Hooked On You

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Chapter 20 - Relieving the Tension

After accepting the challenge to pole dance on the patio in front of Adam and her cousins, Scarlett was all fired up and ready to show them her apparent skills. Adam eagerly watched as she suddenly stood up and practically shoved her half-finished beer bottle in his face, then proceeded to march across to the other side of the patio toward the pole that had enough room for her to manoeuvre around properly.

Adam grinned with satisfaction as he watched the gorgeous woman before him take the pole in her hand and work it unlike anyone had ever worked a pole before. Her movements were effortless, her motion fluent and smooth as she appeared to have no trouble lifting her entire body’s weight with nothing but the strength of her thighs alone. It was nothing short of incredible as he sat in awe of her skill and beauty.

Flicking herself around the pole and sticking her slender leg out with carefully pointed toes, Scarlett tilted her head to the side and her long dark blonde hair fell across her face, not that she seemed to mind as she closed her eyes and fully immersed herself in the moment. She was truly an incredibly gifted dancer and the more she worked that pole, the more Adam started to notice the growing bulge between his legs.

Adam’s chocolate brown eyes watched her move with serious desire as she continued on with her routine. His hands wanted to hold her, his tongue wanted to trail down the length of her stomach and his cock was in desperate need to be inside of her, right now! He suddenly snapped out of his lustful thoughts as she twirled around and finished in a striking pose, causing her cousins to clap and cheer for her efforts.

“Hell yeah!” Haley cried out.

“Nice job Scarlett.” Jake added.

Adam nodded his head as Scarlett came over to stand in front of him, reaching out for her beer. He slowly handed it to her with an impressed smile.

“You’re certainly fun to watch.” he commented, his hooded eyes boring into hers as she took a swig of her beer and smiled, giving him a cheeky wink before she sat back down beside him.

She finished her mouthful of cold beer and then spoke softly so that only he would hear her.

“You have no idea.”

Deciding to call it a night, Marco and Gabriele had located a roadside motel to stay in for the last few hours of the early morning before getting back on the open road. The two Mafia henchmen were taking a well-earned break from their non-stop chase after almost an entire day on the job.

Marco was fast asleep on one of the single beds in the room, still fully-dressed in his expensive suit and on top of the covers as he snored away, blissfully happily. He hadn’t bothered to climb underneath the covers like most people in his situation would have, instead he had merely collapsed on the bed and passed out as soon as they arrived. His right arm was draped over his eyes and his right knee was slightly raised with his shoe against the mattress as he slept soundly.

Gabriele on the other hand had been online surfing for any signs of Scarlett which may mistakably turn up on any social media feeds. From the phone calls he had made throughout the night there had been no one matching Scarlett’s description seen checking in at any of the motels or hotels located along the highway which could only mean one thing; she was staying with someone she actually knew. An acquaintance perhaps? Or possibly family they didn’t know about? Both were likely and he needed to narrow it down, fast.

With his skilled and totally illegal ability to hack into people’s online accounts he was currently logged in under Scarlett, searching through her Facebook profile and looking for anything that may have popped up in her ‘News Feed’ recently. Luckily for him, in a matter of seconds his deep blue eyes lit up with disbelief as the picture appeared on his screen. His disbelief immediately changed to excitement as he picked up a pillow next to him and hurtled it towards his sleeping accomplice in an effort to wake him.

With expert precision the pillow hit Marco on the stomach and caused him to shoot upward, gasping as he was suddenly woken. Glancing around with his hazel eyes open he appeared stunned as he blinked several times and looked to Gabriele with a frown.

“What the fuck man?”

“Get over here, check this out!” Gabriele commanded sternly, his blue eyes locked on the laptop’s screen in their darkened room.

With a defiant groan Marco slowly pulled himself up off of the bed and began to trudge across the small room to join his superior. As he leaned down beside Gabriele’s shoulder to see what was so important, his hazel eyes suddenly lit up with excitement as he too recognised the woman in the photo displayed before them.

“Holy shit, that’s her!” Marco spoke with surprise, rubbing the sleep from his eye and giving Gabriele his full attention.

It was her, there was no doubt about it! The woman in the photo was definitely Scarlett.

“Do you know where this picture was taken?” Marco queried with narrowed eyes. “Is there any way we can find that out?”

Gabriele scrolled down to see the comment posted below the picture. He read it aloud to Marco.

“Finally catching up with my long-lost cousin after years apart. Looks like it’s gonna be a girl’s night! #fun&wine #drunkbitches”

The corner of Gabriele’s mouth curved upwards suddenly as he hovered the cursor of the mouse over the photo’s details and found what he had been searching for the entire time. A part of him felt sorry for the poor unknowing teenager who had apparently posted the photo of her with Scarlett. She had no idea that it could be used to track down her cousin and anyone else along with her.

“So what now?” Marco asked, standing up straight and stretching his back.

“Now we call the boss.” Gabriele replied dryly, picking up his mobile and unlocking the screen.

Gabriele immediately dialled up Dimitri and sat waiting for his boss to answer his important call. He knew that even given the late hour of the phone call, this would be something Dimitri would want to hear about.

