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Her New Pet

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After a boxing injury, a young man named Aiden only ever expected to find a mundane life outside of the ring. Working his way through college, now without a scholarship, his plans don't go much further than getting his degree and finding another job to stay comfortable in the life he never wanted. However, one day, in a stroke of luck, or an even harsher turn of misfortune, the young man meets a beautiful young woman whom he can't get out of his mind. The reason for the mental parasite is not benevolent, though, as she quickly reveals her true nature as a Succubus named Soraya. Now, whisked away to a land of monsters and magic, Aiden must keep his captor satisfied if he wishes to survive their sexual encounters. Fortunately, friendship with a Succubus, even one as malevolent as Soraya, cums with more than a few perks.

Erotica / Fantasy
Rick Byter
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The Call

Aiden lets out a soft sigh as his eyes rest on the ticking clock at the other end of the room. While two hours may have already passed, another three still remain until he can finally go home. The five hour shifts always seemed to drag worse than any others, especially when he gets stuck with closing duties. It’s the lack of any real breaks that really drives him crazy, at least if he hit the six hour mark then he could take a quick lunch to relax and get his head on straight for the rest of the night.

Something about the scheduling practice rubbed him the wrong way from the start, mostly because of the legal issues he knew the company was violating. Unfortunately, speaking out might cost him his job, another strike against the store’s ethics, but it had happened before. Apparently the occasional fine is less of a problem than supplying us with our continued rights.

Still, the day hasn’t been all bad. At least there had been some company in those first couple hours. Tatiana always makes work more interesting, even if it’s harder to focus whenever she’s around.

A small, brunette, young woman with glasses that always kept her hair tied up in a ponytail wouldn’t be what most would expect Aiden to be interested in, but she was cute and they got along well together. Long-legged blondes had certainly turned his head in the past, so he may not have really had a type. Regardless, his perspective on where his gaze turned had changed considerably since graduating high school.

Thinking about that time causes an almost instinctual reaction for Aiden to reach down and stroke his knee. The response is always soothing, if not aggravating. As he lifts up from tending to himself, a sound erupts at the front of the store.

“Hello, welcome to Unbricked,” Aiden’s voice follows the bell installed at the front door. “How are you doing today?”

As the young man turns his head to see who has arrived, he’s taken off guard by the view of the woman walking into the store. She doesn’t seem much older than him, maybe two or three years, but it’s her...wardrobe...that immediately catches his attention. He double takes for a moment, confused that he may be looking at a cosplayer in the middle of a shoot.

The young woman is wearing what can generously be called a plaid skirt, although, describing it as a belt might be more apt for the minimal amount of cloth present. Her shirt is equally revealing, almost looking more like a shirt-patterned bra with a separate collar-and-tie themed necklace than an actual top. These schoolgirl outfits were nothing new, the odd enthusiast would sometimes wear them to and from conventions, or to flaunt the goods they knew they were carrying. In this girl’s case though, it seemed less like a costume or uniform from a department stores, but lingerie from the sex shop everyone pretended didn’t exist at the end of the mall.

“Well, I’m doing well,” her eyes scan the young man up and down. “How are you doing?”

“Doing well,” Aiden replies, somewhat surprised to be asked for once. “Is there anything I can help you with today?”

“As a matter of fact,” she says as she approaches the counter, her voice seemingly pitched up to match her costume, “I’m looking for a man.”

The wording struck Aiden as a bit off, but this is far from an unusual request at the store. While primarily advertising as a repair shop for odds and ends, an in-house 3D printer had made Unbricked a fairly popular local spot for personalized gifts. If the young man ever knew that any one aspect of his part-time employment kept him the most entertained, it was crafting some of these specialized items. He had never thought of himself as an artist before, but somehow the machine and him had clicked from the moment he started working there.

“Okay,” Aiden responds. “What kind of guy are you looking to shop for?”

“Kinda picky,” the young woman nibbles playfully at her nail, “but I think I might see something that should fit.”

“Oh, really? What’s he into?”

“I don’t know. What are you into?”

As she speaks, the woman leans in against the counter, the buttons on her top struggling to stay in place. From this angle, Aiden can clearly see every curve of her body, not that much had been left to the imagination before. The shape is almost striking, as the curves of her rounded hips pull in tightly at her waist, only to expand again as it reaches up and into the stretching shirt.

