Hooked On You

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Chapter 39 - Enter the Doctor

Scarlett narrowed her hazel eyes with fury at the last part of what this Jessica Parkfield had just said to her. The sheer arrogance of this clearly over-privileged woman!

‘You’re a very lucky woman…’

A part of her wanted nothing more than to lunge out at this prissy little Barbie doll for insinuating such a thing. What the hell was her deal? Did she honestly not know that Scarlett was a prisoner here? After having been chased down, kidnapped and now held against her will? That she was being forced into this sham marriage by a ruthless dominant Mafia Boss?

Lucky is not the word I would use to describe my current situation Jessica.” Scarlett had chosen the more diplomatic approach rather than lashing out at this woman she hardly knew.

Who knows, this Jessica may be her only chance at finding a way out of here!

Jessica let out a short sigh, her eyes casting downward at the carpeted floor.

“I can understand-" she suddenly paused, her eyes flicking to the blood-red towel Scarlett still had wrapped around her right arm, “-Wait, what’s this?”

Jessica narrowed her blue eyes, frowning as she stepped forward and with no sense of personal boundaries it would seem.

Reaching out she quickly grabbed Scarlett by her right arm to take a closer look at it.

“Is this… blood?” she spat, her brows angled downward with a sharp frown, “You're bleeding?”

“It’s not that bad… it’s just a scratch. I fell in the shower earlier on.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes as Jessica began to remove the towel and inspect the damage that this amount of blood had caused.

The cut was actually quite deep for an accidental fall, located on her upper right wrist and running down the length of her arm. Blood continued to slowly ooze out from the deeper part of her open wound.

“Seriously Gabrielle, you had one job.” she hissed softly as if speaking aloud to herself, “How hard is it to watch her in the shower?”

“What’s your deal with him anyway?” Scarlett suddenly questioned, as if her thoughts had merely spilled from her lips.

Jessica slowly looked up to meet her eyes with a strange expression.

“Gabrielle and I… have a complicated past I’m afraid.” she explained vaguely, holding the towel back against Scarlett’s arm, “Hold this here. I’m going to find something to dress your wound with.”

With that Jessica had padded out of the bedroom and exited through the door, closing it behind her with a soft ‘click’ and leaving Scarlett alone once more.

After finding herself a comfortable bathrobe and wrapping it around herself, Scarlett returned to the walk-in-robe and across to the row of draws where her negligée used to be kept.

Out of mere curiosity she reached out with her free hand and pulled the draw open to reveal an assortment of expensive name brand lingerie, negligée and other types of underwear, in all shapes, fabrics and colours. From leather to lace, it was all there as she remembered it; some new additions jumped out at her as she took notice of them. Ones she had never seen before. Had Dimitri gone to all of this trouble simply to make her happy?

“Pathetic! What a waste of money.” she muttered to herself, closing the draw.

“Oh, I don’t know…” came a sudden voice from the entrance to the walk-in robe. It was Jessica’s, “…you’d be surprised how many girls would simply love a collection as incredible as yours.”

Scarlett turned with a startled expression to meet her gaze.

“I didn’t see you there.” Scarlett admitted with a guilty expression.

“No matter.” Jessica held up the first aid kit in her hand, “I brought some help. Come on out of there so we can tend to that nasty little wound of yours.”

Feeling obliged to obey just this once Scarlett followed her out of the walk-in robe and back into the bedroom where an older gentleman wearing a black suit stood by the doorway holding onto a black briefcase. His silver beard and moustache were neatly trimmed and he wore a thick pair of eye glasses, as well as an accommodating smile.

“Is this her?” he queried kindly. He seemed to have some sort of British accent.

“Yes Doctor. Please, come and take a look at what we have to work with here.” Jessica nodded her head as she gestured for him to advance across to the bed where Scarlett was now sitting quietly.

“Who is he?” Scarlett began to question as she looked to Jessica.

“Oh, forgive my rudeness dear. This is Doctor Porter, he’s been the family physician for generations and is a trusted friend.” Jessica introduced, “Doctor Porter, I’m pleased to introduce you to the future Mrs. Mancini, Scarlett Work-"

Scarlett cut her off mid introduction.

“-Will you stop calling me that! I’m not the future Mrs. Mancini, Jessica.” she snapped as her eyes remained lowered to the ground; her chest heaving in and out heavily, “Scarlett… my name is Scarlett. Scarlett Workman.”

This seemed to throw Jessica off a little as she raised her brows, took a step back and raised her hands in a form of surrender.

