Hooked On You

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Chapter 13 - Being a Gentleman

Locked with each other in a passionate embrace, both Adam and Scarlett manoeuvred their intertwined bodies inside of the narrow doorway of her motel room, kicking the door shut behind them as they continued to move further inside of the room together and across to the single bed. Pulling their lips apart for a moment to focus on removing their clothes one piece at a time, Scarlett began unbuttoning his white dress shirt while he worked on unfastening his black leather belt.

“What are we doing?” he whispered, slipping his belt out of his pants and flicking it off to the side.

“I have no idea…” she replied, unbuttoning the last of his pearl white buttons and opening his shirt wide to see the wondrous splendour of his chiselled abs and firm pecs.

Shrugging his shirt off one shoulder at a time and allowing it to float down to the floor beneath them, Adam then reached down and grasped the bottom of her black singlet with both hands, pulling it up and over her head and carelessly tossing it to the side as he leaned in and began kissing and nipping gently at the side of her slender neck.

“Mmmm…” she closed her eyes and moaned with delight at what he was doing to her.

Scarlett was wearing a red lacy bra that gave her incredible cleavage and as he lowered his mouth down from her delicate neck to hover his lips over the crest of her right breast, he grinned. She could feel as his hot breath fanned across her skin.

“This bra… it’s nice… but it needs to come off.” he spoke softly with his deepened voice, “I want to see every inch of your beautiful body.”

“Be my guest.” she replied playfully.

His grin widened at her challenge, showing all of his pearly white teeth. Reaching his right hand around behind her back, he continued to trail his wet tongue along the cleavage of her breasts as his fingers worked skilfully to unclasp the hooks apart, freeing her voluptuous breasts from their lacy restraints with a single flick of his fingers.

“Wow… you’re clearly quite skilled with your fingers.” she complimented him as she reached down and slowly removed her bra, dropping it to the floor and revealing her heaving chest, along with her pair of perfectly rounded D-sized breasts.

He let out an animalistic groan in response.

“You’re about to find out just how skilled my fingers are.”

Before she could voice a reply he lifted both of his large open palms up to cup at each of her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze as he moved his tongue to slide across her left nipple, then slipping it into his mouth as he began to suck on it.

“Oh… fuck.” she cried out in ecstasy, throwing her head back and grabbing the back of his head as he proceeded to do the same to her right nipple, “Don’t stop… Adam, please, oh… don’t stop…”

Releasing her nipple from his mouth his chocolate brown eyes darted up to meet hers as she glanced down at him for a moment, her fingers brushing through his dark spikey hair as he stood back up to tower over her again.

“You stopped?” she spoke with narrowed eyes, “I thought I told you not to stop.”

Turning his head he had a quick look around the room. There was a desk with a mirror attached to it against the wall and a single bed in the middle of the room; not much to work with but he would find a way to make do with what he had.

“Just planning what I’m going to do with you next.” he spoke with his eyes fixated on the bed.

Scarlett watched with surprise as he turned back to face her for a second before suddenly ducking down in front of her and flipping her up and over his shoulder, causing her to squeal loudly with excitement.

“OH! Adam, what are you doing?” she asked, chuckling at his caveman act as she hung upside down behind his muscular back. “Put me down!”

“Shoosh woman.” he joked, striding across to the bed and carefully placing her down on top of the mattress.

Scarlett lay giggling on her back and staring up at him as he leaned down over her, grasping at the waistline of her track pants and pulling them down the length of her legs with a single thrust. Gasping with both surprise and delight, she appeared impressed at how fast he was able to undress her. All she wore now was a lacy red thong, which matched her recently-removed bra as a set.

Watching him with hooded eyes, her breaths were heavy pants now as he grinned and got down onto his knees between her legs, grasping her by the meat of her thighs and pulling her slightly over the edge of the bed. Biting her bottom lip she balanced herself on her elbows as she watched him tracing his hands over her inner thighs slowly, sensuously moving his fingers in closer and closer toward her heated core.

“I thought you were a gentleman…” she spoke clearly out of breath and turned on by what he was intending to do to her from this position between her legs.

He chuckled deeply.

“It’s hard to be a gentleman around you, Scarlett.” he replied with a smirk.

As he spoke to her, his fingers began tracing across her already moist core barely covered by the thin red lace of her G-string and she sucked in a sharp breath, struggling to breathe back out again as his fingers began circling her sensitive bud.

“Mmmm… you like that, don’t you?” he practically purred at her, “How about this?”

With that he used his finger to pull the fabric of her underwear aside and lowered his mouth down to kiss her gently on her moist folds. As soon as his hot breath made contact with her sensitive bud she let out a loud moan, throwing her head back into the plush mattress and closing her eyes.

“Oh… god yes!” she cried, “Mmmm…”

Enjoying how he was making her feel, Adam began sucking on her now dripping-wet folds, darting his tongue in and out of her as he did and causing her to shudder uncontrollably with delight as the powerful sensations took hold of her.