“Well, personally, I’d say this one here,” the young man shakes off the signals he’s sure he must be misinterpreting.

Aiden then picks up an all-in-one tool from the display shelf behind him. This was one of his earliest original creations, made out of a series of tools that the shop had already sold, and combined with an ergonomic 3D printed handle that keeps everything together. There may be better, or more eye-catching creations sitting around it, but this is by far his proudest achievement on the wall.

“A man of utility, eh?” she winks. “I can appreciate that.”

“Think the man you’re shopping for would be interested?” Aiden asks as he presents the item proudly.

“I think I might have found exactly what I’m looking for,” her large, blue eyes never leave the young man’s as each word drips slowly from her pursed lips. Although she certainly notices his pupils darting around in a futile attempt to keep his gaze from falling below her neck. “But, if you don’t mind, I may have to keep taking a look around the rest of the mall for myself. Gotta make sure I grab the best option for the occasion, right sugar?”

“Sure thing, but if you are interested,” Aiden begins his rehearsed pitch, “it’ll take some time to whip a personalized one of these up. So if you order it later, it might not be ready until tomorrow.”

“Whatever will we do while we wait overnight then?”

With that, the woman leaves, her hips shaking with each step. Aiden finds himself unable to look away from the facsimile masquerading as shorts, as two plump, supple cheeks bounce with each step. No matter how he strains to pull his gaze away, there is nothing that can be done until she is firmly out of sight, and he is firmly solitary once again.

A level of shame washes over him as the young man attempts to hide his healthy labido that wants to escape from its confinement as readily as the young woman’s chest. It’s not like he’s never been around a beautiful woman before. Sure, this was an...exceptional case...the thought of her body nearly springing out of those tight shorts and shirt still…

“Hey!” Aiden exclaims to himself. Fortunately the space is empty enough for the outburst to not draw any attention. “Get a hold of yourself, man,” he continues to try finding his center.

In an attempt to clear his mind, the young man pulls a small journal from the back room and opens it behind the counter, out of view of customers. Within these worn pages are a set of notes that he knows he needs to give some attention anyway. Since he knows he’ll be working after class tomorrow as well, he decides that this lul may be one of his only chances to study for his test on Friday. Critical Theory is far from his best subject, but maybe the ramblings of old, dead philosophers will take his mind off that woman.

It doesn’t take long for him to notice that keeping her off his mind won’t be that simple, as he reads out loud to himself, “In Nietzsche’s words, the sublime is no nipple part of--”

He catches his slip, one that might be attributed to a different subject of his study. The thought makes him chuckle slightly, and he is at least encouraged that he was able to recognize the coincidence. Still, even when patting himself on the back, the young man’s mind continues to drift onto the women from before.

It’s been nearly an hour now, and yet she still plagues his thoughts. This is starting to go beyond some charming “love at first sight” romance, and his mind is beginning to dig deep into depravity. No matter how he pulls his focus away, his lust continues to take over, like he isn’t even in control of his own thoughts. As he loses himself to his own lust, he finds himself unable to hide his labido anymore. However, at the moment that his fingertips breach the threshold of his pants, the doorbell rings again.

“H-Hi, how are, ya?” Aiden manages to muster as he quickly pulls his hand to his side.

“I’m good,” a man walks in and responds quietly.

“Is there anything I can help you find today?”

“No,” he quickly snaps back, seemingly annoyed by the rehearsed greeting. “I’ll let you know if I need anything.”

“Okay, sir,” the young man finds a comfortable space to stand behind the counter. “I’ll be right here if you have any questions.”

The man begins to look around the store, picking up the odd item before placing it back down and continuing on. Clearly he isn’t here to get something fixed, although, it’s hard to tell if he’s even really shopping for anything specifically. He keeps skipping around from one section to another. None of the items on display are the kind of things one would really aimlessly wander through either. It’s mostly repair tools and maintenance items: leather cleaners, rust peelers, paint thinners. As a result of the limited inventory, most customers come in knowing exactly what they want.

