Hooked On You

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Chapter 24 - An Unexpected Gift

A couple of hours later all four shoppers had decided to make their way back home to ensure they arrived in time for dinner. The last thing they needed was to make Aunt Steph angry. As the four of them proceeded to get into Adam’s sleek black muscle car they were completely oblivious to the lone figure standing off in the distance and out of sight, watching keenly as the Dodge pulled away and took off down the road with a tremendous rumbling roar. Reaching into his pressed jacket pocket, the well-dressed man wearing a tailored black suit and sunglasses began to type away a text message on his phone.

“On their way…”

As he hit the ‘send’ button on his IPhone a dark tinted SUV suddenly pulled up to the curb just in front of him. Reaching out his hand, the figure opened the car door and got inside. Within seconds the SUV’s wheels were squealing loudly as it abruptly sped away down the road headed in the same direction.

By the time Adam and the others finally pulled up alongside the large farm house it was around five o’clock in the afternoon and almost time for dinner. The moment the car’s rumbling engine was turned off both Haley and Jake quickly exited the car and began to make their way inside the house to find their mother.

This left Scarlett and Adam alone.

As Scarlett reached for the door she stopped as she felt a warm hand grasp her wrist and heard his deep and gentle voice speak to her.

“Scarlett, wait a minute...”

Turning to face him with intrigue she met his eyes and waited patiently to hear what he had to say. It was strange; he seemed rather uneasy or perhaps nervous about something and this had her full attention.

“What is it?” she asked with a puzzled expression, “Is… everything ok?”

He only smiled back at her before replying simply with, “Yeah… never better.”

She watched as he reached around his car seat to the floor of the backseat and lifted something up into view. It was a black velvet box around the size of a credit card and she immediately recognised it as a jewellery box.

Her heart dropped.

As he held it out for her, he spoke calmly.

“This is for you...”

She frowned at him, her hazel eyes moving back and forward between him and the box for a few seconds while she processed this strange occurrence. What was he doing?

“Um, why?” was all she could query, seeming confused as to why he would buy her something in the first place. Especially jewellery.

He merely shrugged his shoulders as he replied casually.

“Why not?”

Scarlett hesitated for a moment but before she knew what she was doing curiosity took over and her hand had moved forward to take the box. As her fingers worked to slowly open it, her hazel eyes widened and her mouth gaped open at the sight of what waited for her inside.

It was a necklace.

But not just any kind of necklace, it was THE necklace; the exact one she had been admiring fondly in the store window earlier on in the day! How was this possible?

The delicate chain was made of solid white gold and attached to it, a glistening ruby infinity heart pendant encompassed by sparkling diamonds around the outer edge. Quite simply, it was beyond beautiful. Scarlett felt as if all the air from her lungs had suddenly been sucked out as she continued to stare down at it in awe, unable to make any sense of what was happening to her right now. This thing was beyond expensive, so how in the hell had he been able to afford it? And more importantly why was he giving it to her?

Adam couldn’t help but smile at her response.

“Do you like it?” he seemed uncertain.

Her eyes finally met his and she furrowed her brows in confusion.

“I…” she shook her head slowly, “I’m sorry Adam, I can’t accept this…”

Instead of a frown he rolled his brown eyes and reached out taking the box from her hands. He then proceeded to carefully lift the necklace from inside and skilfully unfasten the delicate clasp. Scarlett watched silently as he leaned across towards her lifting the necklace up and positioning it around her neck. She was too startled to move.

“You can… and you will.” he announced, fixing the clasp shut behind her neck and then gently pulling her long golden hair out from underneath the glistening chain.

Once he was satisfied with how it looked on her, Adam smiled as he sat back casually to get a better view of it on her. Utter perfection… and the necklace wasn’t bad either.

But Scarlett still wasn’t sure.

“Adam, seriously… I can’t keep this.” she argued cautiously, “I saw the price tag. This is far too expensive a gift for someone you’ve only known for a matter of days.”

He lifted his hand to caress her left cheek gently as he gave her a warm smile, seemingly ignoring her refusal outright. As soon as his fingers pressed against her skin she felt warm tingles exploding across the surface of her face and closed her eyes for a moment to fully enjoy them. She longed for his touch, though she didn’t fully understand why. His deepened voice broke her out of the spell-like trance, causing her to open her eyes again.

“Do you like it?”

“Adam…” she tried countering shaking her head slowly, but he quickly cut in.

“-Do you like it?” he repeated, his left brow now raised with question.

She slowly smiled, reaching down and grasping it between her slender fingers to get a better view of the stunning gemstone. As she looked down at it, the diamonds and giant ruby fixated in the centre of the infinity symbol seemed to sparkle a reflection in her eyes, one that even Adam had noticed. Never in her wildest dreams would she have even imagined owning something so stunning, so precious, so expensive!

“It is beautiful…” she admitted finally, her voice still soft and full of hesitation.

“Not as beautiful as you...” he quickly countered, the pads of his fingers running up and down the side of her left cheek as he sat staring at her in complete admiration.

Scarlett let out a small giggle as she smiled shyly. It was true that what he said was slightly cheesy, but she liked it. She liked him. He was a romantic at heart and seemed to adore her for some unknown reason, even if they barely knew each other. And she felt strangely safe around him; a feeling she desperately needed now more than ever.

Without giving it too much thought Scarlett instantly leaned in towards him and crashed her lips upon his sparking a desperate and passionate kiss between them as their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. Adam’s tongue massaged the inside of her mouth as if searching desperately for something as her tongue met his eagerly. Scarlett unintentionally gave a satisfying groan as his fingers grazed the back of her neck, tightening and pulling her in closer towards him as they deepened their passionate kiss. She enjoyed the sensation she got whenever she was around Adam. The feel of his touch would cause her to feel sparks across her skin and warmth from deep within; a feeling she could not understand or explain. Not that there was any need to explain it.

Goosebumps began to form on the surface of her skin as she felt his left hand beginning to move up the inside of her shirt, moving to cup one of her breasts and she sucked in a sharp breath, pulling away from him for a moment to meet his hooded gaze.

“Hey… we’re expected for dinner, remember?” she warned him with a playful smirk, panting and clearly out of breath.

“Oh, and we wouldn’t want to keep Aunt Steph waiting now, would we?” he taunted, his left brow raised with challenge.

She stared at him, her smirk slowly growing wider by the second until at last she lunged forward and embraced him once again, claiming him with her soft lips and continuing their make out session inside the car.

Ten minutes later the pair attempted to sneak inside undetected though they stood little chance of this with Haley, an inquisitive teenager impatiently waiting for their arrival. Just as they stepped inside the doorway peering around for any signs of the others, Haley stepped out from behind the opposite wall with her arms crossed in front of her and her eyes narrowed with warning.

Both Scarlett and Adam froze in place.

“And where the hell have you two been?” she demanded in almost in a motherly tone, “Since when does it take that long to get out of a car?”

Just as Scarlett opened her mouth to voice her response, another voice came to their apparent rescue as Aunt Steph called out for her daughter from the Kitchen.

“Haley, come and help me set out the dinner table please!”

Rolling her eyes and letting out a large sigh of frustration, the heated teenager narrowed her eyes at them suspiciously for a moment, as if sizing them up. After a good five seconds of awkward silence shared between the trio, Haley suddenly turned around and disappeared through the doorway once more.

Both Adam and Scarlett let out synchronised exhales of relief as they continued on into the house to make it to dinner on time.

They were already late.

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