“Ok, touchy subject. Noted.” she admitted with a quirky smirk.

“Well now, Miss Workman…” the doctor began as he pulled an armchair across and positioned it beside the bed where she sat.

Scarlett suddenly became rigid, as if washed over by a flush of icy-cold water which had unwillingly chilled her to the bone. Her hazel eyes were wide as she sat simply staring at the armchair beside her. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes as the memories of only hours earlier began to flood back into her already messed up mind. Her chest heaved in and out rapidly with fear.

“Is… everything alright my dear?” the Doctor asked, looking to the chair and then back to Scarlett with a frown.

Jessica stepped in quickly.

“Oh, don’t worry dear. That’s not the chair… You know... the one that...” she trailed off uncomfortably, pursing her lips together tightly.

Strangely enough her comment meant nothing to the Doctor but so much more to Scarlett who peered up at her with furrowed brows of disbelief.

“Wait, you… you know what happened? To my friend Kate?” she seemed shocked by this.

Suddenly biting her lip nervously Jessica seemed unsure of what else she should admit to Scarlett, of just how much she knew of what had happened. Her usually crystal blue eyes seemed to glance everywhere but at Scarlett now.

“You know about it and still you do nothing?” Scarlett demanded, suddenly standing as her body tensed up in anger and betrayal, “I can’t believe this! And where the hell is Adam? Is he dead too?”

Jessica seemed confused by her last few questions, her puzzled expression revealing that she may in fact have no idea of who Scarlett was referring to.

Scarlett quickly turned to the Doctor and grabbed him by both of his shoulders in a desperate attempt at getting some sort of assistance.

“Please, you need to call the Police! These people, they’ve kidnapped me and they’re holding me here against my will. They killed my friend… They… they killed her…”

Lowering her head Scarlett suddenly began to cry once again. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her damp hair fell over the top of her head and she released her grasp on the stunned Doctor and sat back down on the edge of the bed.

“I see.” Doctor Porter spoke softly, as if to aid in calming her state of mind.

Jessica merely kept her eyes downcast, unsure of what to say or do to assist in the awkward situation occurring before her. Things like death and debauchery, they were common for Jessica and the work she did for the Mancini family. They didn’t affect her like they obviously did with Scarlett.

The Doctor placed his hand onto Scarlett’s shoulder as he sat down beside her on the mattress. He knew right now that what this woman needed was both physical and mental healing. She had been scarred deeply by whatever it was she had witnessed.

“Miss Workman, I would not presume to imagine what you are going through right now. But what I do know is that things always seem to find a way of turning out in the end, no matter how bleak the situation might look at first.”

Scarlett suddenly sniffed and lifted her head up to meet his gaze as he continued.

“Would you allow me to at least have a look at that arm of yours?” he gave her a small smile, “We wouldn’t want you bleeding to death on us now would we?”

Shaking her head with a reply of ‘no’, she held out her right hand and the doctor proceeded to pull the blood-soaked sleeve of her robe back until it revealed the entirety of the wound she had sustained. Scarlett winced with an auditable hiss of pain.

“Hmmm… I can see the reason for so much blood loss now. The wound is indeed deeper than I first thought.” he announced, turning to look to Jessica who stood by with her arms folded in front of her busty chest, “I’m afraid it will require stitches, to stop the bleeding.”

Jessica let out an exaggerated sigh, rolling her eyes at the time they had already wasted and would now lose in order to get her ready for her dinner date with Dimitri. She waved her hand in a dismissive fashion at him as she spoke next.

“Fine, fine, whatever needs to be done. Just do it so I can start getting her ready! We’re running out of time here.”

“Now, now Miss Parkfield. I think what Miss Workman needs right now is a little kindness and understanding.”

He then reached down to grasp his black leather briefcase, lifting it up onto the mattress beside him and unlocking it to reveal an assortment of different medical implements and dressings. This man was clearly old-school with his medical supplies.

“Aaaand of course a few stitches to seal up her wound.”

His last comment made Scarlett give a tiny giggle, which quickly turned into a wince as he watched him preparing her dressings and the curved needle he would use to sew her wound shut. Her fear obvious to the Doctor as he looked up at her warmly.

“Don’t worry, I have a special cream to numb the pain before I begin to apply your stitches. You won’t feel a thing, I promise.”

His reassuring gesture was the first time Scarlett had felt supported since her return to the Mancini Mansion and she couldn’t help but give him a small smile.

It was small, but a smile nevertheless.

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