Hooked On You

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Chapter 37 - The Meaning of Control

Scarlett froze; she was stunned by Dimitri’s sudden and unexpected command. In truth, she wasn’t quite sure he had said it as she looked to him for confirmation.

As her lip began to tremble she stared back at him as if uncertain of what she should do. Had he really just told her to get down on her knees? Was he serious? This was by far not the place nor the time for something like that! Not to mention that she had no intention of doing something so intimate for such a monster! He couldn’t be serious!

What the hell was he thinking? What was he doing? This was way beyond proving dominance!

“Dimitri… please…” she tried pleading with him, her legs beginning to tremble now as she came to the realisation that she may in fact have to go through with his wishes in order to keep her flatmate from being killed.

“Shhh…” he soothed, opening his eyes slowly and looking her directly in the eye, “Do as you’re told baby. Be a good girl.”

“Please…” she shook her head from side to side, her expression practically begging for mercy, “No.”

“No?” his brows rose with disbelief at her reply, “Are you refusing me baby? You know that’s not very wise, especially in your current situation.”

Grinning Dimitri turned to face where Kate had been silently standing on her own just inside of the entrance to the massive bedroom. His voice was more stern and commanding now as he barked his orders at the helpless woman he had held captive against her will.

“Kate, come here.”

The terrified woman kept her head bowed down in fear as she forced herself to quickly walk across to stand before them, now within reaching distance of where Scarlett and Dimitri stood.

Scarlett’s eyes widened as she felt the uneasy sensation building within her. Sucking in a sharp breath of air she feared what Dimitri had planned for her already abused flatmate and knew she needed to do something now to prevent anything further happening.

“Dimitri no!” she begged, “You leave her alone. She has nothing to do with any of this.”

With a careless expression, Dimitri turned his head to face his fiancé once more.

“You’re not the one in control here Scarlett...” he reminded her sternly, “…and it’s about time you came to realise that.”

His attention once again turned towards Kate as he gave her yet another stern command.

“Get on your knees Kate.”

Scarlett could feel a wave of pure horror washing over her as she watched her surprisingly complacent flatmate quickly kneeling down as instructed. Still with her head down, her hair had covered most of her face but from where she was standing Scarlett could just see the tears rolling down Kate’s cheek as she remained still on her knees before him.

Before she could try reasoning with the crazed man holding onto her, Scarlett gasped as he suddenly pulled Scarlett with him across the room by the grip he held on her throat. Grunting with discomfort and fear Scarlett willingly walked along with him as Dimitri grabbed an arm chair and proceeded to pull it across the room back over to where Kate was still kneeling down submissively. After positioning the chair beside Kate he then threw Scarlett down into it violently. As she landed with a grunt, Scarlett went to get back up but stopped as Dimitri quickly reached behind his back and pulled out a black 9mm glock, aiming it directly at her.

“Uh, uh, uh… stay down Scarlett.” he warned with a half-smile.

“Dimitri, please you don’t have to do this. You don’t need to prove anything to me.” she began to plead with him from her seated position.

He tilted his head to the side, the gun still pointed at her from where he stood.

“I think you still need convincing of just who is in charge here Scarlett.” he threatened, stepping up towards Kate and grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her head back violently, “And if this is the only way to do it… then so be it.”

Scarlett could take no more of this torture. Kate did not deserve any of this and she would not allow her friend to continue to be tortured by this maniac all because of her. She reacted quickly with her hand held out in front of her.

“I’ll do it!”

Dimitri seemed to pause for a moment, unmoving and silent as he continued to stare down at Kate whose hair he was currently fisting. A snide smirk began to grow upon his face. He had Scarlett’s full attention now.

“I’ll do whatever you want Dimitri. Anything… please just let her go.”

With her sudden submission Dimitri felt a sudden surge of dominance and power over his fiancé once more as he suddenly released Kate’s hair and turned to face Scarlett, still seated in the chair with an expression of complete terror.

“Yes, you will.”

Dimitri surprised Scarlett as he suddenly lowered his gun and instead held out his free hand for her to take. Suspicion had Scarlett looking from his hand to his smirking face a couple of times before gathering enough courage to reach out and take it. Cautiously Scarlett proceeded to stand up and was gently guided across to stand beside him. Dimitri kept his eyes on Scarlett as he barked yet another command to the still-kneeling Kate.

