Hooked On You

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Chapter 32 - Travelling Light

After an extremely long and tiring drive lasting long into the early morning, Adam had finally made his way into the City as he pulled up out the fantastic front entrance of one of the most prestigious Hotels in New York City, The Plaza.

Before he had the chance to open his car door it was done for him by one of the many well-dressed valets standing by the curb, each of the men smiling kindly as Adam exited the vehicle and closed the car door behind them with a gentle ‘click’.

“Ah, Mr. Cunningham.” came a warm and welcoming voice as a familiar elderly gentleman with carefully combed salt and pepper hair walked up to meet Adam beside his car, “It has been far too long between visits, sir. Welcome once again.”

“Hey Jarvis. Are you still working here?” Adam joked with a friendly pat to the shoulder as they shook hands with matching smiles, “I thought you would have long since retired.”

“Never too old for a job like this sir.” Jarvis reminded, “The penthouse is of course prepared for your stay. My thanks for phoning ahead to inform us of your impending arrival. You make our job easier by doing so. If you require anything at all during your stay don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Honestly, all I want is a warm shower, something to eat and to get some rest.” Adam explained with a sigh, “It’s been one hell of a day Jarvis.”

“I understand sir. I’ll have the kitchen bring up an assortment of foods at once.”

“Thank you.”

Jarvis nodded his head, then turning to the other waiting valets behind him and nodded his head with approval. As they began moving in to assist with any baggage he may have, Adam quickly cleared his throat and opened the backseat door as he spoke.

“Here you are gentlemen,” he announced, handing one of the valets the bag he and Scarlett were bringing with them.

“Travelling lightly today are we sir?” Jarvis queried.

“You could say that.” Adam gestured to the back seat of his car and Jarvis looked inside.

The elderly man’s left brow raised with surprise at the sight of the sleeping woman lying across their guest’s back seat and he turned to face Adam for a moment of clarification.

“You have… a female companion with you?” he queried carefully, “Is she…”

“Calm yourself Jarvis, she’s just asleep. Like I said, it’s been an exhausting day for the both of us.” Adam quickly explained.

“Very good sir. Would you perhaps like some assistance to carry her inside?”

“No, I’ll carry her myself.”

“Of course.” Jarvis nodded his head and stood back watching.

Adam smirked as he reached in and began to lift Scarlett up and into his arms, carrying her bridal style out of the car and in through the main entrance of the hotel, followed along closely by Jarvis and the valet carrying his bag.

After arriving at the penthouse suite and tucking Scarlett into the large super-king sized bed, Adam tipped each of the valets including Jarvis and requested that their food be the only interruption they receive for the duration of the day. Jarvis had promised that their food would be delivered to their room soon and left Adam and his mystery guest alone as instructed.

The shower was heavenly; something Adam hadn’t realised he was in desperate need of until he was there, standing underneath the various streams of warmth coming from the multiple showerheads in the massive glass shower of one of the penthouse bathrooms.

As the warm water cascaded down all over his muscular body Adam closed his eyes and tried to relax his mind, seeking only a moment of clarity after such a terrifying ordeal. Taking a couple of deep and relaxing breaths, he suddenly felt a lot calmer and at ease as he lowered his head and rested both open palms against the surface of the glass in front of him. Thick cloudy steam filled the air as the shower’s glass began to fog up.

Less than a minute later the soft sound of the bathroom door clicking closed had alerted him and Adam quickly spun around noticing that Scarlett was standing there, staring back at him through her squinted hazel eyes. She seemed to still be half asleep, blinking rapidly and looking around the massive room.

“Adam, where are we?” she asked as she casually wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Don’t worry we’re somewhere safe now, I promise…” be began to assure her from where he stood in the fogged up shower, “What are you doing up? The last time I saw you, you were out like a light.”

“Yeah, I must have been. The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the back seat of your car… and then I woke up in the most amazing bed I’ve ever slept in.” she explained, “Seriously, what is that thing made of, clouds or something?”

Stretching her arms out and rolling her neck, Scarlett made her way barefoot across the stunningly tiled floor towards where he stood in the shower and stopped in front of it.

“You know you should be resting.” Adam pointed out as he continued to finish washing himself off under the water’s sprays, “You’ve been through a lot… tomorrow might be another day of driving and-”

“-I think I’ve slept long enough…” her tone had suddenly changed for some reason. It had become slightly huskier, even sensual perhaps.

In a mixture of surprise and astonishment Adam quickly used his hand to wipe away the fogged glass in front of him and revealed what she was currently doing. He watched as she slowly began removing all of her clothing, one article at a time until she was completely naked.

Gulping nervously at the sight of her curvaceous body, his darkened eyes took her in hungrily, even through all of the thickened air around them. The curve of her waist, her long slender legs, her firm round buttocks and those voluptuous perky breasts. Oh the things he would do to that body if given the chance…

It was proving rather difficult for him to hold himself at bay when such a tempting sight was being dangled right in front of him and without even realising it he growled deeply. His now incredibly hard manhood had instantly sprung to life at the mere sight of her, causing his head to swim in a dizzying daze as she stepped closer towards him.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked innocently.

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