She began rocking her hips back and forth, not even realising she was doing it as her back arched up and pushed her pelvis down into the soft mattress beneath her. The sounds coming from her lips showed that she was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing to her sensitive mound as her hands reached out and grasped desperately at the bed linen, scrunching it up in her clenched fists tightly as she continued to moan.

“Don’t stop… mmm, don’t stop, right there… right there… fuuuccckk!”

Scarlett suddenly tensed up and Adam could feel the exact moment she climaxed with a loud scream, her body eventually beginning to relax once more as she panted breathlessly over and over, lowering her hips back down into the mattress.

With a proud grin spread across his face he lifted his head up from between her legs and reached to grasp at her lace underwear, pulling them down the length of her legs and throwing them over his shoulder playfully.

As soon as he had Scarlett pulled herself up onto her knees and watched as he stood up, once again towering over her with his incredible height. His newly-formed erection visibly tenting in his black dress pants as he looked down at her while his hands began to unbutton them. Her hands quickly moved up to stop him from doing so as she stared straight up into his chocolate brown eyes from her kneeling position with heated desire.

Now she wanted to please him.

She didn’t need to say anything, her expression said it all as she then began to unzip his pants and pulled his black silk boxers down. She suddenly gasped in both shock and delight as his long, hard cock sprung free before her very eyes.

He was very well endowed; it was massive!

With wide eyes she stared at it, her mouth gaping open in incredible hunger as her hot breath began to brush across the tip of his giant cock.

“Wow… that’s um…” she paused, licking her lips and adding, “It’s huge.”

“Careful, you’ll make him blush.” he joked with a smirk.

Scarlett wanted nothing more than to have his hard member inside of her mouth and that’s exactly what she was going to do! As she tilted her head to the side, sticking out her tongue she slid it up the length of his shaft, making sure to pay extra attention to the tip of his thick cock before sucking him in deeper and deeper into the warming comfort of her mouth.

“Ohhh… fuck yes…” he hissed his words as his eyes closed and his hands moved down to rest gently on either side of her head, “Scarlett…”

As she continued to bob her head up and down at a slow and yet steady pace, sucking on his long hard erection and using her tongue to skilfully massage his head, her eyes opened and she looked up to see his expression.

Scarlett noticed that Adam's eyes were now a lot darker than she remembered as he narrowed them at her and breathed in and out through gritted teeth.

Taking him all the way into her mouth, until the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, he let out a loud groan grabbing her by her hair and leaning down over her.


Slipping him out of her mouth she looked up at him with a defiant expression, smirking at how she was controlling him with such a simple action. It was empowering for her after being with a dominant lover such as Dimitri.

“You got a condom?” she asked him.


Retrieving one from his wallet hidden away in his pants pocket, Adam tore the packet open with his teeth and proceeded to slide it up over the length of his thick shaft. Panting heavily Adam’s darkened eyes fixated on her suddenly, like a predator would eye its prey as he reached down and took her by the wrist, pulling her off of the bed and leading her across to the single chair waiting for them beside the nightstand.

Sitting down on the chair he manoeuvred her to straddle him, holding her up so that she could position the tip of his thick cock at her moist entrance. As soon as her hazel eyes met his, she slowly lowered herself down onto his glorious length, inch by incredible inch, allowing his wide girth and unbelievable length to slowly fill her. Scarlett couldn’t believe how hard he was as she continued to lower herself slowly, bit by bit onto his rock hard rod.

“That’s it…” he panted heavily, “Keep going.”

“Oh…my…god…” she whispered into his mouth, lowering herself even more before sliding him out and back in again. “You’re so fucking big.”

“Mmmm.” his voice was deeper now as he sat with his back resting against the chair and watched her slowly riding him.

As she bounced up and down her breasts bounced and his hands moved up to gently caress them, his fingers massaging the tips of her nipples as he watched her move. She was obviously enjoying herself as she bounced up and down on his lap, sliding the most sensitive part of his body in and out of her slick folds, over and over.

“That’s it Scarlett, fucking ride me!” he commanded, moving both of his hands slowly up to cover her breasts, then moving his long fingers up both sides of her neck and finally threading them through her long dark blonde hair. “Ride my fucking cock!”

“Oh god, Adam!” she cursed, grunting as she began to quicken her pace, slapping her cheeks down against his lap with each thrust of his she took. “I’m gonna cum… Oh god I’m... I'm gonna cum.”

“That’s it… cum for me, Scarlett.” he cried out loudly, grabbing her by the hips and holding onto her firmly, causing her to pound into him with more of a brutal force, “Cum for me!”

“Oh FUCK!” she cried out loudly, tossing her head back and moaning loudly as her entire body tensed up and she grinded down into his pelvis, taking him in entirely as her inner walls pulsed powerfully.

“Mmmm… that ’a girl.” he grinned, holding onto her as she wrapped both arms around the back of his neck and focused on controlling her breathing again.

Her hair was a mess, strewn all across her face as she sat there panting heavily on top of him, with his thick cock still buried deep within her warmth. Adam appeared to be pleased with how he had just forced her to orgasm while riding his hard cock, and he decided then and there that he would cause her do it at least once more before he himself reached his climax.

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