we went straight to her room and saw that she sleeps in nothing more than a silk nightgown. I grab her quickly.

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