Hooked On You

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Chapter 12 - Stay

Scarlett was still sitting with Adam outside after finishing her meal. They had been chatting about various things, appearing to get along quite well with one another for two complete strangers who had just met.

She suddenly shuddered as the cold had finally begun to take it's tole on her. She was after all only wearing a thin black singlet and a pair of track pants.

“Are you alright?” Adam asked, his left brow lifting.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” she lied with a smile, wrapping both arms around herself in a menial effort to warm herself. “Just a little cold is all.”

Standing up Adam picked up his jacket up and opened it, waiting for her permission before proceeding to place it over her shoulders.

“May I?”

“Sure...” she smiled, “Thanks.”

The warmth and incredible scent of his jacket caused a small moan to escape her lips as he slipped it over her frozen shoulders and then sat back down beside her.

“Didn’t think to pack a jacket when you left, huh?” he asked her.

She glanced down to the ground for a moment, her expression was now serious.

“I’m afraid that I don’t have that much with me…” she explained, “I was in a bit of a hurry when I left… I guess a jacket was one of the last things on my mind at the time.”

He seemed concerned but remained silent. It was clear to him that she was not telling him the entire story but he didn’t want to press her too hard. She appeared scared of something. Or perhaps of someone.

“May I escort you home?” he finally asked with his deep and husky voice, holding his hand out for her to take.

After a moment of staring up at this clearly handsome stranger, she reached out and slipped her smaller hand inside of his, standing up to join him.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

Several attempts later, Kate was beginning to panic. Scarlett’s phone was going straight to message bank for some unknown reason and she feared what these men would do to her and James if they found out. Her heart was thumping, beating faster than it ever had as she swallowed nervously and lowered her mobile, pressing the red ‘end call’ button for the third time in a row.

Diego’s hazel eyes narrowed at her.

“What is it?” he demanded with his husky voice.

Kate began to shake even harder, meeting his eyes as she spoke in a stutter.

“S…she’s… not p…picking up.” she tried to explain through her obvious terror, “It j…just goes straight to m…message bank.”

“What!” he snapped, causing her to wince fearfully.

Rolling his eyes and reaching out, Diego snatched the phone from the young terrified woman’s hands and glanced down at the brightened screen. His fingers moved across the touchscreen as he re-dialled Scarlett and pressed the ‘speaker’ icon, holding the mobile in his hand and looking directly at Kate as it began ringing.

As she sat hunched over with her hands in her lap she was unable to meet Diego’s eyes as her phone continued to ring over and over for all in the room to hear.

Suddenly, a large figure moved in to stand over her and she lifted her head up to glance at who it was. Kate’s eyes widened with disbelief. She gasped loudly at the sight of his familiar dark brown eyes which glared down at her as he stood in yet another expensive suit, with his right hand in his jacket pocket.

“Dimitri?” she muttered in disbelief, wondering what he was doing there with these intruders in her apartment. “What’s going on here?”

With his free hand Diego reached across aggressively and grabbed Kate by the shoulder, squeezing her in an effort to silently warn her to shut her mouth and remain quiet.

She began whimpering quietly as her fear took over.

Then suddenly the ringing ceased and a ‘click’ sounded, followed by Scarlett’s voice as she spoke her recorded message. As they all listened over the speaker, Diego glanced up to his boss and lifted the phone up for him to take.

“Hey, you’ve reached Scarlett.

Feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you asap...

Luv ya!”

The sound of her hanging up could be heard as her recording ended, followed by the long signal tone.


Reaching his hand down to grasp Kate’s mobile phone from Diego’s hand, Dimitri lifted it up and held it just below his stubble-covered chin as he proceeded to speak into the receiver with his deep and husky voice.

“Hey baby.

I’m just here having a little catch up with your friend Kate... You remember Kate, don’t you? You know how to get in contact with me… Oh, and Scarlett, do NOT keep me waiting...”

His finger slid across the screen, instantly ending the message he was recording and the phone call altogether, as he then tossed the phone down to the couch beside Kate with a menacing expression. Crouching down to her level he looked her in the eye for a moment before he spoke.

“Well Kate, let’s hope she calls back soon, hmm?”

As a tear rolled down her cheek, Kate swallowed nervously as she nodded her head in response to his question.

As both Scarlett and Adam reached the front porch of the motel, he turned and gave a small chuckle, shaking his head in disbelief at where she was staying the night. He was in the room beside hers; what were the odds?

Scarlett, feeling as if she had missed the joke somehow, frowned.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing really. I’d say it’s more of a coincidence if anything.” he replied with a smile.

“O…k.” she spoke, going to reach into her pocket for her room key.

Adam glanced across at the black Dodge Challenger parked opposite them and Scarlett noticed him checking the car out.

“Yeah, I noticed the Dodge too.” she announced, “Isn’t it gorgeous?”

“It’s one hell of a car!” he commented with a nod.

“I know. You’d have to be loaded to own a car like that!” she lifted the key out of her pocket and went to unlock her door, “Although I wonder what it’s doing parked here. I can’t imagine someone with that amount of money choosing to stay in a place like this willingly.”

Hearing her comment Adam seemed to shy away, running his hand through his spiked black hair nervously.

“Yeah, pretty strange huh? Well, I should probably head off.” he spoke, looking off in the opposite direction then turning to face her again, “It’s getting pretty la-“

He was silenced mid-sentence as Scarlett’s soft lips suddenly crashed hard against his, igniting a surprisingly passionate kiss between the two and rendering him motionless.

His surprise quickly melted away, turning into heated desire as his hands moved up to cradle the back of her head and the kiss continued on between them. Their levels of passion quickly increased as her tongue slipped eagerly inside of his mouth and began massaging his, her hands holding him firmly by his large shoulders, then slowly moving down to rest upon his firm chest.

Adam was stunned. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him, the way this complete stranger was making him feel. He couldn’t think straight as the overwhelming sensation flooded over him, causing his entire body to warm with sudden desire for this incredible woman.

Scarlett could feel her entire body tingling with uncontrollable need as her fingers grazed over his sculpted pecs hidden beneath a thin piece of white cotton. As their lips finally separated Scarlett closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side as Adam began trailing his wet lips down the side of her neck, using his tongue to slide playfully along her soft skin and in turn heating her entire body and causing her to let out a soft moan for him to continue.

His eyes were now hooded with lust as Adam lifted his head up to meet her gaze once more. Overcome with the incredible sensation of uncontrollable want for one another, Scarlett breathed a single word into his open mouth as he closed his eyes. A word that would change both of their lives forever…


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