“Have a seat Kate.” he hissed, “Enjoy the show.”

Closing her eyes, Scarlett needed to focus herself on the end goal here; she needed to get both her and her friend out of there alive. If all she had to do was give this creep one blow job to do that she would force herself to go through with it.

The taste of bile rose up into her throat for the first time ever being with Dimitri as his hand rested gently on top of her head, slowly guiding Scarlett down onto her knees before him. She knew he would not make this easy for her. If she had her way she would have bitten his cock off right then and there, but she had to be smart about her actions. Both her life and Kate’s depended on it!

“Get to work baby,” he hissed down at her, “Don’t keep me waiting.”

As her stomach turned uneasily, Scarlett gritted her teeth and reached up to grasp his designer black belt buckle. Her fingers shook as she worked to unfasten it and then unzip his black dress pants. His long, thick cock was clearly bulging against the confinement of his boxer briefs, desperate to be released.

Without realising she had Scarlett suddenly hesitated, pressing her lips tightly together as she fought to make eye contact with his throbbing member.

How was she meant to do this; she didn't feel this way toward Dimitri anymore! The mere thought of having his cock thrusting down her throat was making her silently gag.

“You’re almost there Scarlett…” he soothed calmly with his hand still resting gently on top of her head, his thick fingers beginning to tangle through her golden hair in an effort to form a good grip on her, “Go on.”

She tried one last time to beg for mercy; mercy from the man she believed she had once perhaps loved.

“Dimitri, please… don’t make me do this… not like this!”

Her plea was met by the sound of Dimitri cocking his gun loudly with an auditable ‘click’ that almost echoed throughout the otherwise silent room surrounding them. Her eyes widened as she gasped loudly.

Like it or not she had her answer from him loud and clear.

With a long inhale to try and centre herself Scarlett was forced to leave all of her hatred and emotions towards this monster-of-a-man at the door.

'Just get this over with… Just get it over with...'

She repeated this over and over in her head as her hands reached up to grasp the seam of his boxer briefs, lowering them until his veiny throbbing cock sprung to life right before her very eyes. She stared at it for a moment before gathering up enough courage to reach out and grasp it with both of her hands. As she began stroking it slowly up and down Dimitri hissed, closing his eyes before his voice suddenly stopped her.

“No, no Scarlett… not with your hands. Use that pretty little mouth of yours instead.”

Rolling her eyes Scarlett huffed defiantly, but immediately sucked her defiance back in as he lifted the gun up and aimed it directly at where Kate sat terrified nearby, huddled in the arm chair. Her eyes too were locked on Dimitri's gun.

“Don’t test me Scarlett.” he warned calmly, “All I have to do is squeeze the trigger-”

“-OK, ok!” she replied quickly, then opening her mouth to take in his throbbing member.

Her soft lips slid over his shaft effortlessly; the perfect fit it seemed with just the right amount of suction as she pulled her head back and forth, repeating the process over and over again as tears rolled down her cheeks. His shaft slowly began to harden incredibly as she worked her apparent magic on him.

“Mmmm… that’s it baby.” he hissed with delight as his fingers remained purposely tangled in her golden locks, his hand gently guiding her head at an enjoyable pace back and forth, “Ohhh… fuck I’ve missed that mouth of yours.”

It took everything she had to prevent herself from bursting into a blubbering mess on the spot at the deeply depraving act she was being forced to do right now. Dimitri was going above and beyond proving his control over her. She hated him so much!

After only a couple of minutes of her silky mouth working his cock over Dimitri suddenly began to tense up and let out an auditable grunt, followed by a soft moan. Scarlett could feel as he suddenly exploded deep inside of her mouth; his hot seed shot all the way into the back of her throat and Dimitri held her head in place until he had unloaded himself entirely.

Once he was finished Dimitri released his hold on his apparent fiancé, allowing her to pull back and spit out everything currently in her mouth onto the floor with disgust. Her eyes were filled with tears as she panted heavily, still facing the floor and on her knees.

Dimitri merely chuckled devilishly with the gun still in hand. As he stared without pity down at Scarlett he managed to readjust himself, hiding his cock away and doing up his belt casually.

“There, I did what you asked me to.” Scarlett finally spoke on her hands and knees beneath him as she lifted her head up to glare at him, “Now do what you said you would. Release her.”

Dimitri smiled as he looked down at her; his perfect fiancé kneeling before him. Everything he wanted in a woman and more.

