Hooked On You

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Chapter 38 - Meeting Jessica Parkfield

It was around six thirty in the evening when Scarlett felt someone gently attempting to wake her from her deepened sleep. She groaned as she opened her heavy eyes and looked up to see an unfortunately familiar face. It was Gabrielle seated on the edge of the bed, dressed in a tailored suit and smelling of expensive cologne. His normally spiked hair was instead slicked back and his face had been cleanly shaven, as if he were going out somewhere. Not that she cared if he were or not.

“Go away.” she muttered softly, half asleep as she tried to roll over and away from him, “Leave me here to die alone in peace.”

Scarlett felt as her cuffed hand was being fiddled with, then suddenly released along with a soft ‘click’ sound and she pulled her numbed arm in against her chest, hissing in pain. It was only seconds later that she felt Gabrielle’s strong arms wrap firmly around her waist, pulling her toward the edge of the bed and then effortlessly lifting her up into his arms; this caused her to squeal in shock.

“What the hell are you doing? Put me down!” she shouted angrily as he began to stride across towards the bathroom ensuite with her in his arms, apparently ignoring her demands.

Using his fingers to flick on the lights to the bathroom, the large pearl tiled ensuite burst into a bright light, causing Scarlett to scrunch up her eyes at the intensity of the brightness. Her eyes were red and sore from all of the crying she had been doing and her head throbbed painfully.

Gabrielle then casually leaned down and placed her feet first onto the tiles below. The cold sensation of the tiles caused her to gasp as she dazedly looked around the finely-designed room. Scarlett watched as he then proceeded to walk across to the massive glass shower in the corner of the room.

Gabrielle turned on both taps, using his hand beneath the water’s stream to tentatively check and make sure it was the right temperature before stepping back and crossing his arms over his bulging chest. Even in his suit it was obvious how ripped he was underneath it.

“You’re mad if you think for one second I’m getting in there with you standing here.” she shot at him, crossing her own arms in front of her and raising her left brow, which was now a shiny purple shade from the bruising Dimitri had been responsible for earlier on.

“Either you get in there on your own, or I have explicit instructions to wash you down myself.” Gabrielle warned with a harsh tone to his already deepened voice, “Obviously, I have a preferred choice of the two...”

Frowning Scarlett glared daggers at him then proceeding to remove the small nightgown she had been dressed in while in a state of unconsciousness upon her arrival. She paused just before lifting it to reveal her perky breasts and glared at him once more.

“Turn around! NOW!”

“Sorry, boss’ orders. I’m to keep you in my sights at all times.” he announced cockily with a half-smile.

Shaking her head and huffing out in anger, Scarlett turned herself around instead and removed the nightgown, throwing it to the floor angrily.

“You’re just like the rest of them… a heartless pig.”

Gabrielle seemed to suddenly frown, a look of guilt spreading across his face as he looked own to the floor below his shiny black shoes. Then he did something that caught Scarlett completely off guard; Gabrielle let out a long sigh and turned around, headed for the doorway.

“What are you doing?” she seemed puzzled by his actions.

“Just get cleaned up already. I’ll be standing just outside the door if you need me, so don’t try anything stupid Scarlett.”

Once he had walked through the doorway and stepped around the corner out of sight Scarlett could finally breathe. Letting out a large exhale she hadn’t realised she’d been holding back until now, she reached down to remove her underwear, dropping them to the floor with disgust.

She had no idea of who had dressed her while she was unconscious; the mere thought of someone doing that without her permission enraged her. Whoever did it had chosen a red matching lace bra and thong; the kind Dimitri always wanted her to wear. He had always loved the colour red on her. How she hated him!

Now completely undressed Scarlett stepped inside of the shower, closed the door and felt the temperature of the water across her open palm. It was oddly perfect and she chuckled with surprise. Gabrielle had finally done something right.

Before too long she had rinsed herself off, scrubbing her entire body with a loofa and expensive scented soaps in an effort to rid herself of the horrible memories. Memories of her friend’s killing and orally satisfying her monster-of-a-fiancé. EX fiancé as far as she was concerned, not that Dimitri was keen to agree with her.

Now she was just standing beneath the water, allowing it to fully consume her and perhaps guard her against all of the horrors she knew were coming.

Every time she closed her eyes she relived that moment, over and over playing out in her mind like a horrible scene in a movie. The gun going off twice, the look on Kate’s face as she slumped over and the life drained from her eyes. Her gut-wrenching feeling of failure…

Scarlett’s legs suddenly became weakened beneath her and she fell with a gasp to the floor of the shower, her right arm slicing against the tiled bench as she landed on the floor with a loud pained grunt.


