Hooked On You

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Chapter 21 - Caught Out

Adam’s chocolate brown eyes were narrowed as he silently stepped inside of the guest room and closed the door behind him. Scarlett watched as he made an effort to quietly turn the lock while still keeping his sights fixed on her the entire time.

“I see you started without me...” he smirked at her.

This time he wore nothing but a pair of silver silk boxers revealing his perfectly sculpted chest as he slowly slipped in underneath the covers of the guest bed to join her, not bothering to ask for her permission beforehand. He knew what she wanted, what she craved more than anything else in this exact moment. And he would be the one to give it to her.

“Open your legs.”

His voice was now deep, dominant and almost commanding as she gave him an expression of complete shock, revealing just how embarrassed she felt due to his comment.

“What? No, Adam we can’t. Not in here, someone will find us.”

His eyes suddenly darkened as he faced her again, she could feel the seriousness radiating from him as he stared at her unblinking and unrelenting.

“I said… open your legs Scarlett.” his voice was impossibly deeper now.

Normally she would be terrified if any other man had spoken to her that way but with Adam it was different. As if he were playing a role for her, a role of domination and seduction.

Swallowing a nervous lump in her throat she obeyed, instinctively glancing across to the door to check that no one was there to watch what he was about to do to her as he climbed in underneath the covers and lay down, positioning himself between her legs, now spread wide for him.

“I’ve locked it, relax. You have nothing to worry about…” he announced, his voice slightly muffled from beneath the blanket’s surface, “…with the exception of what I’m about to do to you of course.”

Before she could open her mouth to reply his lips and tongue were trailing up her inner thigh, as if to tease her a little before he had reached where she needed him to be. Scarlett’s hazel eyes hooded as she leaned back on both of her elbows, her mouth shot open as soon as she felt the warmth of his breath wafting across her naked core.

“Oh please…” she whispered to him.

He chuckled softly at the power he had over her right now. She was begging him, begging for him to make her cum. And he would, but he would take his sweet time with it.

“Just lay back and relax, beautiful...” he reminded, lifting his second hand up and sliding his finger up and into her moist entrance, “I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll see the fucking stars.”

“Mmmm…” she moaned, biting her lip to help prevent her from making any more noise as she did as he had suggested and lay her head down onto the pillow below.

His lips crashed onto her folds with such need and hunger, his tongue slid slowly along her sensitive bud, flicking up and down and sending her senses into overdrive as she sucked in a sudden gasp and furrowed her brows. Her hands reached out to grasp something, anything within reach to help stabilise her. Both fists constricted around the soft plush blanket as she let out another moan and arched her back slightly, forcing her heated mound into him and silently telling him she needed more.

And she did… she needed him fucking her with his tongue.

Adam’s left hand moved to hold her firmly by the thigh as his right pointer finger thrusted in and out of her dripping wet pussy over and over, slowly at first. He wanted to make this last and draw out the ending as much as possible. The sound of her moans and the way her incredible body moved for him was a massive turn on. The way she writhed with ecstasy because of what he was doing to her; he could feel as his rock-like member as it immediately stood at attention beneath his silk boxers, in desperate need to be reunited with her pleasurable warmth.

“Adam, I’m close.” she suddenly panted, quickly glancing down the length of her outstretched body to where his covered head bobbed up and down slowly, “Fuck, I’m close…”

“That’s it beautiful, cum for me.” he spoke, taking less than a second or two to break from feasting on her, “Only for me…”

His finger pumped in and out of her now, faster than before and with more of an urgency as his lips locked onto her outer folds and his tongue began flicking rapidly against her centre, sending her into her climax within a matter of seconds.

“Oh my god… oh my GOD!”

Throwing her head back hard against the pillow and closing her eyes tightly, Scarlett could see nothing but black surrounded by bright coloured spots as she suddenly became dizzy and lightheaded. Adam grinned as he felt her tensing up from the inside, squeezing against his finger with her inner walls and coating it in her sweet-smelling juices. He wasted no time licking them up as she slowly relaxed into the mattress once again, after having had a second orgasm in less than ten minutes!

