Hooked On You

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Chapter 14 - Tying Up Loose Ends

His voice surprised her as he spoke next, “Stand up sexy.”

As he slid her off of his lap, Adam stood up and used his powerful hands to grasp at either side of her hips. Turning her around to face the mirror of the nightstand. He pulled her backwards, in close against his firm chest, then used his large hand to push her down to bend over the nightstand as he moved in behind her to position himself for entry. Her ass was unlike any he had ever seen on a woman before; round, firm and each cheek appeared to be a perfect handful for each of his massive hands.

Using both of her arms to hold herself up against the surface of the wooden nightstand, Scarlett watched their reflections in the large oval mirror as Adam met her eyes and slowly began to slide his massive length inside of her once more, inch by incredible inch. As his shaft continued sliding in, his right hand held at her hip to steady her, while his left hand reached forward and gathered up her hair into his clenched fist.

“Oh my god, that’s so fucking deep!” she cried, closing her eyes tightly shut and clenching her teeth together as he slid further and further inside, then finally out again.

As he held onto the handful of her long hair from behind her, she couldn't help but enjoy the painful feeling of her hair being pulled in such a way. It wasn't an uncomfortable pain, but rather a pleasurable one. It was a way of him dominating her and she didn't seem to mind. She wasn't afraid of this man, not at all.

“You’re so wet Scarlett.” Adam hissed, his right hand squeezing desperately at her hip as his thick cock continued to slide in and out of her slowly.

Seeing her expression in the mirror, Adam surprised her as he suddenly released his hold on her hair and quickly moved his right hand down between her legs where his fingers began playing with her already overexcited clit. They traced circles over her slick folds and began sending tingles of excitement throughout her entire body.

“Adam, I can’t…” she panted, still feeling lightheaded from the last climax she had experienced, curtesy of this handsome devil, “I… I can’t…”

His thrusts began to quicken in pace as he slid in and out of her moist warmth, his fingers still teasing her sensitive clit as he fucked her from behind over the wooden nightstand.

Glancing up at their reflection in the mirror as Adam continued to fuck her, Scarlett noticed that he never once took his eyes off of her and she felt as her next orgasm quickly approached. It suddenly became hard to hold herself up as the warmth engulfed her in a sudden wave of ecstasy and her nails dug into the wooden surface, scratching away at it as she opened her mouth wide.

“I’m cumming Adam…” she warned, just as he had increased his pace yet again, thrusting in and out of her now at a rapid rate and slamming into her harder and harder with loud grunts of his own desire.

“Fuck, so am I.” he panted, squeezing hard against her hip with his left hand as his right worked effortlessly on her sensitive bud, sending her over the edge in yet another powerful wave of euphoric excitement.

“Oh Adam!” Scarlett screamed out loudly, tensing her warm walls around his thrusting cock, giving him just enough pressure to reach his release at the same time as her.

“UH… UHHH!” he grunted loudly, closing his eyes and tossing his head back.

With two more hard slams into her from behind, Adam let out one last grunt as he cum deep inside of her, filling the entire condom and holding onto her tightly as he slowly rode the wave of euphoric sensation to its eventual end. Placing a kiss on the back of her shoulder, he gave a deep and deviant chuckle from behind her.

“Now that was far from gentlemanly…”

An hour had passed and Dimitri’s patience had worn through entirely. He sat in the darkened lounge room on the single sofa, his chin resting on his outstretched fingers as he silently stared at a framed photo of both Kate and Scarlett taken several months ago which was sitting on the mantle.

Gabriele stepped up beside his boss. During their long wait Gabriele had used his time wisely, making several phone calls to his various contacts around the city and surrounding areas and putting out the word for their missing Scarlett.

Knowing full well what the next step would unfortunately be, after having had no response from Scarlett even after leaving her a message, he cleared his throat to gain Dimitri’s attention without doing anything to piss him off in his already furious state.

“I’ve put out the word boss. We’ll hear anything if she’s sighted.” he explained, “But… we really should get going. You shouldn't be seen anywhere near here.”

Dimitri let out a deep breath as he lifted his head, lowered his hand and pulled himself up from the seat to stand. Straightening his jacket, he turned to his second-in-command and gave the nod to proceed.

"Do it."

With permission now granted, Gabriele turned and marched back into the dining room where both James and Kate were seated silently at the dinner table. The couple were still being watched over cautiously by Diego who stood against the wall beside them with his gun casually resting in his right hand.

As soon as Gabriele entered his gaze met Diego’s and he gave the nod, signalling for Diego to push off from the wall and make his way across to where James sat.

“Looks like times up, sorry guys…” he announced, lifting his gun up and aiming it directly at the terrified young man seated before him, “Get up!”

Kate panicked.

James, with his eyes wide and his hands out in front of him, began begging hopelessly for mercy as he was forced to obey the gunman's command, rising slowly from his seat.

“Please… please you don’t have to do this… There has to be a way we can sort this out. We'll do anything.”

“No, please!” Kate cried out from the other side of the dinner table, “Don’t hurt him, please I’m begging you. Leave him alone…”

In an obvious panic, she went to stand but Gabriele’s powerful hand forced her back down into the seat, continuing to hold her in place as she blubbered, begging pointlessly for her doomed boyfriend's life to be spared.

Diego directed James to begin making his way down the hall with a flick of his pistol and a stern command, “Move it!”

Before he disappeared behind the doorframe, James’ terror-filled eyes met Kate’s as he began walking with both hands up in the air, down the hall followed closely by Diego with his gun held out in front of him.

Kate was desperate now.

"Dimitri please, I don’t understand… What’s going on? Where is Scarlett? Please, just tell me what’s going on? You don’t have to do this-"

Then she heard it... and froze in horror.


The supressed pair of high-pitched shots sounded from an adjoining room, followed closely by a loud 'THUD', as if something heavy had dropped to the ground.

Kate peered across towards the hallway with wide open eyes as tears began to form. Her heart sank with dread as soon as she saw Diego appear through the doorway, alone and unscrewing a silencer from the nozzle of his black 9mm pistol. The dark expression on his face explained everything as she sucked in a sharp breath and fell deep into a state of shock; her body began trembling uncontrollably as her eyes were unable to blink.

Was her boyfriend really dead?

Did the man with the gun just KILL him?

As he unscrewed the silencer and pocketed it, Diego glanced across to Gabriele as he spoke with a frown.

“What are we doing with the girl?”

Dimitri suddenly appeared, casually stepping into the room beside where Kate was seated.

“She comes with us.” the Mafia Boss announced.

With a void expression he reached out and placed a hand on top of her left shoulder, causing her to close her eyes and whimper with fear.

“Perhaps my dear fiancé needs a little more convincing to make contact with us.”

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