Hooked On You

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Chapter 19 - What are the Chances?

They were halfway into the movie when Haley seemed to lose her interest and shuffled in closer to where Scarlett was seated on the couch. It was extremely dark now as the lights were out everywhere in the house except for the one in the kitchen, the one leading down the hallway and the outside light which had been left on for the boys when they finally returned home from their night out.

It was a quiet scene and Haley leaned her head in next to her cousin and whispered, initiating the unplanned conversation between them.

“So, Jake’s friend is like super-hot by the way. What do you think, should I maybe like ask him out or something?”

Scarlett frowned, turning her head to the side but keeping her eyes fixated on the movie they were watching, “I haven’t even seen him yet, remember?”

“Oh yeah…” the teenager nodded, “Well believe me, he’s hot. He’s got like this whole rich bad-boy thing going on.”

“What makes you think he’s rich?” Scarlett asked her.

“Um, because of his totally sick car.” she replied sitting up on her knees and giving her older cousin her full attention as the movie suddenly took the back seat, “You should have seen it, seriously. The power of that thing… Uhh… it like gives me the chills. I think I might have a thing for muscle cars or something.”

Scarlett smiled and nodded her head, “I think you definitely do.”

Glancing across to where Aunt Steph was sitting Scarlett suddenly realised why she hadn’t hushed their conversation; she was fast asleep with her head back against the sofa’s headrest.

Both Haley and Jake took after their mother in appearance, with the same brown hair and green eyes, but Haley had a slimmer figure when compared to her mother. Jake on the other hand was well-built and had several tattoos which ran down both arms.

As Scarlett turned to look at the time, the clock read 12:32am and she settled back into her seat on the sofa. The sudden bright flash of a camera flickered in the darkness startling Scarlett as she closed her eyes and blinked several times in order to rid herself of the bright dots she was now seeing.

“Whoa, what the hell Haley?” she asked.

“Oh come on, like I’m not gonna tell all my friends about my long lost cousin who’s come to visit.” she explained, busily typing away on her phone again.

Then the sudden realisation hit and Scarlett sucked in a sharp breath nervously.

“Wait, Haley, don’t post-“

“-Too late… posted.” the unsuspecting teenager replied with a smile, “Now the entire world knows you’re here.”

Scarlett sat back in her seat and swallowed nervously at her cousin’s words. There was a small chance that someone would see her photo online, someone Dimitri knew perhaps. It was a small chance, but it was still a possibility which made her quite concerned. With a long sigh she decided to leave that issue until tomorrow morning and enjoy her time with her extended family while she had the chance.

Just as the movie was getting to an exciting build-up scene the sudden sound of a rumbling engine could be heard from outside and Haley instantly lit up with excitement, her eyes wide as she jumped up from the sofa and ran across to the large window overlooking the long driveway leading up to the house. Throwing open the large drapes, Haley watched the headlights of a car cruising along at a slow speed down the length of the driveway with anticipation.

“They’re back!” she announced eagerly, jumping happily with her phone still in her hand, “Jake and his friend are back!”

Scarlett looked up to see the headlights as the car finally parked beside the house, the large V8 engine continuing to rumble loudly causing everything in the house to vibrate for another ten seconds before the engine finally stopped and the silence of the night returned.

Haley was out of there in a flash, headed to meet them as Jake and his friend exited the car. From her seat on the sofa Scarlett could now hear the voices of the pair of clearly inebriated young men as they laughed and talked to each other far too loudly. From the way they were acting it appeared that they must have had an epic night.

Then Haley’s voice spoke from the outside porch, her tone showing her obvious excitement.

“Jake, you won’t believe who’s here!” she announced, opening the door for them and waiting for the two taller men to enter the house.

Rolling her eyes Scarlett rose from her seat and walked around the couch, preparing herself to meet her obviously drunken cousin and the mysterious friend she had heard so much about.

Jake strolled through the doorway first, throwing his arms open wide and running right at Scarlett, sweeping her up into his masculine arms and spinning her around with excitement. She could smell the scent of booze coming from him as it forcefully invaded her nostrils.

“No fucking way, what are you doing here?” he asked, releasing his hold on her and putting her down on her feet again. “Seriously, I haven’t seen you in ages...

As his head turned to face the doorway he shouted out after his friend who was still walking across the porch to enter the house.

“Hey man, get your fucking drunk ass in here and meet my cousin!” Jake called out.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming asshole…” came the deep and masculine voice Scarlett thought sounded somewhat familiar for some reason.

She watched as the shadow of a clearly tall young man was revealed at the doorway as he kicked off his fancy black polished shoes one by one and they tumbled to the floor.

Then he stepped inside and Scarlett’s hazel eyes opened wide with disbelief, as did her mouth upon seeing him.

“Don’t get your panties in a-“ Adam paused mid-sentence as his words caught in his throat and his chocolate brown eyes locked on the familiarly stunning blonde standing before him.

Not seeming to notice the obvious expressions of shock shared between both Adam and Scarlett due to his inebriated state, Jake began to make introductions between the two as Haley glanced between them suspiciously.

“Adam meet my cousin Scarlett… Scarlett, this fucker here is Adam, a good friend of mine whom I’ve known since back in high school.” he explained, swaying on the spot.

