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I felt my breath and my consciousness gradually leaving my body. This wasn't real! This has to be a joke! Please! Please tell me this is a horrible dream. My body started to shake out of my control as my eyes glance up at him. Thrill was all over his face and his eyes danced with excitement, smiling menacingly down at me. Mate! I'm his... Mate? "Yes...you belong to me..." He seethed. "Every bit of you, flaws and all, is mine... You're all mine!

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~Chapter One~

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Pulling me closer in his arm, Jackson hungrily nibbled on my ear as I rest tiredly onto his firm bicep. We both were breathing at an unevenly fast pace.

“Wow! Three rounds and you’re still ready for more? You should be tired, baby.” I whispered as I brushed my lips against his, biting down on them softly.

“You say that like it’s a lot...for me, it’s not. I can’t get enough of you, Jo’.” He replied in a low, soft voice, rubbing my shoulders with his hand. “That’s what happens when you keep a warrior grey wolf waiting until after graduation to finally take you.”

A warm smile stretch on my face as I rubbed my hand across his taut, muscular chest. I gazed across his manly sculpted face and watched as the bright moonlight shined upon his light-brown eyes. He was so perfect, so beautiful.

Though being my third time sneaking out for the week after being verbally chastised by my strict, conservative alpha of a mother for it, I couldn’t help not being in these arms. Yes, I know I’m an unruly teen with a broken past, but my rebellious spirit was the only thing that frees me, mentally, from those depressing shackles.

There we stared up at the stary night sky, laying on top of his father’s old Chevrolet truck he gifted to him for his sixteenth birthday. We parked in a nice, hidden spot, near a still creek. Cloth in nothing but the thick blanket wrapped around us.

I’ve always dreamt about this same night. When I would finally become one with the young man I’ve fallen desperately in love with. I thanked the Moon Goddess above and lightly rested my head onto his chest. The rhythmic sound of his heartbeat was like sweet music to my ear. I could listen to it all night long.

“I confess!” I blurted out. “We could have done it a long time ago, you know.”

An exhausting, irritated sigh blew out of his nostrils hearing the words that were coming out of my mouth.

“Don’t start me up, Joel.” He grunted. “How many times I’ve tried to bribe you out of this ‘waiting thing’. And for so bloody long, too! Those past fourteen months were the hardest period in my life! You were literally torturing me.”

I lifted my head and stared intensely into his eyes, “I just wanted... to test you. You know, to see your loyalty and that you really loved me. Besides, we’re not sure if we’re truly selected, mates.”

“Joel?” He said with passion in his voice. ” First off, I love you with all my heart. I would never do anything to break your heart. Second, we are mates. From the moment I saw you, my instincts told me right away that you were mine. Why did you think we bounded so quickly. That only happens when two wolves are true mates. And thirdly, do you think I would have waited an entire fourteen months for you if I didn’t sense you were my mate?”

“You’re right... I don’t know what’s getting into me, thinking this way.” I chocked.

A sudden tight feeling crossed my chest, just by the thought of me bringing up that sort of question. Jackson is my true mate... there’s no doubt about it. Everyone has told us that. From our friends, even up to the senior tribal elders.

Though there were still several months left until we both turn eighteen to officially make us mates, there was this slight doubt that keeps resurfacing in my mind. I hated myself for letting it get such a hold of me and our true happiness.

Jackson is mine and I am his. We were made for each other from the day we were born, and nothing in this world could keep us apart.

“Hey,” he said placing his hand on the back of my head, massaging it gently. “You know I love you right, Jo’?”

All my thoughts and worries quickly faded away.

“Oh baby, I love you too!” I smiled, crawling onto him, saddling his waist.

I rest both of my hands on top of his chest and grind my hips against his. I could feel him hardening underneath me as I rode him slowly, yet firmly.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who wants another round.” he groaned under me, gripping the side of my hips with his hands, spreading ass cheeks and everything in between.

Effortlessly, he picked me up just enough and rammed me onto his hard shaft, piercing my insides. Just like that, I came instantly. My breathing became jittery and my legs jerked uncontrollably as I ride out an intense eye-rolling orgasm.

I was on cloud nine. So many emotions were flowing through me. I never wanted this feeling to go away. All that was crossing my mind was the bright future that awaits us. Despite never knowing my true background and always feeling misplaced in my adopted family, starting a life with the man I love was all that mattered to me now. Marrying him and start a beautiful family together.

I couldn’t ask for anything more. I was happy and he was happy...but as always when good things start to happen in your life, it always finds its way to turn for the worse.

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