Diary Confessions of the Gutter Whore

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Meet Carmen Angelo. She is Sexy, Fun, Adventurous, and Flirty. She is a gutter whore who has little no respect for herself and disregards all common sense and decency in the name of SEX. Everything changed when she met the love of her life, Antonio. Take a look back on her 28 years of sex and all the wild rides she has been on.

Erotica / Romance
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My Bestfriends Boyfriend Took My Virginity...


Dear Diary,

This evening my best friend of 15 years boyfriend took my virginity.

His name is Tane; he's been going out with my best- friend for over a year now and she's totally in love with him. He is gorgeous; He is 6 foot 3 and has the body of a literal God. He has big blue eyes with sensual kissable lips, a thin nose, and a jaw that literally could slice you in half. All the girls at school love him including me..

My best friend Ana met Tane at a party last year, I didn't go because of course being a Nerd I was at home studying for my maths exam. I wish I did go because maybe I would have met him first.

My best friend Ana is beautiful! I'm not just saying this because she is my closest friend but because it is true. Every guy at school loves her and every girl at school wants to be her with her perfect smile that lights up the room; with her blonde shiny hair and cute green eyes and with the body and height of a supermodel no wonder why a guy like Tane picked her.

Now to describe myself which is nothing special - I am 5 foot 1 with long- Chesnut brown hair. I have brown/green eyes, a small button nose, and cupids lips. My body is not so bad I suppose. I am petite with smallish boobs and have a nice pair of legs and bum thanks to my Spanish roots. Too bad I keep it hidden.

Now getting back to my confession. It all started when Ana arranged a small get-together at her house before Christmas. Ana begged me to go, she knew I wasn't very good at interacting with other people but giving me her puppy dog eyes I was guilt-tripped into going.

I went to Ana's before everybody arrived; when she opened the door she looked amazing! She had a blue dress that hugged every curve and had on white strappy 5-inch heels. She looked at me up and down and forced me into changing out of my leggings and t-shirt.

After an hour of pain when I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe what I saw. Instead of looking at a drabby 15 years old, I was turned into a real life Spanish princess. My brown hair was curled into perfection and was left in huge beach waves, my brown/ green eyes popped with the smokey eye and winged eyeliner and my body looked amazing. The black halter neck dress that was opened back really highlighted my legs and my butt. To finish the look I had red lipstick stain my lips and 6-inch open toe heels on.

Within an hour about 20 people arrived at the party. For dutch courage, I was drinking a lot of vodka which helped me open up more. We all ended up in a circle playing truth and dare when the doorbell eventually rung.

Turning up late was Tane and has friends Ryan and Mark. The second minute they entered the room Tane couldn't keep his eyes off me. I tried to avoid eye contact because it was really awkward however he would not stop looking me during the rest of the game.

After a little while I decided to go upstairs to the toilet, the looks Tane was giving me were indescribable. His eye- contact was so focused on me that it was hard to look away and was getting me really horny. I kept feeling twitches in places I have never experienced before but it was making me so uncomfortable because I kept remembering that he was ANA'S boyfriend.

Once I finished in the bathroom I opened the door and came face to face with a massive giant. It took me 2 seconds to realize Tane was waiting outside. Before I was able to speak he pushed me back into the bath room and my back hit the shower door.

He kissed me with so much passion and force that I am surprised that the shower door didn't break. My head was so fuzzy at this point that I had no control of myself and just carried on kissing him like my life depended on it. After some heavy groping and kissing Tane slid a long finger right up my pussy. Nothing had ever entered there before so this was a new experience for me. He carried on shoving his finger up me whispering ''baby your so tight, I could get used to this every day''. I felt something bubbling up inside of me; it was as if the floor had swallowed me up and all I could see was stars above me. I Let out a long cry and squirted all over his massive hand.

After my little cum down Tane whispered in my ear ''Its not over yet little one'' and before I knew it he had left the bathroom.

Coming back to my senses I realized how wrong this was! I mean my best friend of 15 years boyfriend had just shoved his fingers up me and she's downstairs oblivious to it all. I instantly felt awful though there was as if there was a little devil on my shoulder telling me not to feel bad and to want more from Tane.

I came back downstairs and tried to avoid Tane all night long. It felt impossible as I could feel somebody staring me down and it made me feel uncomfortable.

