Hooked On You

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Chapter 35 - Ambushed

“I can’t find my wallet, I swear I left it here on the nightstand last night.” Adam announced, seeming quite panicked as he searched underneath one pillow at a time.

“Have you tried under the bed?” Scarlett suggested, pulling a blouse up over her head and pushing one arm through the holes at a time.

Doing as she had suggested, Adam leaned down, getting onto both knees and crouching to see under the bed. His arm reached underneath it and he let out a sigh of relief as his fingers made contact with the leather surface of his wallet. Lifting it up into the air he smiled, showing it off to Scarlett who gave him a smile in return.

“Told ya.”

“Nice one.” he complimented, searching around the room for anything else they may have missed packing, “Now, are we sure we’ve got everything we’ll need for the trip? The next stop isn’t for another three hours from now.”

“I think so.” she replied, “Did you manage to get a car organised in time?”

“Yeah, it’s all been arranged. There’s one waiting for us downstairs now.” he walked across to join her, wrapping both arms around her and pulling her in for a brief cuddle, “I promise I’ll do everything within my power to protect you Scarlett. No matter the cost.”

Furrowing her brows with appreciation, she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss.


Their lips had only touched for a matter of seconds before they quickly pulled apart as they heard a sudden knocking sound coming from the suite’s front entrance. Scarlett turned to meet his expression of concern, hers showing obvious fear at the thought of who may be behind the door.

Puffing out his chest proudly, Adam gave her a smile and began to make his way towards the entrance to greet whoever it was. She gasped as she realised what he was about to do and grabbed his hand to stop him.

“Adam wait, what if it’s them-"

“-It’s ok. It’s probably just the hotel staff.” he assured her, squeezing her hand to calm her.

She watched nervously as he casually walked across the large foyer of the suite towards the main entrance, still within eyesight from where she was standing. The pulsing of her heart thudding over and over within her chest had become unbearable as she swallowed a lump stuck in her throat and watched Adam reach for the handle of the front door.

The door opened and a middle-aged man stood there smiling at Adam in the doorway, his white gloved hand quickly reaching out to hand Adam something as he bowed his head with respect, then turned on his heel and disappeared back down the hallway. As Adam closed the door he turned to Scarlett with a satisfied grin.

“See, nothing to worry about.” he asserted smugly.

She let out a massive sigh of relief, resting her forehead on her hand for a moment to try and calm her racing heart as she fought to slow her breathing down from the heightened state. They needed to get away from here and fast. The further she was from Dimitri and his men, the better she would feel.

“What’s that?” she asked, looking directly at the piece of paper in his hand as he strolled across to meet her again.

“Hmm?” his brow rose as he looked down at the paper she was pointing at, “Oh, uh… it’s the bill for the room. They need my signature in order to process the payment.”

“Can I see it?”

He seemed uneasy about her question and his body language showed this as he pocketed the piece of paper, keeping it out of sight.

“Probably better if you don’t.”

Narrowing her eyes with intrigue, Scarlett was ready to begin her entourage of questions when she was once again interrupted by a familiar sound at the door.


Both Adam and Scarlett turned to face the door, then turned to look at one another again. Both had mirrored expressions of confusion as Adam began to make his way toward the doorway again.

“They probably need the bill processed now.” he tried formulating an excuse that sounded plausible to help calm her nerves as he stopped in front of the door and reached for the handle, turning it and opening the door.

As soon as he had, Adam had realised his mistake and all of the air left his lungs.

There standing on the other side of the doorway were around eight to ten men, all dressed in pressed suits and all staring right at him. The one at the front went to step forward and Adam reacted on instinct, slamming the door shut in his face.


Gasping as the door slammed shut, Scarlett furrowed her brows with confusion and watched as Adam leaned his entire body weight up against the door as something slammed hard into it from the outside.


He quickly turned to her with a panicked look on his face.

“Scarlett, get to the bathroom. Lock the door, NOW!”

It sunk in immediately. She knew exactly who was on the other side of that door!

Her eyes were wide with terror as she replied in a panicked tone.

“I’m not leaving you-“

“-SCARLETT, GO! NOW!” he insisted through gritted teeth, cutting her off and grunting as yet another heavy force slammed hard against the door from the other side.

They were trying to break in!

Swallowing her pride Scarlett did as she was told and made a run for the bathroom, her bare feet patting against the tiled floor as she eventually made it through the bathroom’s doorway.