Still, even with the odd man pacing throughout the store, Aiden’s attention is completely fixated on his own pants. He knows he can’t take care of the burning need for release as long as the man continues to look around, but it’s almost impossible to keep his hands above his waist. The young man grips the edges of the counter with an intense force. For once, he regrets the powerful force he has trained into his arms.

“So, where are the gifts?” the man finally asks.

Aiden snaps to reason in order to respond, “Oh, we make all of those as you shop.”

“Well, I’m shopping, where are they?”

“What I mean is, we personalize them according to your order, and then it takes a few hours for the 3D printer to pump them out.”

“Hours?!” the man nearly screeches like a banshee.

This isn’t as rare of a response as Aiden would prefer, but the sudden scream still catches him off guard, especially in his current condition. “Like I said,” he puts on the most professional, apologetic voice he can, “we make each item to your specifications, and the machine takes time to print. Most builds are done in about an hour, but it can take up to overnight.”

“Well, I can’t wait that long!” the man looks to the sales associate as if he had delighted in informing him of his dying cat.

“I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Unfortunately, we can’t make the machine run any faster. Otherwise the plastic might not set before the next layer is piled on and the whole thing falls apart.”

“This is ridiculous!” the man shouts as he heads out. “No wonder no one’s in here!”

Aiden breathes deep, calming himself as the man finally leaves the store. This might not be a daily occurrence, but the frequency sometimes brings the young man to doubt the intelligence of the general public, or humans in general. However, his anger quickly takes a back seat to a much more invasive problem.

Once again, the young man found his hand heading for the rim of his pants. A firm tug keeps his fingers from fitting under the denim. Looking around, he desperately searches for some way to finally be freed of this insatiable lust. Nothing like this has happened to him before, let alone at work, so there isn’t exactly a tried and true fix.

Noticing the light foot traffic around the mall, a not uncommon event for an off-season Wednesday night, Aiden finally gives in and retreats to the back room. Here, he knows he’ll have some privacy, and the toilet will allow him to...dispose of the remains. If the bell goes off, he can make it back to help customers in a heartbeat, at least he thinks he’ll be able too.

It’s hard to care if anyone comes in at this point, as the need for release is the only thing he can hope to think of. Well, there is one other thing that pops into his mind, that girl. He can almost see her standing in front of him, only now without the clothes that had already hid almost nothing from view. Somehow, he feels completely confident that his imagination is completely accurate, with every detail of her erect nipples and pink areolas, as well as the smooth, plump sight of her vulva.

With his sensual muse locked into his mind, the man firmly grips himself. Starting at the base, he makes one long, steady stroke up to the mushroom tip. A lack of lubrication to help him glide more smoothly along his member, his motion is stopped abruptly. It’s at this moment of pause that he is able to recapture his mind long enough to decide for himself how this night will continue, not letting his lust choose for him.

The only question that remains is how he might be able to keep himself lucid for long enough to make it through his shift. There’s only one hour left at this point, and after that he’ll be free to go home and take care of this in comfort, and hopefully without focusing on some random girl he met at work. Contemplating on his shame at first, Aiden finally realizes where his answer lies. Finally, with one solid--if not regrettable--strike, he bashes his fist into his knee.

Pain surges from the knee to his hip and from the cap down to his ankle. Every nerve ending excites simultaneously, screaming at the stupidity of this agonizing decision. For a moment, the world goes bright, as if the young man’s eyes can’t interpret the light that is crashing into them. At the same time, the image of that woman in his mind disappears.

“Pig,” he says to himself as he blacks out for a moment from the pain.

Once he comes to, likely a few minutes later if Aiden had to guess, he hikes his pants back around his waist and heads back into the store. Fortunately, no one else arrives from the time he returns until the time he is finally allowed to close the doors and leave. Not even that girl appears. She must have found a better gift somewhere else.

Aiden strains to bend down to lock up the doors, his final tasks for the night already finished, and a meager amount of cash in his pocket and headed for a nearby deposit box. On his way up, he feels a presence approach from behind. Fear strikes his mind as he knows exactly who it is.

“Hey there,” the young woman says, her voice still pitched unnaturally high.

“Hey,” Aiden’s heart sinks as his excitement grows again in his pants.

“My, my,” she chuckles. “You lasted all night, didn’t you. Quite the restraint you have.”

