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My husband's boss

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Sofia marries a man her parents choose for her after her childhood sweetheart leaves her. She later finds out her ex is her husband's boss and he wants her back at any cost. Is it too late?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Yeah married life!!!

Something exquisite ,yeah?. Not for me

It was just duty and i did all i could to survive through it. It is just that Samuel made it bearable. We were civilized about this relationship.

When my parents arranged for me to marry him i was mortified. My dad had gambled away all our wealth and left us in enormus debt.

The only way to save my family was to marry me off ,how convenient!!!

I know you are wondering why i didn't for once protest,why i didnot run away from home,done anything to prevent it. It is because am just a sensible, practical person in nature.

Do not think i did not have every romantic typical girls dream. To fall in love with prince charming and be swept away to a castle to live a happy ever after.

Samuel may not be romantic but he was sensible,considerate and not at all domineering.

Thanks to this marriage my sister with cancer was being catered for, my parents no longer lived in fear of being thrown out of their residence, they didn't go days without food and my brother could finish engineering.

And i?. A housewife.

I have tried several times to tell Samuel many times that i could atleast work to keep busy but he says there is no need for that because he could handle everything.

He worked in a multi-billion company, a wine and flower company as the managing director.But sometimes staying home all day long was boring and not what i was really used to.

We have been married for exactly four years,tommorrrow would be our 5th anniversary.

He keeps forgetting such days but tommorrrow i could surprise him at office. It would really be a pleasant surprise,right?

He could always make it up to me later but this time i wanted to take the innitiative.

My phone rang and i picked it up with a smile. I was starting to like him, just a little. If i couldn't fall in love with him then it could grow,right? And it was slowly growing.

"Hey,Sofia"He said with an exhausted sigh.

"Hi Sam"I replied with a smile.

"Am really sorry but i think am running a bit late. Have dinner and don't wait up for me"

I felt disappointed. I really had wished to have dinner with him.

"Is it really important?I Just-"I started but he cut me off smoothly but gently.

"If it wasn't, i would really come home to you ,Sofia. Don't try to persuade me because i might really cave in. Bye see you later."He said and hang up with a breathy chuckle.

I shrugged. He might be really super busy. I needed to understand.A needy,clingy woman could be a huge turnoff.

I put the food in the fridge and trudged upstairs,appetite gone downhill. I dressed up for bed in a black satin robe and pulled the covers over my head with a cynical smile.

You are in for a big surprise dear husband.

I wore black lingerie under my black body suit. I wore army green pants and black gladiator heels. I picked the address of his office and walked there.
In my backpack i had a bottle of champagne,homemade rice stew,chicken nudgets,roast pork,fries and a black forest cake.

What???! It was a celebration. He must have come really late last night and left early because i found his clothes in the laundry basket this morning when i woke up.

I drove to his office in my red sports car. I carried them in my basket and walked upstairs.

I met the receiptionist and she smiled gently.I had interacted with her during a few business parties i attended with Samuel. I asked her if he was in and she nodded telling me to go to the fifth floor, three doors to the left.

I went and burst in without knocking.
"Surprise!!!"I chirped happily but froze at the sight before me.
Samuel and his PA were both nude.
He was sitted on his chair and she was straddling him,boucing on his lap as she screamed in pleasure. Her back was to me and Samuel was facing the door. He had his eyes closed and his head thrown back in ectasy urging her to ride him faster with low gruttal moans.

I walked out and slammed the door behind him.I walked to the elevator and sat down totally shocked and defeated. I dropped the basket next to me and willed myself not to cry. I was stronger than this.

This marriage contract had stated that we were in an open relationship. We could still see other people but i thought we would not go through with that. I thought we were making progress .Was it so bad that i wanted this marriage to work?

He knows i was being faithful to him, given myself fully, sacrificed everything to be in this relationship.
I thought it would matter. That he would do the same. I guess i was wrong.

It wasn't his fault. It was mine for being too trusting,for expecting too much. I thought Samuel was the kind of guy that gave you personal space, your freedom but i realised now that it was indifference.

He didn't care. I was just a marriage contract to him,just a woman to warm his bed, with his ring.Why was i so stupid and gullible?

I heard the elevator doors open and close. I pushed my hair infront of my face like a curtain.I didn't want to show my distraught face.Didn't want to breakdown till i reached home and cried in bed.

5th anniversary!!What a joke!
Had this ever been marriage?
I cared about him and all i got in return was money,like a mistress.

That was your purpose. After all you were just sold to him. You were payment. My thoughts mocked me.
I was blinded. I was side tracked.
I just felt hurt,violated,jealous.

The elevator shook and stopped moving.Couldn't this day be bad enough!!!.
The lights went off and i was plunged in darkness.I was scared now. I felt too hot. I really hope i didn't suffocate in here.


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