Her breaths were long and heavy as she slowly opened her eyes and watched as he began crawling up the length of her body from beneath the covers, his head emerging from beneath it and a large grin spread across his face.

“That… was-” she panted.

“-Just the beginning.” he finished for her, lowering his body down onto hers and moving his mouth to meet hers as the two engaged in an incredibly passionate and needy kiss.

Scarlett had totally forgotten about anything else outside of this room in the moment she and Adam were sharing with one another. All concerns for her safety and wellbeing momentarily harnessed in this incredibly tender and surprisingly raw and untamed moment. She cared for nothing; nothing but the man she held in her arms. The man who had practically swept her up off of her feet and made her feel such unbelievable sensations; ones she never even knew existed until now.

Why was she so hooked on this man who was practically a stranger to her? A stranger who only two days prior, she had never even heard of before let alone had the pleasure of meeting. So what was it? Why did she feel so strongly about Adam? And was it a good idea to get involved with someone, given the fact that she was currently on the run from her crazed ex-fiancé Dimitri, the Mafia Boss?

After a fun-filled night spent rolling beneath the sheets of her Aunt Steph’s guest bed with Adam, Scarlett woke the next morning just as sun had risen with the unfamiliar feeling of an arm hung across her waist. She could feel the warmth of Adam’s body pressed up against her back as she snuggled in closer with a comforting moan. She couldn’t help but feel completely at peace in this moment lying here with him spooning her from behind. It was a moment she would certainly remember fondly.

“Morning beautiful.” came his deep and husky voice from behind her as he groaned and appeared to be stretching.

With a giant smile Scarlett rolled over so that she was facing him with her head on the pillow beside his and her nose almost touching. She had to admit; he looked incredibly cute in the mornings. Even with his hair scruffed up and the more obvious stubble which had apparently formed overnight, Scarlett knew that he was certainly a sight she could get used to seeing each morning. With those warm chocolate brown eyes gazing fondly into hers, she felt something stirring from within. An unknown feeling she hadn’t yet understood well enough to label but one she recognised quite well nevertheless.

But she couldn’t think that way, not about him. Not yet anyway.

“Good morning yourself.” she replied softly with a sultry smirk, “And how are we feeling this morning?”

“Mmmm…” his deep voice rumbled as he pulled her chest in closer to his and wrapped his arms around her, “I could get used to this.”

She couldn’t hold back the large grin which forced its way across her face as she pressed her soft lips against his, closing her eyes and kissing him tenderly. She could feel his arms snaking their way up the length of her body, one of his large warm hands moved to cup the side of her face as they continued on with their kiss, oblivious to the world around them.

A sudden sound alerted the couple, causing them to both quickly and simultaneously pull away from each other and turn with shocked expressions toward the closed door, still locked from the night before.


“Shhh…” Scarlett held her finger up to cover Adam’s lips as her eyes widened with concern; concern that they may be found together.

Her hand was gently pushed aside as he turned to face her, his eyes gentle and calming.

“Why are you shushing me?” he whispered to her with a deviant smirk.

“Are you serious?” she seemed panicked now as her voice had risen an octave or two, “They’ll know you’re in here… that we spent the night together!”

He raised his left brow in question, tilting his head to the side slightly.


Another set of knocks at the door, this time followed by a familiar voice on the other side of it immediately afterwards.


“Scarlett, you up yet?” Jake called out.

“Oh god, it’s Jake.” Scarlett panicked, glancing around the room frantically for her clothes.

“Relax, I’m sure he has no idea.” Adam spoke softly as he tried to convince her, clearly failing at his weakened attempt.

The truth was, Adam knew they would be found out; there was no doubt in his mind. If it weren’t the obvious clue of both of them leaving from the same room this morning, it would have been from the empty space on the sofa instead. The cat was definitely out of the bag in this case. But Adam had to admit, for some unknown reason he really didn’t seem to mind. It was as if he actually wanted others to know how he felt for this amazing woman; this woman who had practically stolen his heart from the moment they had met.

“Scarlett?” Jake continued questioning, after getting no reply from her.

Then she froze upon hearing his next comment.

“Hey, are you awake? I’m coming in...”

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