Hooked On You

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Chapter 11 - Unexpected Company

Meanwhile back at Scarlett’s apartment, Kate and her boyfriend James were sitting down to a romantic candle-lit dinner for two. The pair were celebrating their five year anniversary and Kate had been busily cooking for hours on end in order to prepare this special meal for the man she loved.

“I made Chicken Parma, your favourite.” Kate announced excitedly from her seat, “I hope you like it honey, happy anniversary James.”

“Five years with this beautiful woman… I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” James spoke with a smile as he leaned in to press his lips against Kate’s and igniting a sweet kiss between them.

But the kiss didn’t last long.


The sound of the doorbell to the apartment sounded, ringing loudly and causing them to part lips, both turning to face in the direction of the doorway.

“Expecting anyone?” James asked softly.

She shook her head with a frown.

“No, Scarlett is spending the long weekend with her fiancé. I had it organised that the place would be all ours…” she rose from her seat and placed her napkin down onto the table beside her plate.

“I’ll get it.” he offered, going to stand but she placed her hand down onto his shoulder as she rebuffed him.

“I’ve got it honey, you sit here and enjoy. I’ll be back in a second.” she winked at him.

With that she turned and made her way around the corner of the dining room, down the small hall leading up to the front door of the apartment and then stopping in front of the door.

“Who is it?” she asked politely but instead of a reply there was another ring of the doorbell.


An eerie feeling came over her as she leaned in and looked through the peep-hole of the front door, seeing nothing but the empty hallway outside of the apartment.

Something was not right.

Frowning with concern she pulled her head away from the peep-hole and reached for the deadbolt lock, twisting it between her fingers. As she grasped the door handle and turned it slowly, she proceeded to open the door inwards and went to stick her head outside…

Suddenly two well-dressed figures surprised her as they both appeared at either side of the doorway and pushed their way inside.

“Ja-“ she tried to call out for James but they were too fast.

The first intruder Diego moved in quickly to grab her, covering her mouth as she tried to scream out to her boyfriend and pulling her inside again, while the other Gabriele closed the door behind them, making sure not to lock it.

“Who was it?” James called out from the table where he still sat waiting, “Kate?”

Hearing his voice Kate kicked and screamed against her attacker, who now held her in against his chest with one arm around her waist and the other covering her mouth and preventing her from making a sound. Her leg managed to come into contact with a photo frame which fell to the ground with a sudden ‘crash’.

“Kate, sweetheart is everything alright?” James asked, placing his napkin down on the table and standing up from his seat.

“Shhh…” Diego hushed over Kate’s shoulder as she panted beneath his massive palm.

Her eyes widened as the second intruder slipped a silver 9mm pistol out of his belt and slowly stepped around the corner of the dividing wall, searching for any other occupants currently inside the apartment.

Struggling with a new kind of fear, Kate’s voice was muffled beneath Diego’s outstretched palm as she fought to try and warn her boyfriend of the approaching man with a gun!

“Honey?” James asked as he went to make his way after her, “Are you alr-“

His grey eyes widened in fear as instead of his loving girlfriend he watched Gabriele step out from behind the divider wall, pointing his gun directly at him! Raising both hands slowly into the air in a form of surrender, he began trembling with uncontrollable fear.

“W…what’s g…going on?”

“Have a seat, James.” Gabriele spoke sternly.

Nodding in agreement, James stepped back and practically fell into his chair, his eyes never losing focus for one second on the silver 9mm barrel staring directly at him. His expression only worsened as he watched Diego dragging Kate into the room kicking and screaming against his hold on her.

“Please, let her go…” James began begging the two well-dressed intruders currently in their apartment, “Take whatever you want, please. Just don’t hurt her.”

“Sit!” Diego commanded her, forcing her down onto the chair opposite her boyfriend and standing over her.

“James…” she whimpered, looking across the table at him.

“It’s ok honey, it’ll be ok.” he tried calming her.

Gabriele gave a nod to Diego who turned and began making his way up the stairs, on a search for anyone else hiding in the apartment. With the gun still pointed directly at James, Gabriele stood silently, waiting for his companion to return.

The silence between them was deafening and Kate’s whimpers were soft as she fought to remain as calm as she possibly could, given their alarming situation.

“Why are you here?” James asked softly.

Gabriele didn’t reply, he simply raised his black gloved finger up to his lips to silence him.

A moment later the couple watched as Diego re-entered the dining room and looked across to Gabriele with a frown.

“She’s not here.” Diego announced shaking his head.

Kate looked at him with furrowed brows.

“Who’s not here?” she asked.

“Scarlett Workman…” Gabriele turned his attention to her now, along with his gun and she gasped, “Where is she?”

“Scarlett?” Kate asked, “She’s staying at her fiancé’s place for the long weekend. That's all I know, I swear.”

Hearing her truthful confession, Gabriele let out a long hard sigh before he looked to Diego and gave him a nod. Diego instantly reached down and grabbed Kate from her seat, causing her to scream out in terror as he pulled her up to her feet.

“No, please don’t.”

“Don’t hurt her!” James shouted out, but he silenced as Gabriele pointed his gun back at him.

Diego pulled her into the lounge room and threw her onto the couch, watching as she bounced and glanced up at him through her now messy hair. By now her breathing had become short, sharp and shallow as she panicked, fearing for her life.

“W…what do you want?” she pleaded, her lips trembling.

Diego pointed his gloved finger directly at her mobile phone which sat on the coffee table.

“Call her.” his voice was deep and laced with warning as he glared down at her.

Her eyes moved to her mobile and then back up to him as she spoke.

“B…but what s…shout I say?” she stuttered.

Crouching down to her level, Diego stared at her with his hazel eyes as he replied.

“Just call her.” he instructed her calmly, “I’ll handle the rest.”

Blinking several times in an effort to hold back her tears, Kate slowly leaned forward and reached out to grasp her mobile phone. With shaky hands, she began searching for Scarlett’s number in her contacts and pressed the green ‘dial’ button, lifting the phone up to her ear but maintaining eye contact with her menacing intruder the entire time.

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