Hooked On You

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Chapter 33 - Coming Undone

Fighting back his obvious attraction, Adam’s mouth opened to reply to her question but nothing came out as Scarlett slowly stepped inside the shower to join him, her eyes locked on his the entire time as her sultry expression held his attention entirely.

Before he could think to form a single word Scarlett had moved to stand right in front of him, leaving little distance between the pair. Her hazel eyes never once left his gaze as she slowly reached out her hands and placed them up against his broad chest causing him to suck in a sharp breath.

Adam’s pecs were astonishingly firm, round and muscular and the mere sight of his perfectly sculpted body was exciting her beyond belief. She began to breathe much heavier breaths as she took him all in. Her eyes darted down to see where her fingers were inquisitively trailing across his warm wet skin as she explored each of his muscular curves and crevices slowly and sensually.

Unable to contain himself any longer Adam suddenly lunged forward, both closing the gap between them and crashing his lips against hers in a ferociously ferocious kiss; one in which Scarlett had happily reciprocated.

In mere seconds the pair were entangled in a mass of one another as limbs were wrapped around bodies and skin had been pressed up against bare skin. Warm water cascaded all around them with a hissing sound.

Gasping for breaths between their each of their non-stop kisses Adam managed to reach down and firmly grasp Scarlett by either side of her buttocks, lifting her up with ease and positioning her on the large tiled step located just inside of the large walk-in shower. She shuddered at the sudden cold touch of the tiles as they pressed against her warm skin and the anticipation of what was to come took control of her every thought.

Watching as he moved between her now open legs Scarlett leaned back against the tiled wall as he crouched down onto the tiled floor with both knees, his mouth hovering just over her moist core as his heavily hooded brown eyes bore into hers with heated lust and desire.

Scarlett furrowed her brows with anticipation; she needed his mouth on her, now!

As he breathed out each of his warm breaths onto her sensitive folds she bit her lip in excitement. She could feel a rush of exhilaration running up the base of her spine and she instinctively arched her back for him to gain better access to her most sensitive area.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to taste you.” he breathed out heavily.

“Then don’t.”

Scarlett reached out with her right hand and grasped the back of his head, giving his head a subtle push toward her core as she closed her eyes and took in the incredible sensation of his warm tongue sliding along her sensitive folds.

A breathy moan escaped her lips as his face delved in deeper, sucking against her moist folds and twirling his tongue around to tease and tantalise her into pure insanity.

“Oh… my… god…” she managed to mutter, her hand still resting on the back of his head as she leaned her own head back against the tiles behind her and began to pant uncontrollably, “Fuck… don’t stop. Adam don’t you dare stop!”

He merely hummed his pleased response against her sensitive skin and continued his assault on her, causing her entire body to tense up as she eagerly chased her orgasm. He could feel her slender fingers running through his thick dark locks and claw into his scalp as she got closer and closer to cumming.

“Yes, Adam I’m close.”

That was all he needed to hear.

It was time to up the ante.

He quickly lifted up his right hand, inserting one of his long fingers inside of her at first, thrusting it in and out at a steady pace while still managing to continue licking and sucking on her outer folds and clit.

“Fuck!” she cried, squeezing her eyes closed tightly.

At first the sudden change had startled her, but it didn’t take long for Scarlett to ease into the aggressive pleasure she was receiving from him. His sense of domination over her had became utterly intoxicating, causing her nipples to harden as he continued to work his magic.

Then he inserted a second finger inside of her, continuing to thrust in and out and increasing the pace slowly but surely, allowing her to feel her build up as it gradually crept up on her.

Scarlett’s head was now swimming with endorphins and uncontrollable lust as she struggled to muffle her moans of ecstasy. Her voice seemed louder in the shower, even with the continuous sound of water splashing against the tiled floor beneath their feet and the air being sucked into her lungs was much thicker now due to the heavily heated atmosphere.

And then he paused for a minute and spoke, breaking through the thickened silence.

“Tell me who you belong to Scarlett…” his eyes stared directly into hers with such power and influence, it baffled her.

Who was this stranger looking back at her right now?

She didn’t care – she needed more and she needed it now!

“Uh… I’m yours…” she panted between deep and heavy breaths, desperate for him to continue doing, “Only yours…”

“Say my name Scarlett… scream it for me…” he commanded with a deep and husky voice, “…I want the entire fucking world to hear it. I want everyone to know you’re mine!”

Without giving her any warning he quickly dove back between her legs and recommenced his incredible assault, kissing and licking her sensitive clitoris with unbelievable desperation and passion while he continued fingering her hungry pussy over and over.

“Mmmm… oh god! Yes, I’m yours Adam… Only yours…” she cried out as her climax reached its peak unexpectedly, “Oh fuck, YES… ADAM! Uh…”

Everything suddenly became dark and her vision blotchy as Scarlett’s entire body tensed up in an unrelenting climax she could not possibly think to control.

Adam’s left hand held her firmly in place by the meat of her upper thigh as she jolted again and again in waves of pleasure. He hadn’t yet realised but his fingers were still deep inside of her as her inner walls clenched tightly around them, pulsing helplessly and coating them in her sweet-smelling juices as she ultimately came undone before him.

After almost a full minute of heavy panting and waiting for her vision to return to normal, Adam removed his fingers and stood up in front of her as the water splashed across his broad back; a large grin spread wide across his face.

He was clearly pleased with what he had done, no doubt about that.

And now it was Scarlett’s turn to return the favour.

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