At the exact moment she had though, the door to the main entrance suddenly burst open sending Adam flying to the ground as the intruders piled into the room one by one and began to surround him.

Scarlett was forced to stand there and watch helplessly as two men she didn’t recognise moved in and began wrestling to grab Adam from the floor. Fists swung through the air as Adam attempted to put up a fight against the intruders. Unfortunately the handsom millionaire was clearly outnumbered in this situation and was quickly overpowered by the well-dressed intruders.

As Marco stepped inside of the room his dark eyes met Scarlett’s and he began to bolt towards her.

Now she had no choice. Wide eyed and slamming the bathroom door closed behind her, she quickly latched it and then took several steps back panting with short, sharp breaths as she tried not to think of what they may be doing to Adam on the other side of it.


"Stop it, please!" Scarlett begged as tears began rolling down her rosy-red cheeks.

Marco again tried banging into the door to bust it inwards and off of the hinges but it proved far too sturdy and he grunted in pain, holding his shoulder as he turned to meet Gabrielle’s gaze and shook his head to signal his failure.

But Gabrielle wasn’t worried, not even in the slightest.

He had everything he needed to get Scarlett out of that bathroom, right here.

With a menacing grin Gabrielle slowly made his way across to where two of his companions were currently having trouble holding onto the struggling Adam. As he reached their first captive he stood in front of Adam with a smirk formed at the corner of his mouth.

“Mr. Cunningham I presume. I can’t say it’s a pleasure.” Gabrielle taunted, reaching underneath his jacket and behind his back to grasp the handle of his gun, then pulling it out into view.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you need to leave, right now. Before I call the police!” Adam demanded, pulling at his restrained arms defiantly.

“Oh, I think you know exactly who we are, Mr. Cunningham.” Gabrielle chuckled, “And why we’re here.”

With that he turned to face the locked door leading into the bathroom and spoke loudly enough for Scarlett to hear his words on the other side of it.

“Scarlett... come out, come out…” his tone was playful now.

The others in the room chuckled along with Gabrielle’s taunts.

On the other side of her wooden barrier, a terrified Scarlett was fighting back tears as she paced up and down the pristine tiled bathroom floor trying to think of what she could do to help Adam. To escape from these mad men. Then she heard his voice again and a chill ran up her spine.

“Tell you what, I’m in a good mood… I’ll give you to the count of five until I unload a round of bullets into the side of this guy’s head, hmm?” Gabrielle warned, cocking his gun and lifting it up to place the barrel at the side of Adam’s head.

"No Scarlett, don't you open that door!" he called out.

The two men restraining Adam held him in place as he fought to move his head out of the gun’s trajectory, grunting with frustration at his futile efforts. They had him overpowered, as much as he hated it.

With her hand up to cover her mouth she could feel her stomach beginning to sink as her panic began to take over all rational thoughts. She couldn’t let them kill Adam! She had to do something to stop them! There was no question in her mind that the men in their Hotel suite were killers; every single one of them.

Even with all of the restraints, Adam managed to shout out once more to her, “Scarlett, stay in-”

His message was suddenly cut short as Diego moved in and punched Adam square in the jaw, silencing him in a painful and powerful way.

Adam could feel that his lip was bleeding as the warm thick liquid rolled down onto his chin, dripping onto the carpeted floor below. Shaking his head from side to side he fought to refocus his vision from the blunt force he had just endured.

Then Gabrielle began to count and Adam felt the cold nuzzle of his weapon pressing against the side of his head.

“One… two… three… Don't tempt me Scarlett. You know I'll pull the trigger!”

Her breaths were short and sharp as she froze and turned to look at the locked door separating her from the intruders. She was beyond terrified of opening that door but knew if she didn’t Gabrielle would waste little time painting the suite in Adam’s brains and she couldn’t allow that to happen! She couldn’t lose Adam, although she didn’t yet understand why.

Her entire body trembled with uncontrollable fear as she moved toward the door and reached out her hand.

“Four…" Gabrielle moved his finger over the trigger and prepared to squeeze it.


“-WAIT! Please, I’m coming out! I’m coming out!” her cries were filled with concern as the sound of the bathroom door unlocking could be heard in the now silent room.

Adam closed his eyes and lowered his head in a manner of defeat. A frustrated sigh escaped his lips. He felt angered to think that they had won using him to lure her out.

And now they had both of them!