“Um hello, earth to Jake… I think they already know each other.” Haley announced grinning with triumph, “I’m right aren’t I?”

Scarlett blushed as she shied away, turning to look at Haley now and unable to return Adam’s warm gaze as she pursed her lips tightly together nervously. What were the chances that they would both run into each other the very next night after hooking up for what was thought to be a one night’s stand? And of all places, her Aunt’s farmhouse? It was next to impossible, yet here they both were, in the same house and with the same people.

“Dude, is that true, do you two know each other?” Jake asked his friend as he reached out and placed his hand on his taller friend’s shoulder, perhaps in an effort to help balance himself in his current state.

Scarlett looked to Adam with an expression of concern now, as if she were silently begging him for some kind of assistance to save her from the embarrassment of her cousins learning the truth. And he immediately stepped in with a believable reply.

“Well, um… yes. The truth is that Scarlett and I have already met once before…” he explained never once breaking his gaze on her, “Last night actually.”

“Oooh… do tell.” Haley pushed with a toothy grin, “Come on, let’s leave mum to sleep and head out the back where we can chat.”

Scarlett smiled as Haley took her by the arm and led her along. Jake and Adam followed along behind the girls, Jake with his arm wrapped around his taller mate’s shoulders. Together all four of them made their way through the dining room and out the back of the kitchen to the doorway leading onto the back patio.

“So come on then, tell us the juicy details of how you two met.” Haley urged them as she sat back into one of the patio chairs with her legs crossed, “And don’t you dare leave out anything, I mean it!”

“What are the fucking chances, hey?” Jake announced, slapping Adam playfully on his back and falling back into the other single chair on the patio.

Adam shook his head as he sat down on the longer lounge chair as Scarlett was forced to sit beside him on it as well, though she appeared reluctant to do so. As she sat down on the soft material surface of the lounge she made sure that there was a big enough distance between her and Adam, then sat nervously with her hands in her lap.

“Um… where to begin.” Adam announced, seeming shy as he ran his fingers through his short dark hair.

“It’s not much of a story guys, seriously.” Scarlett added, equally shy, “Can we just talk about something else?”

Jake suddenly rose from his seat and moved to a free standing fridge at the corner of the patio, opening it and pulling out a handful of cold beers. When he returned he began handing them out one by one, making a point to stop at Haley, narrowing his eyes with a taunting grin.

“I’ll need to see some ID please Miss.” he teased her, hiding the beer behind his back as she reached angrily for it.

“Oh seriously, come on!” she snapped at him, “Don’t be a fucking tool Jake.”

His brows both rose as he continued to taunt her, “Hey, I’m just looking out for my little sister here. I wouldn’t want you to get drunk and do something stupid now would I?”

“Fuck you Jake.” she spat with narrow eyes of her own, “Give me the fucking beer or I’m getting into mum and dad’s private stash. Don’t forget, I know where it is.”

Jake appeared to think that through for a moment, appearing worried.

“Crap. I completely forgot about the stash…”

“Just give me the beer!” she snatched it out of his hand and rolled her eyes, “Why do you always have to be so childish Jake?”

Her older brother chuckled loudly as he made his way with his beer back across to his seat and sat down removing the lid and taking a big swig of it down his throat.

“So Adam, you were telling us about how you and Scarlett first met?” Haley continued to press on with the obviously raw subject.

Hesitating, Adam licked his dry lips and sat forward in the seat.

“Scarlett and I actually first met each other in the middle of a crowded Pub just behind a motel that we both happened to be staying in for the night… Porky’s Pub as I recall. I had stopped by to get something to eat when I noticed her standing beside me.”

Scarlett gave a small smile, though she still refused to look at Adam.

“Little did we know that the night’s entertainment was… well, it was…” he just couldn’t say it aloud, so Scarlett did instead.

“They had strippers on the stage.”

Jake shoved his clenched fist against his mouth, pretending to bite it as his eyes widened with excitement, while Haley appeared shocked by this.

“What, no way!” she replied sitting forward with even more of an interest now, “Are you serious?” she asked with disbelief as her eyes darted between Scarlett and Adam.

“I’m afraid so.” her older cousin admitted nodding her head, “The worst part was they weren’t even that good. I mean, if they actually knew how to work the pole properly then maybe-“

Adam stopped her there with his hand held out in the air.

“-Whoa, wait a minute. Are you saying that you could do better?” he challenged her, causing the others to cheer on as he grinned with satisfaction.

“Go on, show him your moves Scarlett!” Haley cried out, pointing across the patio at the long pole connected to the entryway, “Use that pole over there!”

“Seriously bro, I’ve seen her dancing once or twice and I’ll admit, Scarlett’s got some moves.” Jake spoke directly to Adam now, seeming fairly convinced of what he was telling his friend.

“No, I’m not doing it.” Scarlett shook her head.

Haley continued cheering for her, Jake deciding to join in as well as they both began chanting her name over and over.

“Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett!”

“Nope.” she pursed her lips together, looking down at the ground as Adam leaned in to whisper something to her, something he knew would help push her over the edge.

“It’s ok, if you can’t do it…” he shrugged his shoulders adding to the effect.

Scarlett’s hazel eyes narrowed at him and her smile widened. Challenge accepted.

“Hold my beer.” she commanded.

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