Hooked On You

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Chapter 34 - Missed Call

It had taken Aunt Steph, Jake and Haley around twenty minutes to drive across to their neighbour’s house and they wasted little time locating the nearest working phone while attempting to explain their current situation to their confused neighbours, the Moores.

Aunt Steph tried calling Scarlett twice but each time it went straight to her message bank and she began to worry for her niece’s welfare. Had Dimitri’s men already caught up with the pair?

Deciding she still needed to try and warn her somehow Stephanie waited for the ‘beeping’ sound and then began to record her message of warning.

“Scarlett, it’s your Aunt Stephanie. Listen carefully, Dimitri’s men have placed a tracker on Adam’s car and they’re headed your way. You and Adam need to get as far away from it as possible. There’s no time, they’re not far behind. Please… just let me know you’re ok… I love you sweetheart.”


“Hey mum, did you get through to them?” Jake asked from behind where Stephanie was standing against the kitchen wall of the Moore’s home, phone still in hand.

She turned to face him, shaking her head but forcing a defeated smile.

“No but I left a message to warn them. It’s all we can do now I’m afraid.”

“Do you think they’ll get it in time?” Haley stepped in to join them, her phone still plastered to her palm as it always was, “The message I mean? Do you think Scarlett will hear it before they reach her?”

“I truly hope so sweetheart...” her mother replied, hanging up the phone, “…for their sake.”

Steam wafted out of the small crack of the doorway leading into the massive master bathroom of the penthouse suite. Scarlett’s phone, abandoned and forgotten, sat alone on one of the bedside tables with the light at the top of it flashing in a continuous red colour over and over. It flickered a silent warning.

But would she have enough time to hear it before Dimitri’s men arrived?

Once the shower was over both Adam and Scarlett returned to the master bedroom of the suite with the intention of locating something to eat. After all they had been through, the couple were starving!

Adam picked up the hotel phone, dialled out and began ordering some room service for them while Scarlett wandered around the massive suite eagerly exploring the mass of expensive furniture and amenities. The suite was beyond incredible and Scarlett was god-smacked.

The couple were both wearing the hotel’s luxury white fluffy robes and Scarlett’s hair had been washed, towel-dried and combed through, leaving it damp against the comfortable robe wrapped around her naked body. She brushed her fingers casually through her hair in an effort to try and air dry it as she wandered around exploring.

“Foods on its way. Shouldn’t be too long.” Adam suddenly announced from behind her.

She spun around and smiled at her handsome companion as he casually leaned against the wall with both arms crossed in front of his chest.

“So, how on Earth did you manage to book into a room like this one?” Scarlett asked, narrowing her captivating hazel eyes sceptically at him, “This place… I mean come on, it has to be expensive.”

He chuckled, glancing down at the floor for a second as she slowly walked back across the room toward him.

“Are you keeping secrets from me, Mr…” she paused for a second and frowned, “Actually, I don’t think you’ve told me your last name yet. In fact, I don’t know much about you at all…”

Adam’s expression seemed to change, becoming a little more nervous as he purposely looked away from her. This was a subject he knew would come up at some stage between them, but he hadn’t yet figured out how he would break the news of his identity and the life waiting for him back home to her. How would she take it, learning that he was a famous millionaire and heir to the Cunningham family fortune? He didn’t want anything to change between them, everything was perfect just the way it was.

Scarlett broke through his haze of concern as she suddenly reached out and placed her hand on his cheek, gently making him face her eye to eye and speaking calmly to him.

“What is it? Is something wrong?”

“No…” he assured her with a smile, shaking his head slowly, “Nothing’s wrong. And it’s Cunningham by the way.”

She looked puzzled by this, “Huh?”

“My last name, it’s Cunningham.” he held his hand out and took hers in his, shaking it gently as you would when formally meeting someone, “Adam Cunningham, nice to meet you.”

Scarlett gave a giggle at his display of formality. He had finally opened up to her and it warmed her heart. Perhaps there could be a future for them.

“Scarlett Workman, and the pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Cunningham.” she introduced herself rather sarcastically.

Once the room service had arrived both Scarlett and Adam got stuck straight into their meals, scoffing down food as if they hadn’t eaten in days. In truth they were starving but with everything going on at the moment they had to maintain their strength. Who knows how long they would be on the road for later on today.