Eventually after the fifth ring a groggy Dimitri finally answered on the other end as he was rudely woken by the call.


And then his second-in-command uttered the words that caused him to sit up in his bed with a new and undivided interest in what Gabriele had to say.

“Boss… We’ve found her. We’ve found Scarlett.”

Several beers later the group had called it a night and were heading off to their rooms to get what little sleep they could. Haley and Jake crashed in their own rooms, Scarlett had made her way down to the guest room and Adam was left to sleep on the sofa out in the lounge room.

As he laid himself out across the soft foam surface of the sofa and pulled the pillow he had been given in under his head, Adam couldn’t stop thinking about Scarlett and how by a strange twist of fate, they had been brought together again. Turning to lay on his back he got more comfortable as he stared up at the ceiling with a smile.


The sudden sound alerted him to turn his head to glance over at where his phone was sitting on the coffee table beside the couch. His large hand reached out and grabbed the phone, pulling it in closer to his face so that he could see what the notification was about. It was a text message, from an unknown number.

With a puzzled expression on his face, he clicked the screen to open it and began reading silently.

‘So you want to see me dance again, huh?’

It took a few seconds before it suddenly clicked and he happened to connect the dots, but as soon as he did, a massive grin spread wide across his face. Scarlett was sending him a text message from the guest room. He wasted no time typing a reply for her and hitting ‘send’.

‘Glad you kept my number. And yeah, I wouldn’t mind a private show if you're offering one. But it would have to be just you and me this time, alone.’

He couldn’t contain his excitement as he waited eagerly for the next message from her to appear on the screen of his phone, which he still held in his hand. Seconds later another notification sounded.


His finger swiped to open it eagerly as he began reading with a smile.

‘Oh yeah, and what would happen in this so-called private show of yours?’

His cock twitched with anticipation and he swallowed nervously as he began to type his reply.

‘I’d watch as you remove each piece of your clothing nice and slow, until all that remained were your sweet lacy panties.’

Her reply sounded quickly, causing him to instantaneously freeze up and suck in a sharp breath from what she had typed next.

‘What makes you think I’m wearing panties?’

Adam closed his eyes and smiled as he let out a pained groan, pushing his head back into the pillow beneath. Just the thought of her lying there naked and waiting for him, it was almost too much for him to bear. The evidence of his desperate need for her had already begun to tent from beneath the blanket covering him as he sucked in a long hard breath and exhaled loudly.

“Fuck Scarlett…” he muttered quietly to himself as he shook his head, “What are you doing to me?”

At that exact moment Scarlett was laying on her back in the queen-sized guest bed as she held her phone in her hands and smiled to herself with satisfaction. Adam hadn’t yet replied with a text since she had sneakily informed him that she was currently sleeping in the nude, with nothing but the blanket to cover her. It would appear that her cheeky text may have been too much for him to handle.

Placing her phone down on the pillow beside her head she decided it was time to rid herself of her unwanted sexual tension towards the handsome young man currently staying in the same house as her. Her body craved him and she could feel her core heating up with merely the thought of being anywhere near Adam.

Nervously glancing toward the door to check it was closed she bit her bottom lip as the long, slender fingers of her right hand slowly moved down from her chest, gliding effortlessly along her soft skin until they finally reached in between her legs.

Closing her eyes and imagining it was in fact Adam's fingers moving over her inner thighs, Scarlett sucked in a sharp breath as the pads of her fingers reached their intended destination; her sensitive folds. She was already wet and it didn’t surprise her in the slightest as she began tracing circles over her needy clit, slowly massaging herself beneath the cover of her blanket.

She could feel her heart rate increasing substantially as she began panting with each breath she made, her left hand instinctively moving up to cup her left breast as she squeezed it gently.

“Mmmm…” she moaned softly, her eyes still closed as she tilted her head off to the side and her hips began to slide back and forth as if on cue.

Her fingers began working faster and faster over her slick folds, circling and sending sharp sparks of excitement up throughout the length of her entire body as she moaned softly and squirmed beneath the blanket. It was becoming more and more difficult for her to keep herself quiet now as she felt herself quickly reaching her climax. It certainly wasn’t far off.

“Uh… oh god…”

Lifting her left arm up she quickly threw it across her mouth and used her upper teeth to bite down against the soft skin of her inner arm, silencing her uncontrollable moans as they came again and again in endless waves of pleasure. And then at last she felt herself reaching her peak as her entire body tensed up and she threw her arm off of her face, unable to prevent herself from crying out her next words aloud.

“Oh… Adam… UH!”

As her entire body continued to pulse over and over and while she rode her wave of euphoria until the very end, Scarlett panted heavily from her open mouth as her entire body began to relax back down into the comfort of the mattress beneath once more.

Slowly opening her eyes and blinking as her heart continued to race, she began to look around the room and that’s when she spotted him standing there.

With a sharp exhale of guilty surprise, Scarlett sat up in the bed making sure to hold the covers up to cover herself as she stared across towards the open doorway and the masculine figure standing in it.

It was Adam.

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