Hooked On You

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Chapter 27 - The Distraction

After an hour or so of planning and then alternatively conversing with Aunt Steph on their idea, both Scarlett and Adam had come up with a plan that they believed may help the both of them disappear from the Mafia Boss’ radar. Of course, nothing was certain. The truth was, it may not work. But the protectively handsome Adam was adamant that he would not allow Scarlett to obey her domineering ex-fiancé’s commands and intended to get her to somewhere safe as soon as possible.

The farm was no longer safe, that much was obvious. They needed to leave.

The trick was fooling their well-dressed observers into thinking that they were still at the farm and then getting as far away from it as possible.

Luckily, Adam had the car for such a task. It was quick enough to put as much distance between them in a short amount of time. But getting both him and Scarlett into it without being sighted was the difficult part.

What they needed was a distraction of some sort.

“Ok, so we all know what we’re doing right?” Aunt Steph quickly checked, glancing from one head to the next.

Scarlett, Adam, Haley and Jake each stood beside one another in a line against the kitchen counter nodding their heads with understanding of what they were about to do. They were about to try and fool members of the Mafia!

“Good, remember the focus needs to remain on Adam at all times if Scarlett is going to make it out unseen.”

“I still don’t understand why we’re trying to sneak Scarlett out to Adam’s car unseen.” Haley chimed in, her eyes squinted with confusion.

“Yeah mum, why are those guys watching our house anyway?” Jake added, “What are they, like FBI or something? Is Scarlett in trouble with the law?”

“No, no. Nothing like that Jake.” Aunt Steph assured them, “I promise I’ll explain everything afterwards. For now, we need to get this done, understood?”

Haley and Jake both looked to one another, then hesitantly nodding their heads.

“Ok. Jake, you head out the back with Adam and get things started. Remember to make it look believable-“

“-And… why are we fighting again?” Jake enquired, still having trouble with the entire concept.

Adam quickly intercepted, “Something about me coming on to Scarlett, her being your cousin and you’re not ok with it… you’ll figure it out. Just make sure you demand that I leave right now, got it?”

Jake frowned. He didn’t have an issue with them hooking up and wasn’t sure he could act that way towards Adam. Let alone make it believable for an audience!

“I don’t know if I can do this guys.” Jake admitted.

Adam rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll throw the first punch.”

Jake’s eyes widened suddenly.

“Wait, we’re punching each other now?”

“Oh seriously Jake, man up already!” Haley chimed in with obvious frustration, shaking her head from side to side, “Just start a fight with your friend, it’s not hard. That is unless you don’t know how to fight?”

“I know how to fight, dumbass!”

Chuckling with success at infuriating her brother, Haley glanced down at her phone again.

“Once the fight starts I’ll sneak Scarlett out the front of the house to Adam’s car and get her inside. Then Adam will storm out of the house, get into his car and speed off in a rage. Haley, your job is to stay in the guest room, sitting on the bed.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because we don’t know if they have eyes on the room or not.” Aunt Steph admitted.

“We have different hair colour mum, they’ll totally know I’m not Scarlett!”

“You don’t have to look exactly like her Haley, just enough so they think she’s still in the house when Adam leaves. We can’t give them any reason to follow him when he leaves.”

Letting out a massive sigh, Haley rolled her eyes, “Ok, whatever. I’ll do it then.”

With one final nod, Aunt Steph breathed in deeply and then began sending the boys out through the back door, tasked with starting a believable fight between them. Their plan to distract the men watching them was about to commence.

But would it work?

Their plan was simple.

Night comes, wait a few hours until everything looks quiet, break into the house and find Scarlett. Both Gabrielle and Marco stood waiting patiently for the phone call to authorise their plan to move. Marco was smoking a cigarette and leaning against the side of their dark car, staring up at the stars above them.

“Holy shit! Would you look at that...” Marco breathed out a cloud of smoke with a smile.

“What?” Gabrielle turned to face his companion.

“All those fucking stars, man.” Marco gestured upwards with a nod of his head.

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, Gabrielle turned back around to face the house again frowning.

“Stop being a fucking idiot Marco.” he hissed, “Keep your eyes on the house where they belong. Not long till we make a move.”

“Why can’t we just go grab her now?” Marco asked, taking another long drag of his cigarette, grasped between his slender fingers, “This is taking forever.”

“You know how it works. We wait for the Boss’ call.” Gabrielle reminded his companion calmly, “No one makes a move until we get the go ahead. Especially you.”

Marco groaned loudly, leaning his head back against the roof of the car and readjusting his posture slightly to make himself more comfortable. They had been in this position waiting for hours now. He was hungry, tired and would trade his soul for a shower.

A sudden vibrating sound broke through the awkward silence as both men turned to glance down at the phone sitting on the hood of the car. The name shown clearly on the screen was labelled simply as ‘The Boss’. Wasting no time Gabrielle reached forward and grasped it, answering it and lifting it up to his ear as he spoke softly.

“Yeah Boss?”

“How’s it looking?” Dimitri’s deep voice spoke from the receiver.

“Quiet. No sign of movement for the last hour or so. Now might be the best time for us to make a move.” Gabrielle reported.

“Do it.” Dimitri commanded coldly, “And Dimitri…”

“Yeah Boss?”

“I want my fiancé in my arms, alive and unharmed by this time tomorrow, is that clear?”


Gabrielle glanced down at the phone as it disconnected, then tucking it into his pocket.

“So we cool?” Marco asked eagerly from behind him.

Cocking his gun between both hands, Gabrielle grinned in response.

“Its time.” he announced, “Let’s do this.”

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