Hooked On You

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Chapter 36 - Waking to find a Monster

Her entire body felt as if it weighed a tonne as Scarlett focused to try and open her incredibly heavy eyelids, blinking several times as she let out an uncomfortable groan and rolled onto her side. Whatever she was lying on felt soft and cushiony, quite comfortable actually.

As her vision began to focus in on her new surroundings Scarlett’s hazel eyes darted around to see if anything looked familiar. Where the hell was she?

Her heart instantly sunk.

Indeed her surroundings were all too familiar; she recognised this well-decorated room immediately and her heart began to speed up, driven with fear.

This was Dimitri’s room, which meant that she was back at his house. A prisoner once again.

Then a sudden thought had her even more worried; what about Adam? Was he alright? Was he even still alive?

Deciding that she had to find out what had happened to him Scarlett slowly sat up in the bed she had been lying on and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Her body was still quite heavy and she found it more difficult to lift her arms up than it usually would have been. Must have been the sedatives, she told herself.

A sudden voice from across the room startled a gasp from her as she quickly turned to see a figure sitting alone in an arm chair facing her in the corner of the room. It was Dimitri.

“I never could bring myself to wake you when you slept, Scarlett…” he began to announce calmly, smoothly as he twirled something around between his fingers, “You always looked so peaceful, like an angel in its purest form. And what kind of a man wakes an angel?”

Gulping nervously Scarlett kept her eyes cautiously locked on him as she slowly began sliding off of the opposite side of the bed. She wanted to keep as bigger distance between her and her former fiancé as possible.

It was hard but given everything she had experienced in the past couple of days, Scarlett had to face the truth now and the fact was that Dimitri was extremely dangerous. He was no longer the man she had fallen in love with, not even a shell of him. The man sitting across from her right now was cold, calculating and dominant.

He was now Dimitri Mancini, the Mafia Boss.

Then his eyes met hers and pierced through her gaze, almost painfully as he pulled himself up to stand from his armchair. Even from this distance away Scarlett felt threatened by him.

“You had me real worried there, baby.”

She frowned at his pet name for her. It disgusted her when he said it now. Perhaps once it was sweet, maybe even cute, but now… disgusting.

“Don’t call me that.” she mumbled, perhaps too softly.

He raised a brow as he asked his next question to clarify.

“What was that?”

Her narrowed eyes blared at him with incredible fury and hatred now. She was doing her best to stand her ground and assert herself against the man she thought she had once loved.

“I said… don’t call me that!” she demanded with an unknown confidence, “You don’t get to call me that anymore Dimitri. I am not yours!”

His entire expression became instantaneously cold and unfeeling as he stared back at her with a strange emotional void she had never seen in him before. His eyes almost looked pure black as he slowly stepped up toward her, stopping right in front of where she was standing and leaving little distance between their bodies. Scarlett was now unwillingly cornered, backed up against the wall of his room.

The moment of silence being shared between them was almost unbearable as they stood facing off against one another, Scarlett to stand her ground and Dimitri to assert his dominance and desperate need for control over her.

Suddenly he lunged forward and grabbed her by the wrist as she raised it defensively in front of herself. His grip was like a vice, tight and restricting as he pulled her in closer towards him, close enough so that their faces were mere inches apart as he spoke his next words to her. His voice was calm yet laced with venomous warning.

“I would tread very carefully if I were you, my sweet fiancé.” he smirked, “You’ve already caused me enough trouble and I would hate for something terrible to befall someone you cared about...”

Scarlett’s eyes widened with shock. Who had he meant?

Dimitri grinned, then turned his head to watch the door opening and none other than her former flatmate Kate being pushed inside the room, forced to join their awkward encounter.

Scarlett couldn’t believe what she was seeing; her friend was alive but badly beaten. Kate’s face was bruised and her lip had a large visible cut running along it as she stood trembling with fear just inside of the entrance, too afraid to look up at them.

“Kate!” Scarlett cried out as she tried running to her friend’s aid.

Dimitri who still had a hold of her wrist pulled and forced her back into the wall again. Scarlett’s back hit the wall hard, causing her to gasp and swallow nervously. It was clear that she wasn’t going anywhere without him saying so. his free hand moved upward and his large fingers grasped at her chin firmly, squeezing at her soft skin and causing her to wince as she looked him directly in the eye and spat her next comment defiantly.

“You sick son of a bitch, what the hell have you done to her!”

He let out a soft, careless chuckle.

“Kate’s been getting to know some of the boys really well, haven’t you love?” he aimed his question at the terrified woman standing by the doorway.

Kate didn’t move an inch. Perhaps far too terrified to lift her head and voice her reply; she didn’t even open her mouth. It appeared that she was too afraid to do anything in response to Dimitri’s snide question and that pissed Scarlett off even more!

Gritting her teeth together in a flame of fury, Scarlett immediately raised her hand in an attempt to slap Dimitri across the face. Right before her open palm made contact with his skin, Dimitri caught her by the wrist mid-air and proceeded to pull her in closer by her chin, until they were almost touching lips.

“Now, now… there’s no need for that Scarlett.” he teased with a snide laugh, “Whether you like it or not the fact is still the same. You are mine Scarlett Workman.”

Her brows furrowed together as she looked him deep in the eye.

“In time you will come to learn that it’s better for you and for those you care about…” he gestured to Kate at the other side of the room with the nod of his head before finishing with, “…if you just accept it.”

Instead of backing down and submitting as she had been commanded to do, Scarlett glared back at him with disgust. Then she let him have it, there was no holding back now!

“How dare you. You smug asshole! You think you own me? Like I’m just some piece of property that belongs to you. I can’t believe I would ever agree to marry a monster like-“

His hand moved at the speed of light, swiftly and purposely lowering slightly and wrapping his fingers around her neck.

Scarlett tried to scream but he was far too quick and within the fraction of a second he had a dangerous hold of her throat, his fingers pressing onto it firmly enough to cause some discomfort but not enough to actually choke her.

Scarlett’s hazel eyes instantly widened in terror as she stared back at him with disbelief; a shock of what he was currently doing to her. This was not the action of the man she had once known and apparently loved!

“Monster, am I?” his tone dry as he spoke through gritted teeth, holding her head up in front of his and fixing his gaze upon her.

“Uh…” she grunted helplessly as both of her hands clawed at his fingers, seeking to free herself from his grasp, “Let… go.”

“You should know that no one has ever talked to me that way before and lived…” he paused smirking devilishly, as if reminiscing of something deviant that had happened in the past, “Looks like I’m going to have to remind you who’s in control here, Scarlett...”

Pulling her incredibly close in against his face, so that his lips could rub up against hers sensually, he whispered his next command to her with his eyes now shut. He was enjoying his moment of dominance over her.

“Now... get on your knees, baby.”

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