Hooked On You

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Chapter 3 - Show Me

With furrowed brows of confusion at what Dimitri’s text could possibly mean, Scarlett went to step out into the hallway and came face to face with him. Her handsome fiancé had both arms crossed and was casually leaning against the wall with one foot balancing the majority of his weight and the other crossed over it.

Even in such a terrifying situation Scarlett had to admire how the man chose to dress. He was wearing a grey three-piece suit, smart black polished shoes and a tie and he looked simply divine. Then again, he always did. But the intensity of his dark smoulder was concerning her as he finally spoke with his deep and husky voice.

“There you are baby, I was beginning to get worried.”

She swallowed, “Worried… why would you need to be worried about me?”

“Why indeed…”

His grin grew larger now as he pushed off of the wall and began to slowly move in towards her, his dark brown eyes locked on hers like a predator would eye its prey.

“What are you doing out of your room at this time of the night? It’s late.” he spoke oddly calmly after having caught her hiding from him.

Scarlett quickly thought on her feet.

“I… I got your text and I came looking for you… I was lonely. You’ve been gone all day.”

She was suddenly having trouble meeting his eyes and he noticed right away, reaching his hand across to place his fingers gently underneath her chin and tilting her head upward to meet the intensity of his gaze. Dimitri was a master at reading body language and he watched as her cleavage heaved in and out with each of her shortened breaths. Scarlett’s fingers trembled as they remained wrapped around her mobile phone and dangling down by her side.

“Are you alright baby? You don’t look too well.”

“I err… I think I’m just tired…” she nodded her head and gave him a weak smile. "I should probably go back to bed."

Returning her smile with one of his own he reached down and took her by her free hand, then began to lead her down the hallway in the direction of their shared room.

“Come on then. I'll walk you there.”

As they walked beside one another hand in hand Scarlett was fighting back all the emotions threatening to come flooding out of her at that very moment in front of her fiancé; fear, concern, sadness, shock… Her mind was a mess and for the first time ever she was terrified of him.

Reaching the bedroom door Dimitri leaned in and turned the handle, opening it for her and politely gesturing with his arm out for her to enter first. Doing as he had silently suggested Scarlett stepped inside first, followed closely behind by her unusually silent fiancé as she began to make her way across to the bedside table. Reaching for her water bottle she lifted it to her lips and took a large swig to help calm her nerves as Dimitri moved over to sit on the bed close by. Keeping her phone in her left hand for her own peace of mind, she slowly turned back to face him as the well-dressed man took off his shoes one by one, then his socks and placed them neatly on the floor beside the bed.

Scarlett was unsure of what to say or do. She cared for him, but something shady was going on here and she wanted to know what it was. As Dimitri began to loosen his long black silk tie and pulled it up and over his head, her mouth opened and she couldn’t prevent the words from coming out.

“What will happen to them?”

As soon as she had asked it, she wished she could have taken it back.

“What will happen to whom?” he queried softly.

“Those two men I saw… What will happen to them?”

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear the answer from him but a part of her needed closure, to understand what it was that she had just witnessed at the top of the staircase.

Dimitri appeared to have a pained expression as he closed his eyes suddenly and let out a loud sigh. He had already guessed that she had mistakably witnessed them bringing those two traitors in but now, unfortunately, his suspicions had been confirmed. She knew too much. The thought of losing her caused his entire body to ache as he spoke while opening his dark eyes and meeting her gaze once more.

“I’m sorry you had to see that Scarlett. I truly am…” he surprised her as he slowly stood and made his way towards her, the black silk tie still in his left hand as he moved closer and closer.

Out of instinct she took a step back from him and her calf hit the dresser, causing her to gasp as he stood right in front of her now. His eyes peered down at her with his blank expression as he thought for a moment, deciding what the best course of action was from here.

But Scarlett was terrified, her hazel eyes kept moving down to the tie in his hand and wondering why he hadn’t yet dropped it to the floor. Was he intending on using it to strangle her?

“What’s going on with you Dimitri?” she asked, her voice showing her level of fear as her body began trembling, “You know you can tell me anything…right?”

His eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched as he suddenly looked off to the side, silently contemplating something. She knew she needed to do or say something in order to convince him not to harm her. Saying something like ‘I won’t tell anyone, I swear’ would probably get her in even more trouble; it was too cliché.

Thinking of only one thing that may possibly work, she lifted her hand up to rest gently against the dark stubble on side of his face, turning his head back to meet her uncertain gaze. He had a tear in his eye now and she furrowed her brows together with concern.

“Let me in, Dimitri… Take down those walls of yours and tell me what’s really going on… Tell me, I want to know who you truly are.”

A mixture of feelings stirred within him as he looked down into those mesmerising hazel eyes of hers staring back at him. Those eyes that would make him do anything she said.

Slowly lifting his right hand up to rest behind her head, he gently began to pull her in towards him as their eyes closed and their lips touched softly. Dimitri then proceeded to initiate the kiss between them, keeping it slow and incredibly tender as he manoeuvred his head at an angle to intensify it. Scarlett began to melt into him as her knees weakened with desire.

Before long all concerns, thoughts and fears washed away as Scarlett got swept up in the incredible sensation of her fiancé’s kiss. Of all the men she had kissed in her lifetime, Dimitri was the best by a long shot! His skill was currently unmatched; clearly a master with his tongue as he slipped it inside of her mouth and his large hands proceeded to caress her entire body with such want and need.

Their mouths only parted long enough for them to catch their breath and the air around them seemed to thicken with heated desire. Scarlett moaned softly into his mouth, clearly enjoying what he was doing to her. She didn’t understand how but he always seemed to know just what to do to make her wet for him… and she was indeed wet for him.

He surprised her as he suddenly stopped their kiss and opened his eyes, watching her as she did the same.

“God you’re so beautiful... You have no idea of what you do to me.”

He spoke barely a whisper with his hot breath fanning across her face as she glanced down at his enticing lips and panted with apparent lust, then swallowed hard.

After a moment of silence shared between them, Dimitri reached down to take both of her hands in his as he spoke his next words to her with a serious expression.

“You really want to know the truth about who I am Scarlett… about the dark world I live in?” he asked her, his voice laced with obvious warning as he continued, “Because I warn you now… once you go down this road baby, there’s no going back.”

Scarlett took a second to think before she proceeded to squeeze his hands with hers lovingly.

“I love you Dimitri. If I am to become your wife I need to know everything there is to know about you. No more secrets..." she explained softly.

"You may not like what you find." he warned again.

Scarlett could see that she would need to make a clear decision if they were to proceed any further. With her two next words she unknowingly sealed her fate.

"Show me.”

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