Hooked On You

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Chapter 31 - A Secret Precaution

Meanwhile Marco was still amidst a stand-off with young Jake who had barricaded himself into his mother’s room with the handgun he had retrieved from his mother’s safe. Despite several attempts to try and convince Jake to surrender himself, Marco found himself talking to a brick wall, literally as he stood with his back to it.

“Come on kid, I don’t have time for this.” Marco called out, his black pistol in hand.

“That’s a shame… for you, I mean I’ve got all night!” Jake shouted out with a smile, his gun still held aimed at the doorway.

This pissed Marco off; he was getting nowhere and his patience had worn thin. Gritting his teeth he squeezed the handle of his gun.

“Why you little sh-“

A deepened voice suddenly interrupted his tantrum.

“-Marco, let’s go. We’re leaving.” came the sudden voice from down the hall; it was Gabrielle and he seemed rather insistent.

Frowning, Marco let out a frustrated grunt and shook his head as he holstered his gun and followed after his companion down the hall toward the front of the house.

Just as they reached the front of the house Aunt Steph was beginning to awaken from her state of unconsciousness as she pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, her hand instinctively moving towards the pain at the back of her head. Her fingers felt the warm, sticky blood which had begun to seep out slowly from her scalp wound and she groaned softly just as the two large figures moved in to stand over her intimidatingly.

Swallowing she forced herself to look up and meet Gabrielle’s emotionless gaze with a defiant expression spread across her face.

“You’re a formidable woman, Stephanie.” he announced confidently, kneeling down to her level and keeping his gaze locked on hers, “As are your two children.”

“Where are they? What have you done with them!” she demanded angrily.

“They’re both safe, for now.” he replied dryly, “I have to admit you did a good job distracting us earlier with the staged fight. Very theatrical… but the truth always manages to finds its way out eventually.”

Aunt Steph’s eyes widened with concern; they knew about Scarlett leaving with Adam! But how? They had been so careful!

“You’ll never find them! They’re bound to be miles from here, in either direction by now.” she replied narrowing her eyes at him with disgust, “And you’ll get nothing from me.”

Her eyes watched as he casually reached down into the side pocket of his jacket. She expected him to produce a gun to threaten her with but she was surprised as he instead grasped something the size of a mobile phone and black with a flickering red light at the top of it. He revealed it to her as he spoke.

“Lucky for us, we came prepared.” Gabrielle announced proudly with a sinister grin.

Her brows furrowed with question.

“What is that?”

“Just a little precaution in case we ever needed to track down Mr. Cunningham again. It’s a tracker. I planted it on his car when we first arrived and it’s how we’ve been keeping track of the young lovers.”

The expression of fear shown in her eyes was enough to satisfy Gabrielle as he glanced down at the small view screen for a second to see how far their target had managed to get.

“Hmm… looks like they’ve managed to get a fair head start on us. No matter, we’ll catch up to them in no time…” he paused for affect as he stood up once more, “And the best part, they won’t even know we’re coming.”

She watched as both men began walking towards the doorway leading out of the house. Gabrielle paused for a moment as Marco exited through the doorway.

“Oh, and I wouldn’t bother calling to warn them Stephanie. Your internet connection has been cut off for the foreseeable future. Friends in high places, you know…” he taunted with a casual glance, “Besides, we wouldn’t want to have to pay you a return visit for interfering again, would we?”

She averted her gaze from him, filled with anger, despair and disgust for these monsters.

“How can you be so cold? So unfeeling?” she asked softly, almost as if she were defeated internally, “She’s innocent in all this... the only thing she ever did wrong was fall for your coward of a Boss in the first place.”

He shrugged carelessly.

“Just doing my job. You take care of those kids now.”

With that he stepped out after Marco and disappeared into the darkened shadows surrounding the house. Shortly after the sound of a car starting up somewhere off in the distance could be heard as they zoomed off after the escaped couple, beginning the chase.

The second that the intruders were gone Aunt Steph quickly pulled herself up to her feet and staggered toward the hallway to find her children. She was met by a panicked Haley who instantly wrapped her arms around her clearly hurt mother and squeezed her tightly as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

“Mum, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Those men didn’t hurt you, did they?” her mother’s voice had become serious as she checked over her daughter quickly for any apparent injuries.

“No, no. I’m alright mum. They didn’t even touch me. That man, he just asked me questions about…”

Her mother noticed as Haley trailed off and narrowed her eyes with suspicion at her daughter.

“About your cousin?”

Haley nodded her head, smothered in guilt as she did so.

“It’s ok. I’m just glad you’re not hurt baby girl.” Aunt Steph assured her daughter with a comforting squeeze.

“Are they gone?” came the concerned voice of Jake as he padded down the hall to join his mother and sister.

“Yeah, for now.” Aunt Steph replied, pulling away from Haley and checking Jake had not been injured, “But there’s a problem… They know where Adam and Scarlett are. The bastards had a tracker on Adam’s car the entire time!”

“But how did they know Scarlett left with Adam in the first place?” Jake asked, seeming to miss an important piece of the information.

Haley looked down at the ground as she felt the guilty wave wash over her again. She had to be honest with them; they were her family after all.

“Mum… I might have let it slip… that Scarlett left with Adam.” she admitted hesitantly.

“Haley!” Jake scowled her.

“Hey, give her a break! Those men were dangerous and it’s perfectly normal to be scared in a situation like that.” their mother reminded as she brushed Haley’s shoulder comfortingly, “You both did an amazing job, no matter the outcome. I’m very proud of you!”

Suddenly the thought hit Jake as he gasped out loud.

“Shit, we have to warn them mum.” he demanded, running toward the phone hanging on the wall in the kitchen, “They have to know their being followed.”

As he held the receiver to his ear and listened it was clear there was no dial tone. His expression told his mother all she needed to know; at least Gabrielle had told the truth about something. Their internet connection had been cut off, though she had no idea how he managed something like that so quickly. Mafia connections perhaps?

“The phone’s dead.” Jake finally announced, looking to his mother for suggestions, “What about our mobiles? Haley, try yours!”

Quickly obeying her brother for the first time in her entire life, Haley unlocked her screen and attempted to dial out. Shaking her head she made the unfortunate announcement for the others to hear.

“Wi-fi’s down. I’ve got no bars! Oh my god I’ve got no bars!”

“Crap! So how do we warn them then?” Jake asked, re-uniting with his mother and sister by the hallway, “They’ll have no idea they’re being followed. Those men will catch up with Scarlett and Adam for sure. Mum, we have to do something!”

His mother grabbed the car keys from the hook on the wall in the kitchen as she spoke,

“Our neighbours the Parsons are a short drive from here.” She explained as they followed her toward the front door, “Get in the car you two! This isn’t over yet!”

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