Hooked On You

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Chapter 30 - The Confrontation

Jake, who had been busily brushing his teeth in the bathroom overheard the unfamiliar voices in his house and was silently making his way down the hall toward them hoping to get a better look. As he peered around the corner he sighted the tall darkly dressed men standing in front of his mother and knew that she was in serious danger.

Reacting purely on instinct he darted out from the doorway calling out for her.


Turning around at the sound of her son’s voice, Aunt Steph saw Jake and instantly panicked, screaming out to him.

“Jake, grab my gun!”

But before she could shout anything more, Marco had moved in and he used the grip of his gun to knock the older woman out, smacking her hard against the back of her head and watching as she grunted, falling to the floor with a loud ‘thud’.

“Seriously?” Gabrielle questioned Marco with a frown, referring to the unconscious woman lying before them on the floor with a gesture of his hand, “Was that necessary?”

“She’s not dead.” Marco argued.

“Mum!” Jake shouted with fear this time, then legging it as quickly as he could back down the hallway towards his mum’s room to locate her gun as he had instructed him to.

“Go get him. I’ll find her daughter.” Gabrielle ordered.

“Why can’t I go after the girl?” Marco queried, “You know how I love the ladies!”

“Yeah, that’s exactly why you’re not going after the girl, dumbass.” Gabrielle countered as they both cocked their guns and made their way down the hall, “Keep your dick in your pants and try your best not to get shot.”

Reaching his mum’s safe, Jake lifted his shaky fingers up to press the four digit key-code to unlock it. After two failed attempts, the third finally worked and the safe clicked open, allowing him to reach inside for the already loaded 9mm pistol. He lifted it up just in time as Marco came walking through the doorway. Panicking, Jake pulled the trigger and fired off two shots which both skewed and hit the wall beside the surprised intruder. With wide open eyes, Marco quickly ducked behind the doorway and prepared himself to return fire if needed.

“Come on kid, you don’t want to do this. Trust me, I’m a much better shot than you are.” Marco called out from his hiding place.

“Well let’s see about that, huh?” Jake challenged, “Come on out and I’ll test just how good I am with this!”

“You’ve got fire in ya kid, I admire that.” Marco seemed proud, even momentarily, “But I’m afraid I’m on the clock. Now tell us which room she’s in and I won’t have to kill you and your family.”

“You leave my family alone asshole!” Jake shouted angrily, “That includes Scarlett!”

Meanwhile Gabrielle was silently making his way through the house, one room at a time until he came to the last door at the end of the hallway. Turning the handle slowly he pushed the door inwards to reveal the terrified teenager standing at the other side of her bedroom. She had her phone in one hand and a porcelain vase in the other, though her fingers were clearly trembling.

“Leave me alone, please.” she begged helplessly as Gabrielle let out a sigh and slowly entered the room.

“For what it’s worth, I am truly sorry about this.” he announced, somewhat guilt-stricken as he began to make his way across the room to where she was cornered, “I don’t enjoy this part of my job…”

Suddenly, consumed with fear and unable to form her thoughts correctly, Haley panicked and blurted out her next words before allowing herself to process them.

“Please just leave us alone… They’re not even here anymore!” she held out the vase between them, closing her eyes tightly as if bracing for what was to come.

Gabrielle froze as soon as he heard her words and the worrying meaning behind them began to sink in. She said ‘they’re’ not here. Who was she…

Then it hit him like a tonne of bricks, both brutal and sudden; ‘they’ referred to Adam and… Scarlett!

“Scarlett left with Adam, didn’t she?” he demanded from her calmly.

Opening her eyes and realising what she had allowed to slip during her moment of panic, Haley’s eyes widened with worry as she sucked in a breath and met his scrutinising eyes as he loomed over her. She was still cornered against the wall with nowhere to go.

“The whole fight outside between your brother and Mr. Cunningham… was staged, wasn’t it? A distraction to get Scarlett into his car unseen by us…” he continued to question as he pulled the pieces of this puzzle into place, “Well, I have to admit you and your family played us pretty well young lady. Very believable indeed.”

Gabrielle’s demeanour had now changed from overbearing and threatening to somewhat impressed as he looked her up and down with intrigue.

“Are you gonna kill us?” Haley asked, her voice a mere whimper as she continued to stare up at the intruder with immense fear in her eyes.

After a moment of silence contemplating his next words, Gabrielle let out a sigh and took a step back from her slowly, holstering his gun and crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Despite what many may think, I’m not a monster. You and your family are free to go… for now.” he spoke the last part with a raised brow to add a warned expression, “Let’s hope you and I never cross paths again, Haley.”

With that Gabrielle turned and began making his way back out of Haley’s room, down the hallway and off to find his companion Marco.

He had what they needed; he knew where Scarlett was now and it was time to give chase.

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