“Very well baby. You’ve earned yourself a little treat after such good behaviour.” he beamed, reaching down to caress her cheek softly. Scarlett cringed, pulling her head away from his fingers, “What do you say to dinner and show… tonight? Just the two of us?”

Scarlett looked up to meet his gaze with confusion. Was he serious right now?

“I…” she paused blinking, wanting to refuse him but then glancing across to where Kate sat shaking in the chair. She didn’t need to think of how she should respond to his offer, it came automatically as she closed her eyes with a sigh.

“Sure. Why not.”

“Excellent.” Dimitri replied happily.

But that happiness was short lived as the entire mood of the room suddenly changed in the flash of a second.

Dimitri turned to Kate with a strange smile, “Oh, and thank you for your contribution to our cause, Kate. You'll be sorely missed.”

With that he suddenly raised his gun, aimed it and fired two shots right into Kate’s head!

“NOOO!” Scarlett screamed out in a mixture of rage and despair as she reached out for her now slumped over friend in shock. She couldn’t breathe, her eyes were wide with disbelief.

Fuelled by untameable anger and hatred toward the man responsible for her friend’s senseless murder, Scarlett suddenly rose up to her feet and screamed like a crazed animal as she lunged at Dimitri. She hadn't even thought of that fact that he still held a loaded gun in his hand as she did so.

“AAAARGH! You fucking lying piece of shit!”

Apparently surprised by her sudden assault on him and after a brief struggle with his infuriated fiancé, Dimitri managed to grab hold of her arms which were swinging wildly in his direction. She got a few hits in and several scratches to his face and chest before he suddenly backhanded her across the left-hand side of her face, sending her tumbling back down to the ground.

Moaning at the sharp pain she was currently experiencing, Scarlett didn’t quite notice as Dimitri had then reached down and lifted her up, throwing her over his shoulder and striding across the room towards his bed. She grunted with discomfort as he threw her down onto the mattress like a ragdoll.

Still suffering from a form of shock and unable to form any sensible thoughts after witnessing her friend’s senseless murder Scarlett sobbed to herself, only flinching as Dimitri worked to cuff her left wrist to the metal bedframe at the head of the bed. Once he was satisfied that she could not go anywhere he took a step back from the bed and pulled out his phone. Hitting speed-dial he began barking commands almost immediately.

“Yeah it’s me. Have the cleaners pay a visit to my bedroom. I want the bitch out of here before the room begins to stink...” he noticed as Scarlett closed her eyes and lowered her head after his hurtful comment, then adding, “…and have something nice sent up for Scarlett to wear to dinner tonight. Something red and… sexy.”

She gritted her teeth, keeping her eyes closed as she overheard his comment. If he thought she was coming with him to dinner willingly tonight, he had another thing coming!

With those orders Dimitri then ended the call and pocketed the phone in his dress pants once more, his eyes remaining locked on Scarlett who had now begun to shake visibly from her seated position at the base of the bed. Her left hand was still cuffed to the bedframe and the chain began to shake along with her trembling.

“Well baby, I’m afraid that I’ve got work to attend to…” he began to speak as if nothing had happened while strolling across towards the bed and sitting down on the edge. Scarlett moved herself further from him, but he didn’t seem phased in the slightest.

“I’ll be back around eight to pick you up for our little date.”

With that he leaned in and grasped either side of her face with his hands, holding her head firmly in place as he forced a kiss onto her trembling lips. Scarlett scrunched her eyes up with disgust as he kissed her, then grunting angrily at him as he pulled his lips away from hers.

“Don’t keep me waiting Scarlett.” he warned calmly, staring directly into her narrowed eyes, “You know how I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Releasing his grip on her face Dimitri then proceeded to pull himself off of the bed and strolled casually past where Kate’s body was still slumped over in the chair, a pool of already congealing blood surrounding the armchair.

Seconds later Dimitri had exited the room, leaving Scarlett all alone with her friend’s body to keep her company. A warning; apparently Scarlett needed to be reminded of just who was in control in their apparent relationship.

Whether she liked it or not, she was in one.

She could no longer hold her emotions at bay and they all came crashing out at once.

Screaming at the top of her lungs and allowing all of the hurt, fear and anger out in one loud, blood-curdling scream, Scarlett continued crying for the next couple of hours until she had cried herself into exhaustion and eventually to sleep...

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