The Lycan

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Lena and her family on the run In fear of the last of her kind getting fully erased by there enemy, what happens when she meets Xavier ? Will it save her and family from being fully erased?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Growing up I knew only one thing... fight. My family and I have been in hiding for years in fear that they would find people like us . As a little girl I would hear the stories from my mom and dad saying how they killed us Tribrids, because of our powers and our strength . I remember the sad look in their eyes as they told me and my siblings that eventually our kind almost became extinct .

There was a war between Hybrids and Lycans that nearly whipped out our race , they had werewolf's to back them in the war and we had vampires . Us Hybrids lost the war when they mixed wolf DNA with humans and used them in war against us .

The few of us left have been in hiding in fear of revealing that our kind still exists , The Lycan King is a crazy man and will do anything for power . That's actually what started the war , the king wanted us to fight in war for his twisted reasons .

Our council had refused and told him that us Tribrids will not be apart of the war. long story short the king took some of our powers for himself after he and his army slaughtered my people , now he and his family each have powers. Him being the king he has 4 Special Abilities and his son also 4 having special abilities being that he's next in line .

I sighed thinking back to what my parents had told me when I was just a kid , as I look in the mirror I can't help but feel sad at the reflection staring back at me . I hate running , I hate having to hide who I am , I hate that I am one of the few of my kind .

Sometimes seeing kids run around and seeing other teens hang out with there friends makes me feel out of place . I'm not normal and as much as I want to fit in ... I can't , Being a Tribrid I'm half vampire , half wolf , and lastly part witch . Me being the first born I am the only Tribrid compared to my siblings who are all Hybrids .

Long story short my ancestors got busy and you can probably guess what happened from there . Every generation in my family there is one first born that inherits the witch gene, unfortunately I took on that gene which makes me and my family a target . Going to school with humans doesn't make it any easier Either!

" LENA LETS GO IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!" I wince hearing my mom yell at the top of her lungs calling me for school. I think she forgets that we have heightened hearing being a werewolf and a vampire .

" COMING" I yell back wincing from the sound of my own voice. I guess you can kinda say we are almost like a regular family , we're just a bunch of hybrids.....and in my case a Tribrid . I put on my eyelashes along with some mascara , and go to grab my keys when I almost forgot to put on some lip gloss .

Before I head out my room door I toss my Lip gloss in my book bag on the way out and head downstairs .

" Whats the point in putting on makeup if your still ugly " I hear my brother Liam say as I come down the stairs .

I look at him and suck my teeth .

" And whats the point in a Barber if you still can't get a hairline " I say bumping my shoulder onto his walking past him .

My sister suddenly comes out of no where and starts laughing her ass off , Liam Growls at Dylan and I and storms off .

" Must you two always fight " Dylan says walking beside me to the front door . Malaciah comes from behind us and says

" You should already know that it's kinda there thing so no surprise over here " Malaciah my second brother says leaning on both our shoulders .

I shrug my shoulders and opens the front door for me and my siblings to get to the car before my mother goes bat shit crazy .

As me and my siblings approach the car I see Liam in the front seat and my mom waiting outside the car glaring at Dylan Malaciah and I .

" Wait wait wait who said you can be in the front seat" Malaciah says glaring at Liam , I roll my eyes here we go again , I walk to the car getting in next to the window . Dylan soon after follows behind already seeing what was about to happen.

" The rules did " Liam says smirking at Malaciah , Malaciah growls at him and looks at mom .

" That isn't fair mom he pranked me this morning making late AGAIN " Malaciah said angrily at mom . well this should be good ....suddenly mom stalks towards Malaciah and grabs him by the ear and drags him to the car. Me and Dylan tries to hold in our giggles as she shoves him in the car , He glares at us and holds his ear .

Liam however looked like a red tomato as he tries his hardest not to burst out in laughter .

" The rules is pretty simple the first person to the car gets to be in the front seat , I don't care about any of your excuses be here in the car by 6:30 but the three of you can't seem to follow that simple rule ." My mom said with her voice rising as she looks at me with a tint of Disappointment in her eyes through the mirror .

" Yeah guys there shouldn't be an excuse as to why your late literally every morning " Liam says mimicking moms disappointed tone .

" Shut up Liam you still sleep with a teddy bear " Dylan says rolling her eyes , I giggle to myself as they start bickering in the car as mom drives .

" ALL OF YOU SHUT UP " I jump in shock as mom yells again for the hundredth time today Like seriously she wants us deaf .

The car was then silent making it boring and leaving me to my thoughts .

We arrive at school and I wave my mom goodbye and start heading to my first period class . Unfortunately , I have Algebra with Christina and i'm so not looking forward to it with the morning I've had .

I make it to my first period class and walk through the door like I'm not late , I wave at my teacher Christina as I make my way to my desk .

" Lena you've been late 3 times this week with this behavior I'm gonna have to call your parents to see whats going on" My teacher Christina says looking up at me from her desk.

I didn't give a fuck so bad that I didn't notice all eyes were on me the whole time....oops.

" Well if you wanna bother yourself with something she already knows then be my guest and waste your breath" I said crossing my arms and leaning back in my chair. I hear people around me start laughing when suddenly she slams her book on the desk and yells for everyone to be quiet.

She tells me that I have to stay for detention again but I didn't care, not like i'm gonna be here forever anyways .... Brookhaven is a decent sized town with mostly werewolves .

Your probably wondering how my family and I mask our scent which is pretty simple , being part witch I'm able to mask our scent with my powers . Over the years I was able to practice magic with some witch covens that my family and I would pass through.

It was 9:30 and I was still in Algebra which sucks cause she keeps purposely picking on me to see if I'm paying attention....can this day get any worse .

I was doing the assignment my teacher gave us when I smelt the most addicting smell ever , It was a strawberry and vanilla scent that had me wondering where it was coming from.

I became distracted and my wolf Octavia was going crazy in my head , I tried to calm of my emotions as the scent grew stronger . My wolf kept saying one word in my head that had me scared and I started feeling like I wanted to sink into my seat.

The scent grew even stronger as I saw him walk through the door , My breath started becoming slower and I could hear my own heart beating rapidly .

My breath almost became nonexistent as our eyes met and our mouths said the same thing.... Mate.

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