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LUCIFER as he was called had his sinister hands buried deep inside her!!! And her breathing became uneven. He said "I AM HOOKED TO YOU BLUE". She knew she was also feeling the same as he was. 'GIVE IN TO ME BLUE, YOU KNOW I CAN'T STOP MYSELF FOR LONG ENOUGH BEFORE RAVISHING YOU" he said. Blue knew Lucifer was true to his words. The motion of his sinister fingers inside ,had her lose her will to not give in to him... She bite her lips so hard, that it was evident she was trying hard, but in vain. Come join me in this interesting journey of sex, lust ,romance, action and what not. This story is about a mafia leader ,a strong female protagonist BLUE ... The cover page is specially designed by me depicting BLUE AND HER BEAUTIFUL HORSE "SORA'.

Erotica / Romance
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Amidst the darkness of the alley were heard continuous gunshots, hurdle of beast like men and screeching of cars nearby; It seemed as if the ones residing in the proximity didn’t care or were they afraid to care?

By the road of Elliot Street, stopped an expensive car with tinted glasses and came out a man. Well it’s an insult to call the guy just a man as he was nowhere near to belong to this world by his looks. Oh dear looks can be deceiving sometimes just like the promises of witches from MACBETH. He looked angelic. He had baby pink lips in the shape of bow(as in bow and arrow), roaring grey eyes, blonde hairs put in place perfectly, had one of his ears pierced and a diamond stone in it. His broad shoulders, stone chest, and his demeanour were giving off the intensity of his workout, enough to distract you.

As soon as the beast like men had finished off their mission and saw their master standing by his car, they rushed in their three piece attire looking like some bodyguards. “Boss we finished the mission, Mr. Giovanni’s men have been put to their real places, and soon he will be flying off, handing over his hotel Marinee to you”.

“Others must learn their lesson and never ever think of messing around with me”. With those cold words lacking any appreciation, he sat in his car and left without another word. Well that was something, isn’t it! He dialled his best friend and right hand, Edward’s number. “LUCIFER! Good news that the coward Giovanni already left (laughs).

“Good for his dear life, otherwise he would have witnessed it himself why i am Lucifer” said the boss.

“I am heading off to wrap up some business, will be back in a week, i hope you will manage everything to my liking”. Edward said in a serious tone “on your words Lucifer”.


A girl in her twenties wrapped with in a woollen shawl tiptoed to the neighbouring LUSHestate belonging to the RIVERA FAMILY. She stopped by the stable of horses that was not normally guarded. As insane would be the person to even think of stealing a twig from the Rivera estate. It was known that they were very good people only to the good ones and it was the other side of them which everyone feared. It was as if they were the almighty of the place.

She stopped by a black horse and just stared it admiringly and touched its forehead. It was as if the horse knew her and her touch. But soon enough a tough voice came from her behind “Hey you! What do you think you are doing”. The guy snatched the shawl from the trespasser and saw long golden brown wavy hairs fall open. The guy was surprised to see her features in the early winter morning. As soon as he removed the shawl she started shivering and that brought the handsome guy out of his revere. He wrapped the shawl around her and asked her in a polite but stern manner “Who are you and what are you doing here?” She was so worried to say something, she somehow mustered up courage and said in a broken voice “I –am...B ...BLUE , i just came to see SORA(she pointed to the black horse)”.

“Oh i didn’t know the horse had a name”. She somehow felt at relief with the way he was talking to her. It can be said that the girl had the guy hooked instantly by her naive charms. Blue said “Please don’t say anything to the masters, i request if VERONICA came to know of this, i am literally dead...”. The guy said “ Now who is this Veronica, either you explain or this goes to the masters”.

“ No please, i told you i am Blue Parker, i live in the farm beside this estate and Veronica is my stepmom if you complain to the masters and she came to know of this i don’t know what will she do. Please i beg you”. Blue was literally on the verge of crying and just then a tear escaped her left eye leaving the guy with a sudden pain in his heart. He took out his handkerchief and gave it to her. She took it and asked “Who are you, do you guard here?”. He had his lips curled and said “You can say i guard this place, and i am ATHENS”.

“Well why did you want to see Sora , and that at this time”.

“ This was a horse gifted to me by my mom when i was 10 and i grew up with Sora for 6 years until my mom died .Veronica didn’t wanted to keep anything which gave me happiness so she sold it. I came to know little master bought it and i felt at ease as atleast i would be able to see Sora”.

Athens felt something in his heart and it was disturbing to him, as he never felt emotions this way towards any girl before today. Blue felt relieved as she felt Athens to be harmless but she had to admit his big size and looks were GODLIKE with his serious expressions. She felt small in front of the big man in front of her.

“Don’t worry i guard this horse and you can continue seeing it,”

Blue beamed like a firefly and thanked her and as the sun was slowly coming up, she said “I must leave now, well it was great meeting you, thanks again.

“Hmm... see you around!,” with that Blue happily turned around and walked back to her farm leaving Athens wondering what was he feeling.

Athens had always felt lust and pure lust whenever he saw women and would have them on his bed without seconds thought. Don’t get him wrong but that was the way he spend his teen years. Moreover it was the way he brought out his frustration, yes i mean it, SEX was his way to relieve himself but there’s one more escape he had from his torturous life and that was his beautiful estate. You got me, he was the ATHENS RIVERA.

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