Their plan was to leave the next evening and get as far away from New York City as possible. They needed to find somewhere to hide out until things blew over. If they ever blew over. Until then they hoped to eat, rest and enjoy their time together.

An hour or so after finishing their meals and having all of the trays wheeled back out, Adam had fallen asleep in the bed and Scarlett lay beside him, casually flipping through the TV channels to see if there was something interesting to watch. Having slept for most of their ride here she wasn’t as tired as Adam was and needed to find something to do to pass the time until they prepared to leave.

As an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ played on the television, something managed to catch her attention; a red flash out the corner of her eye. She turned her head to notice that her phone was sitting on the bedside table on the other side of the large bed. Adam must have left it there for her when he brought her up to their room.

Deciding she had better check it and text her Aunt about their status, Scarlett reached forward and eagerly grabbed it, unlocking the screen to see what notifications had popped up.

Then she saw it; several missed calls from… Aunt Steph! Oh no.

Sucking in a sharp breath, Scarlett quickly dialled ‘call-back’ to hear the available phone message her Aunt had left for her, several hours earlier. The message played after a long shrill ‘BEEP’

“Scarlett, it’s your Aunt Stephanie. Listen carefully, Dimitri’s men have placed a tracker on Adam’s car and they’re headed your way. You and Adam need to get as far away from it as possible. There’s no time, they’re not far behind. Please… just let me know you’re ok… I love you sweetheart.”

The phone dropped from her hand and landed silently on the quilt covering her legs. Her eyes were open wide, as was her mouth as the shock of what she had just heard sunk in.

They were being tracked!

Dimitri’s men were coming!

They needed to leave… NOW!

Without wasting a second longer, Scarlett leaned over and began shaking Adam violently by the shoulders in an attempt to wake him from his deepened sleep. It took several shakes before he had eventually stirred, groaning and blinking as he frowned looking up at her with confusion.

“What… what’s wrong?” he mumbled, clearly still hazed and half-asleep as he sat up in the bed, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Adam we need to leave, right now.” she demanded, fear evident in her tone as she furrowed her brows and looked around the massive room, “Come on, get up!”

Unsure of what was happening, Adam watched as she climbed out of bed and began running around the room, grabbing their things and throwing them into the single bag they had brought with them. She appeared to be in a hurry for some reason.

“What are you talking about? We don’t have to be out of here until 9pm tonight remember?” he spoke with a prolonged yawn at the end of his sentence, “Scarlett, what are you doing?”

She continued packing while she spoke, multi-tasking in their urgent situation.

“They know where we are Adam, Dimitri’s men. They’re coming for us. We need to leave right now, we haven’t a moment to loose!”

He didn’t yet understand how this would be possible. What was she talking about? They had purposely tricked those men and lost them… right?

Pushing the covers off of his long legs he walked over to grab the large fluffy white robe and threw it over himself, tying it off around his mid-section in a loose bow as he watched her packing frantically.

“Scarlett, stop!” he demanded, grabbing her by both of her shoulders and forcing her to face him, items of clothing still grasped firmly in her hands as she looked up into his concerned gaze, “Tell me what’s going on.”

“I told you already, they’re coming for me Adam.”

“What makes you think that?” he enquired, seeming unconvinced.

“The message…” she paused, taking a moment of recompose herself before continuing to explain, “…I got a phone message from Aunt Steph. She said Dimitri’s men had a tracker on your car. They’re already on their way here now.”


Realisation hit suddenly and he let out a worried sigh, looking around the room and thinking of what their next possible move could be.

“Ok, keep packing. I’m going to make a few calls, see if I can arrange for another car for us to use.” he announced, walking across to his side table and grasping at his phone.

At that exact moment down at the entrance to The Plaza Hotel, three black SUV’s pulled up together, one after the other and purposely blocking off the entrance. The car doors opened and several well-dressed men exited, each cocking their guns and hiding them either behind their back or in the belt of their dress-pants as they casually strolled on into the hotel.

As Gabrielle exited the car he glanced across at Marco and Diego who had travelled in a different car and were also stepping out onto the hotel’s curb. Gabrielle nodded his head and they too began marching inside to locate and retrieve the missing couple.

It appeared that Scarlett and Adam had unknowingly run out of time.

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