Later in the night as the party died down, Ana was super drunk. She was falling all over the place telling me how much she loved me whilst she was throwing up in the backyard. I heard footsteps approaching and I knew this was Tane. He saw how drunk Ana was and as the gentlemen he is, he put her down in her bed and told the rest of the people at the party that it was over and to go home.

Now there was no escaping him. I was staying at Ana's that night and whilst is passed out in her bed I am literally having a staring contest with her boyfriend that I have had a crush on since forever.

Tane slowly came closer and closer to me until we literally were squaring up to one another. My head felt fuzzy, my stomach was doing somersaults and my pussy was literally on fire. Tane eventually spoke and said ''Told you little one we weren't done yet''.

Within seconds I was thrown onto the large sofa and with his sexy mouth on top of mine and his large hands groping my left breast I was so horny. After playing for a while he shoved his finger again up me and after wiggling it about for a couple of minutes he added another finger and was pumping them back and forth. Within 20 minutes he made me orgasm 5 times.

After a while of fingering me, he slowly went south and pulled up my dress and pushed my red knickers to the side. My pussy was cold with anticipation while he bent down and took a smell of it. He said ''I have wanted to taste you for so long little one'' and then slowly licked his lips over my clit. It felt so fricking good I felt like I was on fire! After a few slow and sensual licks he then drove his tongue up and down my sticky folds and up into my arse. He really drove his tongue into me back and forth, side to side, and then shoved two fingers up my tight snatch. Within 5 minutes I had squirted all over his face and it felt so good.

He then got up and took his T-Shirt off and started unbuckling his pants. I stopped him and said ''No let me take them off'' slowly while looking straight at him I slid down his pants and out came his hard 9-inch dick. It was massive but oddly it was not thick with girth but only in length. Within seconds I was massaging his tip with my tongue teasing him slowly but surely. I could hear moans like ''fuck'' ''cant wait to fuck you'' ''your so good at this baby''. So after teasing him for so long I slid all of his length in my mouth and really deep throated. I realized I had no gag reflex and really used this to my advantage. It was making me feel so sexy and powerful that I could get off this gorgeous man. After a while, I began to massage his balls while sliding my hot wet mouth up and down his dick. Tane then told me ''Fuck I'm going to squirt this cum into your mouth''. I then felt hot thin liquid go back down my throat and I made sure to swallow it all and showed him with my mouth open.

After giving Tane a mindblowing orgasm (thanks to watching a lot of porn) he told me to bend on all fours. With my big arse lifted up in the air he spanked my arse raw with 5 hard powerful slaps. The pain felt so good and was making me want to fuck this man more and more. While spanking me I heard Tane say ''Fuck girl what an amazing arse, I've pictured fucking this so many times while I was with Ana'' for some reason this got me so horny and wanting more. I didn't care that I was a virgin I wanted this man to fuck me like his life depended on it.

Tane then shoved his big dick so far up my pussy that I am surprised that it didn't literally split in half. At first, it was uncomfortable. He waited for me to get used to his size and then he really ruined me. He was slapping my arse, shoving his fingers into my mouth while he was dogging me while saying ''take it you slut'' ''yes that's my good girl baby''. Eventually, we switched position and it turned to ride him. I slowly sat on his dick and didn't allow entry to all of my pussy. I teased him more and more knowing that he was literally begging for more. He kept saying ''Please, please'' but the power of not giving was what really turned me on. Knowing that it was me in control was amazing so I kept teasing and teasing until I sat down on his dick with so much force. Within 2 minutes of sitting right down on his dick, we both cummed. Screaming ''Fuck'' we both had an earth-shattering experience.

We lied there for about 10 minutes out of breath and panting until we both turned around and looked at each other and laughed. He told me that he always liked me and it was me that he wanted never Ana. He just got with her because he felt that he could get closer to me.

After finally losing my virginity and experiencing the power I had when I made a man cum I knew there and then that Tane would never be enough for me. Also remembering me he was my best friends boyfriend, I would never intentionally hurt her so I told him to get over me and that this would never happen again.

After this naughty experience, I knew I had a lot more to do and find out. An experience I never thought I'd have but nevertheless I did it has unlocked something inside of me.

A Gutter Whore.

Until next time

C x

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