Hooked On You

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Chapter 29 - Unfortunate Guests

The farm house was quiet and only a few lights were still on when both Marco and Gabrielle approached it via the surrounding shadows of the night. As they came to the singular window leading into the guest bedroom both men rested their backs against the edge of the house as they prepared to try and break into the room through the window.

This wasn’t the first time they had done something like this, probably not the last either.

With a nodded gesture of his head toward the glass window, Gabrielle had silently ordered Marco to try the window, in an effort to see if it was locked. Marco holstered his gun and then reached out, giving the bottom of the window a gentle tug as quietly as he could.

To their surprise it moved quite easily.

He slowly slid it open and parted the curtains to reveal what he believed would be Scarlett alone in her room.

To his astonishment however, the woman sitting alone on the bed was definitely not Scarlett! Far too busy typing away on her phone which was grasped in both hands, Haley hadn’t even noticed the intruders peering in through her window less than a metre away as she continued texting.

With wide eyes, Marco ducked back out of the room and faced Gabrielle with a look of concern. All of the blood had drained from his face as his complexion had become quite pale from a mixture of worry and surprise. Gabrielle, who had not yet seen what he had, frowned.

“What is it?”

“She’s… not in there.” Marco whispered his reply nervously.


Gabrielle pushed past his accomplice and desperately peered in through the parted curtains. His face froze with fear as he realised that Marco had in fact been truthful.

The person sitting in the bedroom wasn’t Scarlett!

Pulling his head out through the window’s opening he turned to Marco with wide eyes.

“Where the fuck is she?”

Marco replied by shrugging silently.


“What now?” Marco asked, seemingly glad he wasn’t the one in charge for this blunder.

Taking a moment to compose himself and gather his thoughts once more, Gabrielle ran his hand through his hair and pursed his lips together tightly. They had no other choice.

“Fuck… I’ll have to call this in.” he announced, beginning to unlock and scroll through his phone, “The Boss is gonna flip his fucking lid.”

Marco’s hand flew across to stop Gabrielle from finishing dialling as he spoke.

“Whoa, hold on. Why don’t we just go in and get her?”

Gabrielle rolled his eyes at the suggestion.

“You’re far too trigger-happy for us to go through with a plan like that one Marco.” Gabrielle reminded him, obviously from prior experience.

“True, but isn’t it a better solution than calling and risking enraging the Boss?” Marco pointed out, “She’s in there somewhere Gab. Let’s go in, find her and get the hell out of here.”

“And the family?” Gabrielle enquired, seemingly for suggestions.

Marco shrugged again.

“Let’s hope they’re all sleeping.”

“Marco, I’m serious. I’m not going on another mass killing spree like last time.” Gabrielle seemed far more serious now, “No killing!”

“Ok, ok…” Marco lifted both hands in surrender to Gabrielle’s demands, “No killing. Agreed. So what should we do with the rest of them then?”

“We’ll gather them all up and lock them in the basement.” Gabrielle explained, “A big place like this one, it’s bound to have a basement. Once they’re all detained we leave with Scarlett. No one dies, is that understood?”

“Sure thing.” Marco grinned holding his arm out, “Lead the way.”

It had only been around two minutes of driving in silence before Adam had thought to check in on how Scarlett was doing. As he cruised along down the darkened highway he quickly glanced over his shoulder and took a quick look at her.

There she was, fast asleep and lying across the back seat with her long golden hair splayed out across his expensive leather interior. Luckily Scarlett was facing him so he could see her face as she slept soundly, curled in against herself comfortingly. She looked beautiful and yet so vulnerable.

Adam couldn’t help but smile as he faced forward again and continued driving along. He had hoped to reach their intended destination by morning. It would be a long drive.

Meanwhile back at the farm house, Aunt Steph was doing her usual evening routine of locking the house up and getting ready for bed. The back door was already locked and she was making her way down the hallway towards the front of the house.

As she reached the front door and lifted her key up to insert it into the lock a large dark figure emerged before her, causing her to gasp and take several steps away from it. Before she knew what had happened, two men wearing dark suits had both entered her house and stood silently staring at her.

She recognised them immediately; they were the same men who had paid her a visit and given her the letter to hand to Scarlett earlier on that day! That could mean only one thing; they were the ones Scarlett had told her about. And that meant they were members of the Mafia!

Her eyes instinctively darted down to see they were both carrying guns in their hands and she could feel her heart begin to pulse rapidly with terror as her breathing quickened.

“What are you doing here, get out of my house right now!” she commanded, though her voice still seemed shaky as she attempted to put up a confident front against their intimidation.

Marco grinned while Gabrielle tilted his head to the side.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Aunt Steph insisted, “Now please leave before I call the police.”

“We both know you’re not calling the police.” Marco spat.

“Just tell us where the girl is and this can all be over. No one needs to get hurt.” Gabrielle spoke calmly, though his appearance was still far too intimidating for her to take him seriously.

“Where’s Scarlett?”

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