As the door slowly opened Scarlett peeked her head out and then began to step out from the doorway and into their eyesight with both hands held out in front of her; a form of surrender. Her body trembled with terror as she looked from one of the well-dressed intruders to the next. Then she saw Adam being held back by two large men and the gun pressed to his head with Gabrielle’s finger pressed at the trigger.

All she could do now was prey she had made the right choice. That they would not kill him anyway.

“I’m here, don’t hurt him… please.” her voice shook nervously.

“Scarlett- argh!” Adam’s head was suddenly pulled back violently by his locks in an effort to silence him once more.

“Gabrielle, I’m here. You have me, you can let him go now. You have what you want, you don’t need him anymore.” she began to try and bargain with her oppressors.

Gabrielle’s expression was unreadable as he stood in silence for a moment before letting out a large exhale and dropping his head and the gun down to his side, his eyes closing with remorse and then reopening again.

“Sorry Scarlett, the Boss was rather insistent…" he paused for effect, causing her to furrow her brows with confusion before he then added, "I'm afraid that Mr. Cunningham comes with us.”

Scarlett gasped as her eyes widened in a mixture of horror and disbelief.

“What? No-”

“-Come here!” Marco suddenly surprised her as he lunged forward and grabbed her around the back of the neck, causing her to scream and then forcing her to march along toward the large bed at the other side of the room.

“No, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Try as she may the truth was that Scarlett couldn’t fight back; she feared what Dimitri’s men would do to Adam if she tried to resist them. The last thing she wanted was for him to get hurt after all they had been through, because of what 'she' had done.

Within a matter of seconds Marco had forcefully led Scarlett across to the large unmade bed and pushed her down onto its surface. The side of her face was pushed down against the silken sheets she and Adam had once shared only hours earlier. Grunting and filled with terror Scarlett struggled against his overpowering grip as he held her down.

With yet another angered grunt, Scarlett felt as Marco pulled both of her arms behind her back and held them tightly in place, cuffing something cold and hard around both of her wrists. She didn't have to see them to know what they were; metal hand cuffs. The cold press of steel against her skin was obvious, as was the ‘click’ that followed along after. Her skin stung as they were set tightly around each of her wrists, restraining her.

Now bent over the edge of the bed and restrained she could hardly move. What were they going to do to her and Adam now that they had been found? Even worse; what did Dimitri have planned for them? And why was Adam being brought into this?

Did Dimitri know about her relationship Adam? Was he jealous? Was he planning on taking it out on her? Or worse, on Adam himself?

Gabrielle leaned down over her now, far enough so that he was able to whisper into her ear. She could smell his fresh, minty breath as he spoke with a hint of menace.

“You’ve had us all very worried Scarlett… Dimitri has been especially worried about the future Mrs. Mancini.” he sneered, meaning to intimidate her but she rolled her eyes with defiance and spat at his comment.

“Go to hell, all of you!”

Adam was suddenly thrown over the mattress in the same way that Scarlett had been, their gazes of concern meeting one another’s for a moment as Diego worked to cuff Adam’s arms behind his back as well. She could see his busted lip and a bruise forming just below his left eye.

“Adam…” she whimpered.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be ok. Everything’s going to be alright, I promise.” Adam tried his best to calm Scarlett as tears began rolling down her heavily flushed cheeks.

“I wouldn’t count on that, pretty boy.” Diego chuckled from behind him as he carefully began to fill a syringe with some sort of clear liquid.

Scarlett turned her head to see Gabrielle doing the same thing; it appeared there was a syringe with her name on it being filled too! These goons planned on knocking her and Adam out using sedatives, assumingly for the long journey they had back home!

“No, let go!” she pleaded desperately, pulling helplessly at her cuffed wrists, “Gabrielle don’t, please-"

Her verbal desperation fell on deaf ears as Gabrielle proceeded to lean over, pulling her head to the side and revealing her slender neck to him.

“Don’t worry, this will all be over very soon.” he announced calmly before bringing the syringe down to meet the delicate skin of her neck, “When you wake up you’ll be back home with your loving fiancé.”

With that he carefully injected the solution directly into her veins, causing her to wince with pain, scrunching her eyes together tightly as he then carefully removed it. The effects of the sedative worked fast as the entire world began to spin and fuzz. Her body had suddenly become extremely heavy.

“No…” her word was barely a mumble as the powerful sedative began to lull her into an unwanted state of sleep.

From her bent over position on the bed she could see that Adam was also being injected in the neck by Diego and she slowly closed her eyelids and slipped into a state of vulnerable unconsciousness.

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