Her eyes bore into his as she speaks, only now they’re...purple? Did she put in contacts? Were the blues from before fake as well? They did seem oddly vibrant.

“I’m...sorry?” the young man tries not to understand.

“Don’t be coy, darling,” her voice changes, dropping low and sultry. “How did you resist this long? I have to know?”

“I-I didn’t want to…” Aiden’s words begin putting together the situation faster than his mind can accept it.

“Oh, chivalry, is it?” with each word she pushes closer and closer to the boy. “Haven’t seen a will this strong in some time.”

“Did, um…” the young man searches for anything words to deflect, “did you find a nice gift for your guy-friend?”

“I never said I was looking for a gift, sugar. Don’t you remember?”

Of course he does. He had brushed the comment off at first, not wanting to assume too much at the time. Now that she stands here, though, pressing her breasts up against his body, nearly grinding him into the glass doors of his work, it can’t really be misinterpreted anymore.

“Hey,” Aiden begins, “I’m sure you’re a great girl, but I only got off work...now. I don’t know if I had given you any ideas, but all I’m looking to do is go home, study for school, and go to bed.”

“You don’t seem the bookworm type to me,” her finger extends and begins swirling over his shirt.

“I’m not stupid if that’s what you’re saying.”

“Oh, no. I wouldn’t be so rude. I was merely looking at these fine muscles of yours. These don’t develop with your face in a book,” the finger moves downward and onto his nipple, circling it lightly.

“That’s from boxing,” he moans, still hoping that he can talk his way free.

“A fighter,” she coos, her mouth now nearly touching his. “That spirit must be how you’ve lasted so long. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get that release you’re craving soon enough.”

Aiden couldn’t do much to hide the erection throbbing against his jeans. It became especially impossible once her other hand had released the button and zipper holding his member back, and she now held it against her palm and wrist. All he could do in response was twitch, which seemed to only prove to excite the woman more.

“W-We can’t do that here!” he attempts to say quietly, not wanting to draw any attention.

“Is that so?” she leans into his ear, her teeth grazing the lobe lightly. “Then why don’t we go somewhere a little more private?”

She pushes her hand against the door, a surprising action considering that Aiden knows it’s locked. However, as the young man continues to lean on the glass for support, he falls backwards, landing on a plush, red carpet inside of what appears to be a rather large bedroom. The only light available comes from candles, and a large bed, with similar decor as the floor stands a few feet to his side.

It becomes difficult to find words to question his new environment, as the young man’s knee has begun screaming in pain once again. After the initial hit it took earlier, a sudden fall may keep him off his feet for days. Although, that may still be relatively low on his list of priorities at the moment.

As the woman stepped through the same opening he had fallen through, a large wooden door closes, seemingly engaging thick metal locks. Her clothes burn away from her body, and a new outfit replaces it, but not before Aiden gets a full sight of her naked form, exactly as he had envisioned it before. Now she stands, wrapped in leather straps that come together to cover her more sensual parts. In the same instant, a long black tail falls behind her, with a spade at the end. Alongside the tail appear two wings that stretch from her back and reach nearly her height in either direction. Finally, a pair of horns erupt from her skull, curling up into her hair.

“Oh,” she speaks as she looks at the young man, gripping his knee, “that looks like it hurts. Let me help you with that.”

With the wave of her hand, Aiden can feel the blood in his body rushing towards his knee, swirling, both inside and outside of the veins. At first, the agony is almost too much to bear, but as he believes he is simply going numb to the pain, he realizes that it has actually left him. For the first time in...years...the young man can move his leg freely, bending his shredded knee with impunity. Of course, while delight may flood his thoughts first, the reality of what has happened only deepens his dread.

Questions finally form on Aiden’s lips, “W-Who are you? What are you? What do you want?”

The woman speaks, this time with both her low sultry tone echoing alongside the uppitched one, “Simple questions, I suppose they deserve simple answers.” She drops to her knees, leaning her hips into the young man’s and speaks into his ear, “My name is Soraya. I am what you might call a Succubus.” With her final answer, she grinds her hips lightly, feeling the engorged member on the man beneath her rub softly against her clit, “And I’m going to fuck you to death.”

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