Hearing the loud thump as she fell Gabrielle quickly darted back inside of the bathroom and jogged across towards where she was now on the floor in the shower. Throwing the door open and looking down at her as she wept in the puddle of water his eyes instantly locked on the blood pooling around her body. Even diluted by the streaming water around her, the red seemed to stand out immensely as she bled out more and more with each passing second. Scarlett was cradling her arm as she wept.

“What the fuck happened?” he demanded, turning and running to grab a handful of towels, “Scarlett, what happened!”

She didn’t reply, she wouldn’t even move.

He let out a sigh before reaching down to grab her underarms, lifting her weight with apparent ease and leading her out of the shower as she continued to cradle her arm. He quickly wrapped one of the towels over her shoulders and then reached for her arm to help stop the bleeding. But Scarlett surprised him by pulling it away angrily.

“No, I don’t need your help Gabrielle.” she muttered spitefully.

He narrowed his eyes at her stubbornness.

“Just take the towel. Wrap it around your arm. You have to stop it from bleeding before you faint or something…” he handed her the towel with a sigh and then turned his heel to march for the doorway again.

With a roll of her eyes Scarlett began to wrap the towel around her wounded arm and held it against her stinging skin with a hiss. She would have to go and get dressed; she couldn’t very well stay in the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel draped over her shoulders all evening. Just as she was about to walk towards the ensuite doorway and follow after Gabrielle a strange voice caused her to halt in her tracks.

“Yoo hoo… Is anyone in here?”

Gabrielle’s voice spoke soon after, his tone showing his apparent frustration of seeing whoever it was that had entered the master bedroom this late in the evening.

“Oh for fuck sakes… what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to work my magic…”

The unknown voice was female, that much she could have guessed as she listened in.

“It’s been a long time Gabrielle.” she continued on, “You still look as handsome as ever-“

“-Look, I don’t have time for this pathetic attempt at fake pleasantries Jessica.” Gabrielle’s tone was abrupt, “Just get her ready. I'll be back in an hour to collect her.”

“Always a pleasure.” she spoke with a sense of sarcasm as the door seemed to slam and the room suddenly grew silent once again.

Gabrielle and this ‘Jessica’ clearly didn’t get along. Scarlett wondered what the back story for these two was. What had made them so bitter towards one-another.

Scarlett’s thoughts were suddenly halted as the woman slowly peeked her head around the doorway to meet her face to face with a big smile.

“Ah, you must be the future Mrs. Mancini…” the finely dressed woman extended her well-manicured hand for Scarlett to shake, but she didn’t move. She simply eyed the strange woman with narrowed eyes from head to toe.

Jessica as she had heard Gabrielle call her earlier, appeared to be in her late twenties, perhaps early thirties. A brunette with a fancy French-braid up-style twisted at the back, ruby red lipstick and an extremely well-fitted white designer dress sticking dangerously tightly to her hourglass figure and double D breasts. The woman could have been a model, had she of been a bit taller and had a smaller bust size. Scarlett guessed she was only around 5 foot 6 at most from where she stood before her in those 4 inch matching white high heels. Her smile was beyond dazzling, pearly whites shining as her bright blue eyes sparkled.

“Jessica Parkfield, at your service.” she added, still with her hand extended.

As much as she didn’t want to take her current mood out on this newcomer, who seemed quite nice, Scarlett hated the idea of being labelled as the future Mrs. Mancini and the sound of it resinated over and over in her head, filling her mouth with an unfavourable taste. She tried swallowing it away, still unable to form a reply or reach out and shake Jessica’s hand in greeting.

Jessica got the signal loud and clear as she pulled her hand back and pursed her lips together nervously.

“Look… Scarlett… may I call you Scarlett?” her brows both rose at this query.

Scarlett only nodded her head as Jessica continued.

“I understand you may not be quite comfortable with your current situation, my dear…” she began, an expression of concern flashing across her face, “…But I want you to know that I’m here to help. In any way that I can.”

“You... want to help me?” Scarlett still seemed quite stand-offish, with her eyes questioning the well-dressed woman before her, “How exactly?”

“Well by getting you ready for your big night, of course.” she replied with a gleaming grin.

“What big night?”

“You’re not yet aware?” Jessica suddenly turned, gesturing with her hands out in front of her for Scarlett to come along back into the master bedroom.

Still with obvious caution, Scarlett followed along after Jessica as they headed across the length of the room towards the large walk-in robe.

“Oh, you poor dear. Believe me when I tell you, Dimitri has gone above and beyond for the night’s festivities…” she turned back to Scarlett as she added her last part; one that would anger Scarlett more than she had hoped.

“…and it’s for you, my dear. You’re a very lucky woman.”

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