Hooked On You

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Chapter 16 - The Note

After an entire night spent in each other’s arms, the sun had finally chosen to show its face as it peeked in through the basic black and grey striped curtains hanging at the single window of the motel room they were staying in.

Deciding that he needed to make a move if he were to reach his next destination before nightfall, Adam was dressing himself with one item of clothing at a time as he busily searched the room for each of them. Scarlett was enjoying the view from the warmth of the bed as he continued to dress himself in front of her. She was laying on her side covered by a thick warm blanket which hid her completely naked body beneath its surface.

“You’re leaving early.” she spoke suddenly, causing him to turn and face her.

“Oh, yeah. I need to get going if I’m going to reach my friend’s place before it gets too late.” he explained, picking up his dress shirt and pulling it over the length of his muscular arms one sleeve at a time, “I’m planning on paying him a surprise visit. Haven’t seen him in like fifteen years.”

She smiled warmly at this.

“It would appear that you’re just full of surprises now aren’t you?” she joked, “I’m sure he’ll love having you over… I know I sure as hell did.”

A deep throaty chuckle escaped him as he threaded his last button and reached for his black dress pants.

“Yeah, his mum owns a farm or something. I used to visit him a lot back when we were in High School together but… well, you know how it goes...” he continued to zip up his pants and thread the single black button, “You grow up, plans change. Hence the reason I haven’t seen him in so long.”

His tone showed that he didn’t seem happy about his ‘plans’ changing and she narrowed her hazel eyes with intrigue.

“How about you? What are your plans from here?” he asked, his brows both lifting with interest as he glanced across the room at her.

Scarlett hesitated at first, unsure of what she should say. She was deeply concerned about saying too much to anyone, it was hard to know who to trust given her dangerous situation. But for some reason it felt different with him; he felt different. Unclear as to why, she felt like she could actually trust this man as she stared back at him.

“I’m heading out to visit one of my Aunts I haven’t seen in years. She and my mum were close but… well, like you said plans change…” she paused and looked down at the bed as she added, “Actually she doesn’t even know I’m coming.”

“I’m sure she will be delighted to see you again Scarlett.” he soothed her worries with his comment as he came across and sat beside her on the bed, “She is family after all.”

With that he lifted his right hand up to grasp at a stray strand of her dark blonde hair which had fallen across her cheek. Lovingly tucking it in behind her ear he smiled down at her and her heart fluttered with a familiar feeling; one she immediately began to panic about feeling towards a complete stranger. Why was she having those feelings for Adam?

Sitting up she looked away from him uncomfortably as she pulled the blanket up to cover her breasts and he too looked away shyly.

“Well, I… err… I’d better get going.” he spoke with an uneasy tone.

Scarlett gave him a forced smile as he turned to her and reached out his hand for her to shake politely, to officially say goodbye.

“It was truly a pleasure meeting you, Scarlett.” he spoke with a warm and intoxicating smile.

As her smile became more genuine and she too reached out to take his hand, instead of shaking hands he merely held her hand within the confinement of his warm grip as she replied softly.

“The pleasure was all mine… Adam.”

With that he slowly released his grip on her and her soft hand slid out of the warmth of his embrace as he slowly stood from the bed and grabbed his jacket on his way towards the door. She watched as he opened it, her heart hammering as if to tell her something she chose to ignore as he paused in the doorway and turned his head to meet her gaze once last time.

“Until the next time we meet…” and with that he stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him with a gentle ‘click’.

Scarlett’s expression showed how confused she was by his last comment as she blinked rapidly and turned her head to the side to quietly think.

A single white folded piece of paper standing upright on the bedside table caught her immediate attention as she shuffled across the bed to get a closer look at it. Her slender fingers reached out and grasped it with a soft ‘crinkling’ sound as she lifted it up to read her handwritten name on the front. It was a strangely fancy style of handwriting for a man to write and she smiled as her fingers eagerly opened it to read what he had written for her on the inside. As her hazel eyes began skimming across the words penned on paper her entire body tingled with warmth and excitement at this welcome surprise.

“I’m not sure if it were your intention, but I’m totally hooked on you…



Her face lit up with a bright smile as she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes, fully basking in this special moment. He gave her his number, which meant he wanted more.

But was this wise, given the fact that she was currently running from a Mafia Boss?

All sense of right or wrong disappeared as she giggled and grabbed her sheet, ripping it off of the bed and wrapping it around her naked body from the chest down.

With the note in her hand she eagerly jogged across the room to the door and reached for the handle, twisting it and pulling the door open just in time to see him out the front opening a car door and throwing his luggage onto the passenger seat. Her eyes widened as she realised which car he was getting into; the sleek black Dodge Challenger they had been ogling last night before their make-out session and she stood completely stunned, staring at him with an expression of disbelief as he casually slid into the driver’s seat and closed his car door behind him.

As if he had known she were there watching him all along, Adam pressed the button on the side of his car door for his electronic tinted window to lower slowly, revealing a cheeky grin spread across his handsome face as his eyes met with hers from across the carpark. She couldn’t help but smile back at him as the engine roared to life, thundering loudly and continuing to rumble on, causing every solid surface around the car to rumble slightly with the power of the car’s incredible engine.

With his chocolate brown eyes still locked onto the stunning woman standing half-naked on the patio before him he playfully winked at her, then slipped a pair of black designer sunglasses on and gently pressed his foot down, slowly rolling out of the motel’s carpark and headed for the adjoining road which would lead him out to the highway.

She had to admit it; she was impressed.

Shaking her head with a mixture of disbelief and excitement Scarlett watched as he revved his engine once loudly, as if just for her, before taking off down the isolated road. The incredible beauty of his gleaming muscle car revealed as it thundered off into the distance and then disappeared over the hill and out of sight.

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